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Hatch from Franklin and Oral Hatch. This gathering was to attend the circus. On Friday, the children returned to Franklin and Preston. Saturday, I watered potatoes. Sunday, went to meeting. Ruth returned from Preston where she had been to visit her sister, Elizabeth Daines, who had just been confined with a new baby daughter--named, Tirzah. Gave a blessing. It was written by Eva Woolf. Sold three hundred pounds of potatoes, eight dozen ears of corn at ten cents a dozen, and potatoes at sixty cents a bushel. They are still young and there is some waste.

August 24

Went to the orchard every day. The hogs did me a good deal of damage. I have been imposed upon by the owners of these hogs. I got the water on some apple trees that were dying.

Sunday, 23rd

I gave four blessings. Eva wrote for me. Meeting at tabernacle. Spent the week watering and sold some corn and potatoes. Saturday, the 29th, Chloe and three of her children came. Tuesday William and Chloe got to the Temple. Chloe and her mother were baptized for their health. I gave one blessing. (Three days in Temple) I got money from the bank, $25.00.

Sunday, September 6

I took Mary Hatch to the train and got her a ticket to Butte. (She was enroute to Canada to her family.) Went to fast meeting with Catherine and Elizabeth Daines. It was a fine and spirited meeting. Monday, gave three blessings. Tuesday bought a stove and paid some tithing. Thursday and Friday, Catherine and I worked in the Temple. I gave a blessing. Took Clara to the orchard. We got wet. She got three or four bushels of apples. Saturday, rain and cold. Next Wednesday, got fifteen bushels of apples ground into cider. Paid Worley two dollars for the work.

Saturday, 19th

About five hundred delegates came to Logan and got a free dinner. They called it the Irrigation Congress. Many came from the country. L. L. Hatch came from Franklin. H. E. Hatch bought him a three year old horse. A letter came from Abram and Catherine. Also got one from Adeline Savage. Went to the Temple Wednesday and Thursday, the 24th.

Friday, 25th

I took sister Adeline to the reunion of the Philemon Merrill family at Smithfield. Officers voted in. I gave some counsel and blessed the members, of the organization. Took my cousin Saphronia Tidwell to the afternoon session. Visited. Went to Hyde Park and stopped at my daughter, Celia’s. We had a good visit with her.

Sunday, 27th

I gave eight blessings to Bishop Charles Hyde’s family. (Three days in Temple) It rained and I with my grandson Ezra and Minnie Hatch, granddaughter of my brother Jeremiah went to the orchard. It had rained so much that the grass was so wet that I took cold and felt quite bad on Saturday. I prepared to go to conference in Salt Lake City. Took some apples to Sister Benson, also Sister Wyman. I felt so poorly that it was with fear and trembling that I made to attempt to go. But I received a witness that I should prevail from that hour and I hope that I shall live worthy of the same. I put up at Sister Howe’s and was made welcome. President Jesse N. Smith from Snowflake Stake was there and we sat together Sunday morning. There were about thirty persons from Snowflake. Opening remarks after the prayer by Brother Penrose, which was one of the finest that I have ever listened to.

President J. F. Smith spoke of the prosperity of the Church. He urged the people not to go in debt, to get out of debt. On Monday, Apostle Teasdale read some from the Doctrine and Covenants, Section 46 and Section 4, verse 2 and Section 93. Tuesday P.M. President Winder spoke on Temple work, urging the stakes to organize. Brother George Albert Smith was sustained as the last Apostle. This change took place because of the death of President B. Young, Jr. One of the greatest conferences up to date.

Wednesday at 10:00 A.M. we had priesthood meeting. I saw brother Abram and took dinner with him. He looks quite feeble. I gave two blessings to the daughter of S. B. Young and her husband, Thomas Lambert. I visited Sister Francis and Sister Kelley. [Adeline Savage stayed with these sisters as she convalesced from surgery performed at the Holy Cross hospital in 1901. They became life long friends.] Left for home, found all on the mend.

October 22

During the last two weeks, I have mended my wagon, dug potatoes, gathered some fruit and received letters from Chloe, Wilford and Nora. On Thursday, I arose at 6:00 A.M. and Sister Emily Brough, who has come from Porterville, Morgan County to work in the Temple, will live with us. She got our breakfast early and I felt that the Lord had sent her to help us. After a few days, Sister Brough was taken as a clerk in the Temple and had to leave us. Catherine and I have to care for ourselves. I feel thankful that we have been able to do so.

President Joseph F. Smith visited the college and our Sabbath meetings. All were delighted with his spirit and the teachings, which he gave. It was a feast for all. During the week I was very busy looking after home matters. On the 26th was stake conference. I had no opportunity to go to the Temple as I had to gather my crop.

November 1


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