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nursery. Sister Stead was there. She is an invalid. Went to a circus on Saturday and on Sunday, fast day, I went to prayer circle and testimony meeting.

Friday, July 12

Went to Preston where I met dear Catherine and my dear daughter Chloe. Mother has been gone five weeks from Logan and I was glad to see her. Saturday, Willie Daines and I ground two axes and cut up some wood. Sunday I took mother to the train and she went to Logan. I returned to Chloe’s and administered to her. My daughter was in deep despondency. I tried to comfort her. Then left for Lewiston and drove through a straight road about twelve miles. It was most lovely to witness the great prosperity that attended the husbandmen of the fields. There were wheat, lucern, and large amount of beets. I stopped and got some dinner at Brother Hyrum Karren’s. Then drove on to Richmond and attended meeting on the last day of quarterly conference. Brother Roskelley and William D. Hendricks were sustained as patriarchs; and after meeting, I was asked to assist in ordaining these two patriarchs. Was invited to Payson to attend the reunion of the Veteran soldiers of the Walker and Tintic War. I was detained as I did not feel able to go alone. The following Sunday, I was at Clarey’s. On Monday while I was engaged fixing the pump, Bishop L. L. Hatch came for me in haste to administer to my daughter Chloe who had been taken very ill. Found her in a fearful condition.

I sold six hundred bushels of apples for forty cents per bushel. I raised a thousand bushels this year.


I went to conference at Salt Lake City. I stopped with brother Abram. I met a grandson of brother Jeremiah’s, David Woodruff. He had just returned from a mission to Germany, a fine young man.

Wilford having come from Arizona went to Franklin and did some plowing on the farm, and some work on the water works. He then came and lived with us in Logan. Did some work fencing. We were glad to have him with us. The Woodruff people have lost two dams in the last year. My health has been good most of the time and the past year dear Catherine has improved some but she is not too well. I have worked most of the time in the Temple this last six months for Eastman family.

Monday, December 25

Went to the train bound for Franklin. There was no fire in the cars. This was Christmas Day. Lorenzo Lafayette Hatch was fifty-four years old on this day. Stopped two nights and returned to Logan and attended funeral of Brother Felstead. Sunday was the birthday of Ruth, forty-six. Lorenzo Wilford was twenty-seven; and after meeting, we went to Celia’s and got dinner--Wilford, Ruth, H. E. and I. I gave a blessing to a young man by the name of George E. Adams. Thus ended the most

eventful year--one hundred years from the birth of the Prophet Joseph.

January 1, 1906

This cold and beautiful morning found us well as usual. Mother, Ruth. Wilford, myself and the babe Lydia [Chloe’s babe. mother was ill.] were at the breakfast table this morning. The winter has been cold and stormy. Ruth took the babe and went to Franklin to look after Chloe’s children and we got sister Emily Brough to stop with us about three weeks. I gave a number of blessings and worked in the Temple until April conference.

April 5

Left Logan for conference. Commenced on Friday and closed Sunday the 8th. On this date our dear brethren J. W. Taylor and Mathias F. Cowley were released from the Council of the Twelve Apostles. Brother Lyman presented the authorities, and Brothers George Whitney and David O. McKay to replace Apostle M. W. Merrill who had died and Brothers Taylor and Cowley who had resigned.

Monday, April 9

We had a special Priesthood meeting. The three new apostles were introduced. This conference has been one of the best and was frought with great interest to all the Saints. I stopped with Abram. Lorin and his wife stopped with Brother Kelch. Wilford was in attendance at the conference as his wife was at Ogden. She had come on from Woodruff, Arizona with two little babes. L. L. was also at conference. I stayed at Brother Kelch’s on night of 9th. I went and visited with Brother Andrew Kimball at Abram’s and gave a blessing to his oldest son.

April 10

I left Salt Lake for home and arrived at 9:00 P.M. Found dear Catherine alone. Wednesday H. E. and I went to Franklin to attend the funeral of Sister Elizabeth Fox. She died at the home of L. L. Hatch. She was eighty-one years old on 4 January, 1906. It was a wet day and we had a good turn out. I was first speaker and dedicated the grave. Returned to Logan. Whilst at Franklin saw Ruth, William Daines and stopped at Clarey’s. Friday I went to the temple and at 8:00 P.M., went to Robert Anderson’s and dedicated his new house. There were seventy-five persons present. It was the best house in Logan. We had a very pleasant time, stopped till 2:00 A.M. Saturday, I worked cleaning the garden. Sunday, Wilford went to Franklin to take Hyrum’s wagon home and I wrote a page in my journal.

June 24

Since writing the above many things of importance have transpired. President Joseph Merrill passed away May 30 at 5:00 P.M. Adelia Hatch arrived with her two children in April, 1906. President Jesse N. Smith of Snowflake passed away June 5, 1906 at 3:42 P.M.


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