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Fayette’s wife came from Iona and visited with us. I took Catherine and Georgia Smith to the Temple on Tuesday, the 2nd of June. Went to the Temple on Wednesday. I gave two blessings, one to a Sister from Holbrook and the other to her brother who was going on a mission. Thursday, Catherine and I took names through the Temple and then went to Vena’s and gave a blessing to a young lady. Zella wrote for me. Friday, I signed a deed for the Webb land which was sold in Woodruff to Brother Brinkerhoff and I attended a graduation exercise at the Brigham Young College. Brother Reed Smoot was the speaker.

Sunday, June 7

Watered grassland at the orchard yesterday. Today was fast day. Had a good meeting. Catherine went with me. Monday and Tuesday, fixed fence at the orchard, and on Wednesday I was quite sick but I got to the Temple. Catherine went with me. Friday, Catherine was quite poorly. I got Elder Rice and we administered to her. He gave her a fine blessing after which I went to the Temple. At 4:00 P.M. I went to Washington Rogersand gave six blessings. Went to see my sister Adeline and did some work in the orchard on Saturday.

Sunday, 14th

Was a great Scandanavian Day. Several thousand gathered from all the state of Utah and Idaho. It was a very grand day. Sister Bell Thurman came and Brother Moses Davis and his dear wife, May Bell. Wednesday, Catherine and Sister Bell went to the Temple, also on Friday. I put in three days in Temple. Saturday, I took (or rather H. E. Hatch did) Bell to the train, and I went to Brother Jacman’s and gave blessings. Hoed and plowed in the garden.

Sunday, 21st

Went to tabernacle for meeting. Joel Ricks gave an account of his trip to South America in search of the land of Zarahemla. He found the place and the great river where the wonderful city was built by the people of Jared so many years ago. Sister Richards was hurt on the 19th. Got a fall in the Temple. Monday, I put water on the orchard. Got up at 4:00 A.M. and hoed potatoes. Worked in the potatoes until Friday, then went to the Temple. Sunday was High Priests conference. I was one of the speakers. We had B. H. Roberts. Spoke on revelation. (Three days in Temple, week of June 29.) Gave one blessing.

July 4

Went to Ruth’s for dinner. Lorin and Louisa were with us and Lorin recorded births of great grandchildren and marriages. L. H. Hatch family at this date: Children 23, grandchildren 113, great grandchildren 9. Total: 145 living, but we have lost one son, fifteen grandchildren and one great grandchild. Total: 162.

Sunday, 5th

Good fast meeting. Catherine bore her testimony. Worked in orchard two days. T. Smart’s ditch broke twice and wet up part of the orchard. (Three days in Temple, both of us.) Sunday, the 12th, spent at Providence. On the 15th, took sister Adeline to the Temple. This was the first day since she was hurt. Catherine also went with me on Thursday. She put three days on the Eastman records. Lorin worked. I gave one blessing to a young man by the name of Holbrook. Went to orchard each day, watered potatoes and turnips. Busy week. Friday, I got a man by the name of Johnson to cut and rake up the hay. Catherine stopped at Vena’s four days. I was to give Johnson a share of the hay, but he refused to take hay and I had to pay him the money, $5.50.

Dr. Parkinson’s wife was burned. There was a large turnout of friends at the funeral on Sunday, the 19th, at 2:00 P.M.

Monday, July 20

I made a hay rack, and on Tuesday, got David Finn to help me haul hay. He drove under a tree with one of the loads of hay and nearly crushed me with a big limb that struck my chest and came near dragging me off the load. I hope I will soon recover again. (Three days at Temple, Catherine and Adeline also.) Wrote to Wilford and my brother Abram. Spent the 24th at home. Sunday was stake conference. (Three days at Temple.)

Wednesday, 29th

L. L. Hatch and Clarissa came down from Franklin, and with H. E. Hatch and Ruth, got dear Sylvia to the Temple where she was sealed to her parents and had a dead brother sealed to James and Clarissa Eastman. Also L. L. and his mother got the further blessings of endowment or second annointings for James and Clarissa Goss Eastman. My prayers have been answered for I have worked hard and faithful to get the recommends for these worthy people. Mother Eastman has helped with twenty-two of my children and had been very kind to all of my wives and a dear mother to me. May her increase be very numerous and become mighty in the Holy Priesthood. May the work for James and Clarissa Goss Eastman, as pertains to their dead, be carried forward in the House of the Lord by their grandchildren is the prayer of Lorenzo Hill Hatch. The above written by my hand, 2 August, 1903.

Saturday, August 1

Got a letter from brother Abram and twenty dollars to help in Temple work. Gave three dollars to Ruth; took ten dollars and left seven in the treasury. Wrote a letter to my grandson, Carl Smart, who is in the Samoan Islands on a mission. Received a letter from Lula Jane Smith, my youngest daughter.

August 6

I brought Celia and Eva down from Hyde Park. Mary came from Preston, also Moroni Daines and Annie


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