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Legislature and the laws of the Territory. He was very insulting. Wednesday, met in the Hall for joint session. (Same for Thursday, Friday Saturday.) Sunday went to meeting. President Young preached upon sealings and adoptions and the building up of Zion in Jackson County and told us when the nations would come up to battle. In the evening, several of the brethren came to our boarding house. We sang several hymns. My brother, Jeremiah, and John Chase spoke to us and the evening was spent well into the night.

Tuesday, January 15.

Attended the Supreme Court in the forenoon and at 3:00 P.M. attended an oyster supper that was got up by the secretary, A.W. Babbit. It was got up for the members of the Legislature. We had a great variety of fruits and nicknacks, champagne and brandy, etc. It passed off well.

Wednesday, January 16.

Met with both houses in joint session and entered on business preparatory to our adjournment for this session of the Legislature. My health is good. At 2:00 P.M. I went visiting at Father Stoles. Stayed about two hours and went up to the Hall. We passed some laws in conclusion of our term of the Legislature for this year.

Friday, January 18.

We started for home at 6:00 A.M. I traveled with Brother George Barber. He had a heavy load. We traveled forty-three miles and camped this side of the Sevier River. (About nine miles this side.) The weather was very cold and I suffered very much with the cold. I lay on the ground but couldn’t sleep it was so cold. I got up at 2:00 A.M. and kept warm the best I could. Traveled nineteen miles which brought us to Nephi where we got our breakfast about 10:30 A.M. Brother Barber’s folks and Jeremiah’s are all well. I washed myself all over and felt some better. I remained at this place through the day and visited with Adeline, [Lorenzo’s sister and wife of Brother Barber] and Jeremiah’s folks. Sunday morning, started for home. Traveled forty-two miles this day and arrived at Springville about dark. I stopped at John Witbeck’s over night and visited with my first wife’s folks. Monday, started about day and went to Provo. Took breakfast at Brother Whipple’s and then went on our journey. I arrived at home about 3:00 P.M. and found my family all well. I met them with a warm heart, having been absent for seven weeks. Visited with friends and family, and after prayers went to bed.

Wednesday, January 23.

Fixed up my tools and prepared for work. Snowed about five inches in the morning and the weather turned cold. I read to my family and enjoyed their company. Arose at 5:00 A M. in the morning. Worked in shop a little. Went to prayer meeting in the evening. Friday the 25th, worked in shop and in the evening, read the news. Sang

some hymns. I arose at 6:00 Saturday morning and went to work at the bench. The High Priests met in my shop. I washed myself and went to bed.

Sunday, January 27.

I went to meeting and Brother Winters preached on the 24th Chapter of Matthew. In the evening I was called to speak to the Saints on my doings at the Legislature and upon the doctrines of the Church. I had a large congregation and great liberty of speech.

[From Monday 28th of January to February 1st, Lorenzo records: Four days at work at his shop. Made a cradle for Brother Harris and many window sashes, wrote a letter to Brother Benson, spent one evening with over-night guests, Brothers Whipple and Carter. Attended Bishop’s Court relative to Reed and Catlin. Paid a few small bills and went to meeting Thursday evening.] And thus, ended the month of January. I have enjoyed the same well. I trust profitably and so may I continue and more abundantly.

[First two weeks in February put in twelve days in the shop. Some nights worked very late. Attended two Priesthood meetings. Made out a list of names for the City officers to be elected if the people chose to do so. February the 6th, dreamed he swallowed a silver spoon. Attended a party held at his brother Abram’s home.] I have made 144 lites of sash in the past week. [During the following six days he worked at his bench in the shop and the next week made two bed steads and some more window sashes.]

Friday, February 22.

In the morning a company of men from Springville and Provo came here to go over to Cedar Valley to take some Indians, notwithstanding the President’s orders for them to disband and go home. They went ahead and killed three or four Indians and took one prisoner.

In consequence of which [the above] four of our brethren were killed who were herding cattle up the lake. One man said to me that he had been on service six days, which entitled him to $24,00. This appeared to be the spirit that induced them. It was the pay. So they went and murdered the Indians. Friday evening, Brothers Lorenzo Young and Horace Eldredge came to my house. They stayed at my house all night. They came to hold conference here. It commenced on Saturday and lasted till Sunday night. We had a good conference. The spirit of the Lord was with us.

Sunday, February 24.

The Minute Company under the command of Captain W.S.S. Willis was called out to go and bring the families and cattle from the herd ground to save them from the Indians. They started about 4:00 P.M. Went across the lake on ice. Gathered the cattle on Monday, and on Tuesday, the 26th. Saw no Indians till they came to some cedars where they stopped to build a fire and let their horses eat with


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