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was very cold. Catherine had stopped at Vena’s and I brought her home. Sunday, the 7th, went to First Ward and gave a blessing to Lorin’s babe, LeMoine Hatch. Went to Bishop Joseph Cardon’s and gave him and his wife a patriarchal blessing. On Monday gave a blessing to a Brother who had lost his wife. Took sister Adeline home and gave seven blessings in Hyde Park and on Wednesday, gave ten blessings. Thursday and Friday, worked in the Temple. Saturday, the 13th, I went to Providence and gave seventeen blessings. Emmaline Rich wrote for me. We returned at night to my home quite tired.

February 16

My brother Abram came to Logan. I went with Sumner to the train and brought him to my house. We went to the Temple together and attended prayer circle. Heard Thomas Smith lecture. Took him to the convention of livestock and dairymen. He went to the Agricultural College. There was a large turnout of the delegates. Lunch was served. I went to the Temple and worked at night. Went with my brother to the Court House and heard lectures from Dr. Budge. On the 19th, I took Abram to the train at 8:00 A.M. and then went to the temple, making two days this week. Gave three blessings. Gave six blessings on Monday, the 22nd. (Three days at Temple) Gave one blessing on Friday. Saturday, it snowed all day. On Sunday, I went to the college and spoke to the Book of Mormon class, also to the students. Gave my testimony to the faithful and devout lives of the leaders of the Church, having been acquainted with all of them and having labored for sixty years in the ministry. My first labors after I was ordained a priest was to visit in that capacity in the City of Nauvoo in 1843. Then I was ordained a seventy. The spirit of the Lord was manifest and all were made glad.

My son Willard lost two of his sons (with diptheria), one on the 6th and one on the 11th of February. [Lorenzo Car1 Hatch and Virgil Hill Hatch]

March 1

(Three days at Temple.) Sister Adeline came and stopped with us. Went to fast meeting on the following day with Catherine and me. The Bishop called me to talk. Our brethren are in Washington being questioned on the Smoot case. I blessed the people and prophesied that the judgments of God would go forth and the wicked would be cut off. I blessed the children of Lehi. (Three days in Temple.) A young Brother White from Morgan Stake came and stopped with us three days. Returned on the 15th. Took some apples from the pit. Found they are in good condition.

Sunday, 13th

Bertie Woolf (Celia’s daughter) took sick and died on the 23rd at 8:00 A.M.

Tuesday, 15th  

Got letters from Taylor, our daughter May Decker and her children very poorly. O, Lord, bless my dear children in Arizona and heal them up from their afflictions and especially remember her little Lorenzo. (Temple three days) After the death of Bertie, Ruth and Vena went to Hyde Park. The roads were nearly impassable. It stormed nearly every day this week. A tree was struck with lightening in front of Sister Ellen Nibley’s.

Saturday, 26th

I took our dear Sister Emeline Rich to the train. She has been with us from Christmas to March 26. She was a good student and a faithful student, about twenty years old. She wrote and recorded many blessings for between sixty and seventy. She lived with us and worked for her board. We regretted to have her leave. I was not very well during the day. Visited with sister Adeline and picked up the apples which were in the pit. Find that I have about four bushels left. Nettie came to stop with us. (Nettie is a daughter from Arizona.)

April 2

Sister Adeline and I went to Salt Lake for conference. Went and saw President Joseph F. Smith in company of Jesse N. Smith from Snowflake. He received us very kindly. I met Ezra [son] from Taylor on Monday. I attended all the meetings, and on Wednesday went to the great temple. Ezra T. went with me. We went to Logan and Ezra stopped with us Monday. I gave him a blessing on Sunday. He felt quite lonely but I felt that he would do a good work. At l2:00 noon Monday, I took him to the train and bade him God speed. [He was going on a mission.]

Sunday, 24th

Went to Franklin. Monday, went to Preston and gave three blessings to grandchildren. Found Chloe and Lizzie quite well. Returned to Franklin and spoke at the funeral of Sister Chadwick. Returned to Logan. (Three days in temple.)

Sunday, May 1

Was ward conference. We met on Monday, also. Apostle Hyrum M. Smith and Joseph McMurrin were present. We had a grand time. Vena and Catherine went with me to the Temple on Wednesday. I went on Thursday and Friday. Wrote letters to Wilford and Ezra. Since writing to them I have been quite busy putting in garden, working in orchard, working in the Temple, giving blessings and etc.

May 15

Went to Smithfield and attended quarterly conference. Took sister Adeline and Nellie Moffett. Apostle [Rudger] Clawson was present. On Monday, I was called to occupy some time. I gave my testimony concerning last conference when so many were in attendance. Told about how at Nauvoo, April 6, 1844, when Joseph and Sydney Rigdon addressed the people,


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