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My daughter Nora Savage, who was a delegate from the Snowflake Stake to the Young Ladies Conference, arrived at Logan, June 11. She had attended the conference and made her report. We were very pleased to see her and on the same day my daughter Chloe arrived home and received her babe Lydia from the arms of my dear daughter Ruth. Nora remained with us and has been with me to the Temple for four sessions.

June 22

President William Budge was present and took charge of the Temple as. president. He was accepted by all who were present on this beautiful Friday morning. He was blessed and set apart by the brethren in Salt Lake on the 10th of April. Dear Catherine has improved in health during the last year. For the last two months I have not been as well as common, but trust that I shall improve.

Carl Smart returned from his mission where he has been for three and a half years. He is feeling well. Wilford moved from my place on Monday, the 18th. He has lived in Logan most of the time since last October and has assisted me much in doing chores and hitching up the mare for me, etc. I hope he may be fully rewarded.

June 27

Sixty-two years have passed since the martyrdom. I ordained Hyrum Ezra Hatch to the office of an Elder. I have worked in the Temple and up to this date on the Hatch record and on the Eastman record during the last five years. Perhaps I have done more for the welfare and redemption of the human family, as a Savior on Mount Zion during these years than in the rest of my life. It has been sixty-six years since my baptism. In the month of February, 1840, the river was frozen over and they cut a hole in the ice, about one foot deep. It was sufficiently wide to give room for the candidate and the administrator to stand in. I was fourteen years old and am now past eighty.

July 13

I was quite sick. H. E. and Wilford administered to me, and on Saturday, I wrote the above and thanked the Lord that I am able to arise from my bed. Went to the Temple on the 17th, Thursday. Friday, Catherine and Nora went with me. Lorin, Celia and Sister Adeline were at the Temple. On the 21st, I was feeling some better.

Saturday, 14 July 1906

Logan, Utah

Elder Preston Nibley

Chicago, Illinois

My dear brother:

Remembering my promise, I proceed to give you a little account of my acquaintance with Joseph Smith, the great Latter-day Prophet.

I am past eighty years of age. My parents lived at Lincoln, Vermont, and at this place I was born 4 January, 1826. When I was fourteen years of age, February 1840, I was baptized by Elder Sison A. Chase, a member of the Church. Two years later I emigrated to Nauvoo (1842) with my father and family, which consisted of my two brothers, Jeremiah and Abram, and two sisters, Adeline Barber and Elizabeth Winn, all of whom are known by the people of Utah.

As well as I remember there were fifty-two in the company we traveled with, most of whom are now dead.

At the time of our arrival in Nauvoo, Joseph Smith was in exile much of the time, being hunted by officers from Missouri. I sought every opportunity when he was in public to get just as close to him as possible, to listen and to talk.

On each and all occasions of this kind I was deeply impressed with his wonderful personality as he appeared to be one of those men who draw all men unto them. He would have been observed, even among thousands, as a very great leader.

He was fully six feet tall, of light complexion. His lovely, commanding voice was musical and most attractive. His rebukes were administered without fear, and in the same spirit that Jesus, the Master, reproved the Pharasees.

I listened to him when he returned from Dickson [Dixon, Illinois]. Seated at his side on the stand were the officers who had arrested him at Dickson and who had so cruelly abused him. On this occasion, he opened his bosom and rehearsed how he invited them to shoot him if they wished. Thousands of people were present and heard the wonderful story of his preservation and his marvelous deliverance. Although these officers were cruel kidnapers, desperate and heartless cowards, yet when in the Prophet’s power, he treated them with the greatest of courtesy. These men and all that vast multitude could bear record that Joseph was a mighty Prophet and a God fearing man.

I attended a little cottage meeting, where were present twenty or thirty people. Apostle Orson Hyde who had just returned from Jerusalem, was present, also Apostle John Taylor. The meeting was at the house of a German neighbor. Perhaps I was an intruder but nevertheless I was at that meeting. The Prophet talked of the great beauty of the German language, also extolled the German Bible. He also spoke of the confounding of the languages at the Tower of Babel, and told how it would be restored. He said that a portion of the pure language was mixed with all the languages of the earth, and when the gospel has been preached to all the nations of the earth and Israel gathered, then it will be selected out of these different languages and the scriptures would be fulfilled, where it is said, “I will restore to my people a pure language.” He also said that there was much of the


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