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My granddaughter Adeline Pace had come from Thatcher, Arizona. She has been sick for twenty-two months. I went with Brother A. Hatch and administered to her. She was operated on at the LDS Hospital and was doing well at the last accounting. I was very busy during conference. Attended all the meetings held in the day time. Met Brother John Rigdon, son of Sydney, and spent several hours with him. He feels well to be a member of the Church in his declining years.

On the morning of the 11th, President Jesse N. Smith and I lectured at Barratt Hall on the scenes of Nauvoo and the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith. It was about the 30th or 31st of March that we (Catherine and I) moved into the brick house. (Sylvia’s home.) Celia Woolf bought the other place of H. E. Hatch and has got her things moved from Hyde Park to her new home. I have spent the past four years in the Temple and have gotten many hundreds endowed and wives sealed and children adopted or sealed. Also, have given many blessings. My experiences have been quite heavy as dear Catherine has been quite poorly most of the time.

I have had three sons go on missions (during these years). Their homes are in Arizona, namely, Willard and Wilford also E. T. Hatch. The former labored in England, Wilford in Tennessee and E. T. Hatch in Mississippi and one grandson, Carl Smart in the Samoan Islands.

June 18

I in company with Ruth left Logan with the mare and buggy and came to this place, Franklin, to have a visit with my son L. L., daughter Clara, son Hyrum and their families. Bishop L. L. with Annie and daughters met with an accident some three weeks ago, being thrown from their buggy. Annie was hurt quite badly. He was hurt some--one of his ribs. He is getting along quite well. Annie had her shoulder broken. We are in hopes that she will soon recover, however, she is quite poorly.

June 19

My daughter Ruth returned to Logan. Aura Hatch and Urania Cutler took me out to the south farm. I expect to remain here a few days and visit Mapelton and Preston.

June 25

Quarterly conference, Hyrum Stake, Apostle Lyman was in attendance. He said for parents not to worry about their children not marrying in the Temple if they are not worthy. If not worthy, it is better for them not to go. Keep the Temples for the worthy, but he urged that all should marry. He talked about the practical things of the kingdom. Eight years before the terrible war between Russia and Japan, he was in that great and wicked nation. There was no liberty, but a reign of terror. He dedicated the empire of Russia to be freed, that tyrants should not rule, that religious liberty should be allowed. Then the Lord inspired Japan to chasten them. I gave a blessing to B. P. Rush of Millville. He was going on a mission.

July 10

Attended funeral of Hyrum Thatcher. Spoke and also dedicated his grave. On the 11th, attended Sister Laughton’s funeral. Catherine and Addie Pace went to Franklin. On the 15th, I went to the orchard and plowed out some new ditches to carry the water higher up. Mr. Smith helped me. We have been quite lonely since Catherine went to Franklin. Have given several blessings during the last month. I have worked for dear Sylvia’s folks in the Temple. Feel much interested in her dear parents. Her mother, mother Eastman, was one of the noble women of the earth and made her home with me and dear Sylvia for many years.

My missionary life in England and twenty-six years in Arizona deprived me of the society of this portion of my dear family. I can’t feel it profitable at this time to relate what I have passed through in raising my family. But I do have one wish and that is that all who bear my name will be true and faithful to the truth which has been revealed in the gospel. I feel very thankful that all is as well as it is with me today.

Sunday, 16th

Hezekiah has been blessed with another fine son, [Adrian William Hatch]. Georgia (his wife) is a fruitful bough. May the blessings of God attend her. At 4:00 P.M. Bishop Anderson with Brothers John Wilcox and Dent came in and spent an hour with me. We had a social talk after meeting.

On the 15th, July 1905, little Catherine of Taylor was lost in the White Mountains. Her remains were found 4 August, 1905 at l2:30 P.M. She is the daughter of John and Jane Hatch. On the 21st, I had lain down to rest. Sister Adeline was at my house and as I awoke the news of little Catherine came to me. I was so filled with grief that I was nearly overcome. I was impressed that she had perished. I plead with the Lord to preserve me and take that terrible feeling from me which He did. We received letters from May Decker telling how this had happened. The great anxiety can’t be expressed. We must wait until the 4th or 5th of August to get the final result. Suffice to say that all our family in this valley and in Arizona were in deep mourning. Whilst under this great pressure I spoke and gave a few blessings on July 23.

Saturday, 29th

I attended quarterly conference. Apostles John Henry Smith and Hyrum Smith were at the conference. Letter from dear Catherine in Preston. I have done much hard work during the last three weeks. Temple was closed for a month. Have been making ditches and fencing the orchard, also watering. I have had some hired help. Have paid a good tithing. Georgia Hatch has been quite sick for a number of days. Went to Brother Carlisle’s nursery. Had dinner and supper in the grove. Ruth, Celia, Lorin, Adeline Barber, also Adeline Pace, were our guests. Brother Carlisle took me all over the


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