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went with my grandson Lavere Dairies and got a load of wood. Gave a blessing to Charles Williams. He was born in England in 1831.

Sunday, 22nd  

Was spent by me at home with Catherine until 2:00 P.M. Went to Sunday School conference of the Second Ward. H. E. Hatch was superintendent of the stake and the officers gave their verdict that it was the best school in the division. Elder Melvin Ballard spoke on his mission at Boise. Here he found many of the sisters who had married out of the Church and had raised families by gentile fathers. These poor women were all in sorrow. He said, “He that is not for us is against us in all the world.” He spoke with great earnestness in warning the daughter of Zion not to marry gentiles.

Monday, 23rd

Newell Dairies came from Preston to get baptized. On Tuesday, I took Ruth, Lavere, and Newell to the Temple where they were baptized for a large record. Newel for himself as he was eight years old this day. At 3:00 P.M. Newell and I went and got a load of wood. He is a fine little worker. (Three following days in the Temple.) On Saturday, planted some potatoes for early ones, gave a blessing to Sister Hanks and hauled two loads of gravel for the sidewalk. On Wednesday, the 25th, Ethel Woolf came from Hyde Park to assist to care for her grandmother. First week in April, spent three days in Temple. Gave Sister Adens a blessing and went to Salt Lake City to conference with Lorin and Louisa. April 6, much good instruction was given all of which was reported in the papers. On Tuesday, a priesthood meeting was held in the Assembly Hall for all the authorities. Many were present. Abram took us, or rather eight of us, to dinner at the restaurant. Afterwards, we visited the Irish Co-op, a magnificent store building--hundreds of clerks and modern improvements in every department. Stayed with Brother Kelch. Gave a blessing to his wife. Lorin and I went to see Brother Brigham [Young, Jr.] but he was not able to be seen. Was very low. Went to see Moses Thatcher. Got a letter from Wilford. Had a good visit with President J. N. Smith. Arrived at Logan at 11:00 P.M. and found mother some better.

Thursday, April 9

Went to the Temple, saw Brother Simons, but did not work this day. My little mare broke a shaft out of the buggy. I took it to the blacksmith and got him to help me straighten it out. Got the iron in good shape. I did most of the work and paid the blacksmith twenty-five cents. On Friday, I worked in the Temple. It snowed from noon till night. (Next week, worked three days in Temple.)

Saturday, 18th

I went to Primary conference. Sister Felt, who presides over all the Primaries in all the world, and the general secretary were present. It was a grand occasion and I

blessed the Sisters and the children. Gave blessings to Brother Tibbet’s son and to Sister Pearson. Went ward teaching. We went to Hannah Thatcher’s and to H. E. Hatch’s place. Wednesday, the 22nd, administered to my little granddaughter, Alvenia Smart’s child. The child was very sick. Ruth and Celia went to see the child. Dear Catherine was administered to by the bishop of Third Ward. Sister Nibley gave me one dollar for use of the horse on Thursday and Friday to go to the Temple. (Worked at the Temple three days the following week.) Attended ward conference.

Saturday, May 2

Attended a social at Brother Linnerows. The old gent was over eight years old. I met a number of his friends who had come to visit him. His son and wife waited on us very pleasantly. I made a speech and blessed the company. Got home at 9:00 P.M. and Catherine was quite excited because I was out so late.

Sunday, 3rd

Was fast day. We had prayer circle and a very good testimony meeting. The Bishop called upon me to bear testimony and to bless the people, which I did and the Holy Spirit was poured out richly upon me and the congregation. On the 4th, I received $48.34 from H. A. Hatch and a statement on property in Woodruff.

Received telegram of the death of my brother Jeremiah, who died on the 2nd of May. If he had lived unto July 7, he would have been eighty years old. Thursday, I blessed two of Ellen Nibley’s little girls. (From May 7 to 24) Worked nine days in Temple. Worked one day at Smart’s Ranch. Gave seven blessings. Finished putting in the potatoes. It had been a rainy week. Did farm work. Attended Sunday School conference. Paid tithing for Sylvia, Ruth and myself.

Sunday, 24th

All are able to eat our food. I attended to the chores. Went to Bishop Hyde’s Ward and gave four blessings to the family of John Adams. He gave me four dollars. It was a very wet day. Wednesday, worked at Temple. Took sister Adeline and whilst going down the hill at a fast trot, the near front wheel ran off and threw us both out. I was not hurt but sister Adeline broke her left wrist. Dr. Budge set the arm and many friends came to visit and comfort sister. We hope she will soon be well again. Two more days at Temple.

Saturday, 30th

Decoration Day. Went with my son H. E. Hatch to the Logan Cemetery to look at a burying lot which he has purchased for me. I gave him instructions where I wish to be buried, also others of the family. Dear Sylvia is quite sick. L. L. and Clarey came down from Franklin and stayed all night. After Sunday School on Sunday, I took Clarey to see Lorin and sister Adeline. Monday, June 1, Sylvia not as well again or she did not sleep as good as common.


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