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Joseph said no man knew who he was. Brother Rigdon also testified that tens of thousands would gather from the nations of the earth.

I gave a blessing to one of Brother Roskelley’s daughters. Gave two blessings on May 22. I have been in the temple the last two weeks. Catherine has also been several times.

May 28

Chloe came from Preston to see us. She was much improved in health.

Sunday, 29th

Five Stakes met in Logan for a Sunday School convention. I have been in the orchard all week. Have done two days in temple. Chloe went home on Friday and took her dear mother home with her to Preston. I wrote a letter to Burt, my dear son, We have had considerable rain this week. I was mouth at the prayer circle. I have felt for some time that I should write a few wishes of mine.

June 4

When I pass away notify President Smith, also Brother Seymour B. Young and my brethren who are acquainted with my labors in the Church in the north and south and my labors in the mission field of 1844 and 5 and 1856 and 8.

Andrew Jensen has a manuscript of my life somewhere in his possessions. Some items can be referred to briefly.

I have given thousands of blessings. I regret that some of them have not been recorded in my patriarchal records. [There are nine volumes of these records in the Historian’s Office of the Church now, 1957.]

Be very careful not to incur any great expense at my funeral. A plain coffin is good enough for me. I wish to leave at least fifty dollars for the redemption of Zion.

Sunday, June 5

Fast day, Moses Thatcher spoke and bore his testimony of the gospel. Said he was glad to be a member of the Church. On the 8th, 9th, and 10th, worked in the Temple. Went to the tabernacle on Sunday, the l2th. Monday and Tuesday at the orchard tending to the spraying and then another three days in the Temple.

Dear Sylvia has been poorly and we have been quite concerned about her. Saturday, I fixed some fence in H. E. Hatch’s pasture and he telephoned for Sylvia Cutler to come down and help Ruth. Sylvia C. arrived on Sunday the 19th, and I went to Providence. Gave two blessings; attended meeting and was called upon to speak. I blessed the people. On my return I brought Sister Adeline up to see dear Sylvia.

Wednesday, June 22

I spoke at Brother Joseph Greaves funeral. He was a good man, a Temple worker. Three days at the Temple

and did some watering at the foundery Lot. The frost has hurt my potatoes and corn. Dear Sylvia has been failing every day.

Sunday, 26th

Went to Preston. Found Catherine some better. The day was spent in meetings of commemoration of Apostle Owen Woodruff who had passed away. I spoke on death. Returned to Logan and found dear Sylvia very poor. Watered in the garden and spent three days in the Temple. On Saturday, worked very hard in the orchard to keep the ditches in repair.

H. E. Hatch telephoned for L. L. and Clarey to come to Logan for dear Sylvia was worse. It looked like she couldn’t stop long with us. I sent for the bishop and we dedicated her to the Lord. Sunday, the 3rd, L. L., Clarey, Eliza and William Daines came down from Franklin and spent the day with us. Dear Sylvia was mostly unconcious through the day. L. L., William Daines and also Sylvia Cutler went back to Franklin. Clara and Eliza stayed with their dear mother.

Saturday, 9th

Vivian Hatch and Sylvia Cutler came to bring me home from the orchard where I had remained watering. Clarey left us last Thursday and Eliza Daines left with her two babes. Clara and she were a great comfort to us. Now they are gone I feel very lonely. At 9:00, L. L. and Annie came and stopped until 10:00 A.M. Sylvia rested some better last night. Hezzie and Sylvia C. went to Sabbath School. I was greatly delighted in the appointment of Elder Penrose as an apostle. At half past 7:00 P.M. Brother Melvin Ballard spoke on the redemption of Zion. Monday, dear Sylvia was some better. Slept good all night. Garden work when not in Temple.

Sunday, 17th

Gave one blessing. Worked three days at temple. Received a letter from Judge Edward Hatch, in answer to my letter of 14 November, 1903.

His letter was written from New York City, July 14, 1904. It should be preserved for my children. It covers all that should be construed as having faith in the gospel. Spoke in Preston on Sunday and on the fulfillment of the prophecies of Brigham Young. June 27, dear Sylvia was much better. Worked in the shop at fixing. Spent some days at Temple. Attended Sunday School and meeting. [Usually takes some sort of part in the Sunday services, thus pass his weeks.] Wednesday, August 3, dear Sylvia was some better.

Friday, August l2

Prepared to go to Franklin. I got out some over a mile and found that I had left my satchel and returned for it. Sylvia Cutler was with me. Arrived, the wind blew quite hard and at 9:00 P.M., it was raining hard. Clara and Raney had gone out and it was so dark that they got lost for a little while. I stopped at Clara’s that night.


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