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(Two days at Temple) Very stormy. (One day at Temple) Went and blessed Brother Willard G. Smith on the 18th. He was very low. He died on the 21st. I had in the neighborhood of 300 bushels of apples. It cost me considerable to gather them. I paid tithing in money on those that I sold and took a load of apples to the tithing office. Put seventy bushels in the pit. I have a fine lot in the cellar here and at Ruth’s. Hezie has a number of bushels and gave Lorin five bushels and Moses Thatcher six. I payed old man Smith nine and a half bushels for help in gathering and making the pit.

I raised about one hundred bushel of very fine potatoes. Paid tithing in money on the potatoes. Got three days work in the temple this week. On the 10th of November, I received a letter from Burt Hatch. He forwarded me $20.50 on his account, $75.00 on the Frost-Campbell account, and interest of $4.50. The amount of $100.00 was forwarded to the bank to apply on the note of $950.00 which was loaned from Bishop Brinkerhoff to be paid from land sold in Woodruff at interest to be paid monthly.

Sunday, November 15

Spoke had good Liberty. Worked in Temple. Sunday, the 22nd, Brother Merrill and Brother Porter spoke. Dear Brother W. G. Smith departed this life yesterday. After meeting Ruth and I went to visit a stricken family. I was second speaker at the funeral. This Brother Smith was a brother of Alma Smith who was shot in the hip at Haun’s Mill. His father and brother Sardons were also shot and thrown in the well. His was a very eventful life. He was dearly beloved by all who knew him. He has a very interesting family of a wife and nine grown children. His daughter, Georgia, married my grandson, Fay. His body was taken to Morgan County where he had reared his family and served as Bishop and President of the stake.

November 27

I have done some writing during the last few weeks. A historical letter to cousin Edward Hatch which will be of great worth to my family. On the 26th, Lorin’s wife Louisa, had a son, [LeMoine L. Hatch.]


During this month I have worked in the temple and given several blessings. Wrote letters and received some. One from Carl Smart, my grandson, in the Samoan Mission. It came on Christmas Day with two rings. One for me and one for his grandmother, inlaid with silver letters. I felt very thankful that the Lord had preserved him and given him a testimony of this great and glorious work. We have prayed much for dear Catherine. She has been sick for so long. Brother Burrows gave her a very encouraging blessing, and we went to Ruth’s for Christmas dinner and to Sylvia’s. Ruth got us a fine dinner. Dear Sylvia was very cheerful. It was just fifty-two years since our first boy was born. (Bishop L. L. Hatch.) I am at this

date the grandfather of 159 grandchildren and great grandchildren.

December 28

Settled my tithing. With the help of Oral, I took out thirteen bushels of apples from the pit. At 9:00 A.M. Oral and I went to Franklin and carried a bushel of apples for the children. The weather was very cold. On the 29th, I visited Sister Fox and Sarah Hatch. Sarah has a very pretty little girl about eight or nine months. [Cora] We held a reunion at L. L. Hatch’s. Most of his children were present, Clarey and her girls, also Hyrum and his boys and their son-in-law, Samuel Parkinson III who was present and spoke. Said he was pleased to be present, also felt grateful to be associated with the family. Adjourned quite late.

December 30

Had a reunion of the Daines portion of the family. Had a most interesting time. Brother Ezra Foss and his wife Katey were present. Lizzie and Chloe spoke, also Brother Daines and Sister Emily Brough. Robert Daines and wife were present. We went and administered to Sister Cowley who was very sick and she was raised up.

January 1, 1904

I came back to Logan. Attended the Smart reunion. There were quite a number of the family present. William Smart and others took leading parts. I spoke to the family and blest them. . Thomas told of a wonderful experience, how he had been visited by many of his departed dead. A new organization was effected and Thomas was made President. Sunday, the 3rd, took Catherine and went to fast meeting. Many good testimonies were borne. I spoke and blessed the congregation. Dear Catherine bore her testimony also.

Monday, 4th

My birthday, seventy-eight years old. It was a sorrowful day. Catherine was so sick. I believe my birthday was entirely forgotten. On the 15th, L. L. came from Franklin and worked in Temple with me. On the 17th, took Celia to Hyde Park. Sylvia Cutler went with me. We had a grand meeting. I spoke on Temple work. Have worked at Temple during this month. At stake conference, 24th and 25th, Patriarch John Smith was present. He said it was the privilege of the people to get a. blessing from as many patriarchs as they desired. Next day I went to Willard Maughn’s and heard Brother Smith give blessings. (Worked in Temple three days.) Gave blessings on the 31st. On the 22nd, I gave a blessing to William Caldwell. On the 25th, gave two blessings to Sisters Bowens and Thatcher. On the 28th, gave Sister Emeline Rich a blessing. On the 30th, gave one to Sister King and on the 31st, went to Hyde Park and gave three blessings.

February 1

I gave seventeen blessings. One was to my great granddaughter, Jessie Hammond. Returned home. It


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