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Sunday was stake conference of the Oneida Stake. Gave a blessing to one of James McNeil’s daughters. Smithfield, 3:00 P.M., was the first speaker at Alonzo R. Furral’s funeral. I gave his early life. He was baptized the same time as I was, sixty-four years ago last February. He has filled a mission and was one of the Mormon Battalion. Gave three blessings after the funeral. Thursday, the 18th, I worked around at Chloe’s till 2:00 P.M. and then left for Logan. Newell came with me. Found dear Sylvia better. On the 19th and 20th worked at pulling weeds. Newell helped me and Eastman and Boyd also helped.

Sunday, 21

Spoke at meeting in Hyde Park. We had frost two nights.

Monday, 29th

I gave two blessings. At 6:00 P.M., Lorenzo Roundy died. He is the son of Lorenzo D. Roundy who was drowned in the Big Colorado River. Twenty seven years have passed since the death of this good man. I dedicated the grave. I have always felt a great interest in Brother Roundy (the father) as with him I came near perishing in the turbulent stream of mounting waters. My daughter Clara came down from Franklin this day.

November 9

I commence this page of my journal by recording the sad fact that my dear wife Sylvia Savona Eastman Hatch departed this life at twenty minutes to 6:00 A.M. at her residence in Logan at the age of seventy-eight years and five days. She has been a good wife and devoted mother. My heart is full and I can write but little. We were married in Salt Lake City and lived very happily together. Our hopes were very bright when our first boy, L. L. Hatch was born on Christmas morning 1851. Then Clarissa Aldura was born in Lehi and Hezekiah was born in Lehi. Then in 1856 I was called to go on a mission to England. I left 23 April, 1856, and the mother of these three children was left in the care of our Heavenly Father. My love was unbounded for her and the children.

On my return, April 1858, I found her plowing with the hired man to raise a crop. It was a very happy meeting. Our next child was dear Ruth Amorett, who has cared and watched over her dear mother during her illness for the last ten years. She has the love of a departed mother and the blessings of her still surviving and devoted father. Our next child was Elizabeth Ann. She is the wife of William Daines and was born in Lehi.

We wrote of her passing (Sylvia’s) to all the children and to President Seymour B. Young who came from Salt Lake and attended the funeral, which was on the 12th. It was largely attended by many friends of this dear wife and other. Brother Young was the principle speaker. She was the mother of five children who are all alive at this date.

January 4

My seventy-ninth birthday. Clara and Ruth got a dinner. H. E. and Lorin with wives attended. Great changes have taken place during the last four years. I lived with my grandfather and grandmother some after my father died. Made Captain Jeremiah Hatch as happy as possible. My grandmother, Elizabeth Height Hatch, was a very kind woman. She taught me to read the Bible. Grandfather lived about seven years after the death of my dear father and part of this time I lived with them. Grandfather and mother came out from Bristol, Vermont to Nauvoo in a wagon driven by my brother Abram. They were with my father who was at this time a widower. He was all that a fond son could be to a dear father and mother.

January 15

Brother H. D. Haman died at Providence. I attended the funeral. Took four persons with me in the surrey. Most of the Temple hands were present. Ruth went up to Franklin to look after a little great granddaughter who was sick. She was the daughter of Samuel Parkinson III and Ina Hatch. The child died. I am preparing to go to the funeral. I was the first speaker at the funeral. She was a beautiful child. Returned to Logan as I had left Catherine quite sick. Found her about as usual.

January 21

I have been very lonely. On the 30th of November I went to Hyde Park and attended the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Snel Lamb and Elizabeth Symmas. I officiated in their marriage, being authorized to do so by Bishop David Evans. Brother Lamb has over one hundred grandchildren and many great grandchildren. Seems but a few years have elapsed since their wedding day.

During the last two and a half months, not much of interest has happened to me save that I have worked in the Logan temple and gave a few blessings. Catherine spent about two weeks at Vena’s during the last two months.

I have attended several funerals during the last two months and given several blessings and worked three days each week in the temple.

April 4

Dear Ella Owens has lost two of her children [Lois and Earl] and she has been full of trouble. O, Lord, comfort our dear girl. I gave a blessing this day. Spent the day rather unpleasantly. I guess that accounts for my despondency. I do pray that I may in the future do better and live by every word that procedeth from the mouth of the Most High. Started to Salt Lake City to attend cenference. My dear daughter Ruth and Sylvia Cutler went with me. Took dear Catherine to Vena Smart’s and I put up at A. Hatch’s and was well cared for.

April 8


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