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and some privations. But in it all the Lord has been with me.

I would like to write more but I don't feel able. I want all my children to be true and faithful to this great and glorious work.

I have sent to the Historian's Office, six or seven years ago, quite a full history of labors in England. I was there about two years. Went in 1856. My companions, Sylvia and Catherine were living in Lehi at that time and were true and faithful Latter-day Saints. Sylvia has passed on to her reward. They passed through the wars and through the grasshopper famine of the 1855 and 1856's and another one in Franklin.

Mother Eastman was with us in all our trials. I have had good friends and some aspirants who were my enemies.

Dear Catherine is still with me. God bless her and crown her with eternal life.

Dear Alice passed on to her reward about twelve years ago. She was a noble and good Latter-day Saint.

May the blessings of the Lord ever be with the sons and daughters of these three noble women and their generations after them is my prayer.

I have done considerable work in the Temple, which I hope will be accepted. I wish the children to continue the same.

[10 July, 1957. The above concludes our grandfather's last journal. There are many blank pages remaining. This entry is only half way down the page. No doubt he intended to pick up his pen and write again to us, possibly that very evening or tomorrow.

[Sylvia C. Steiner, granddaughter, was at his bedside when the final call came for him to go home. I asked her to write a paragraph. Her words and his, as Sylvia took them down follows:

[In reading over grandfather, Lorenzo Hill Hatch’s journal, I have found many happy memories of my associations in his later years. I was rather closely associated with him, my grandmother Sylvia and Aunt Catherine as I lived with them, milked their cow, and other tasks to help pay my way while attending the Brigham Young College at Logan.

[Especially was I close to him after my grandmother died in my arms, and grandfather with Aunt Catherine came to live with Aunt Ruth in the home of my grandmother. I went many times with him as scribe when he gave patriarchal blessings. I also went often with him to the Smart Farm when he gathered apples.

[It was my privilege to take in shorthand his last testimony as he spoke to us for some fifty-five minutes and was there when he passed on. I am among the few alive today of that little group who stood at the bedside when the last minute came.]

(signed) Sylvia Savona Cutler Steiner


(A few days before his death. Dictated to Sylvia Savona Cutler (Steiner)

I say to you all that the gospel revealed to Joseph Smith is the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I want every one of my children and grandchildren to be faithful to all of its principles. It is the only thing that will do you any good. The things of the world will come in their time and place. We are required to seek first the kingdom of heaven and all other things will be added unto you. This is the promise of the scriptures.

I can say truthfully that I am proud of all the mothers of my children, and I am proud of my children, and that they have done as well as they have. I am very pleased indeed that you hold me in high respect. I have worked hard and have done all that laid in my power to provide for the wants of my numerous family. Their mothers were the best of women. They loved the truth and did all they could to build it up.

With regard to my ancestors, so far as I know, they were honorable and good people. My father and mother received the gospel and took it to grandfather Hatch and their mother and they received it. My uncle Josephus Hatch received it and they gathered to Nauvoo. They were good people. Brother Hyrum Smith blessed my father before his death. He blessed my grandfather and grandmother, Jeremiah Hatch and Elizabeth Haight. He gave a blessing after the death of our father, on the 11th of January, 1844, to my brother Jeremiah and his wife, myself and a number of others. I have the blessings that were conferred upon my father, and the one conferred on myself and my grandfather somewhere in my record.

I do not know whether you are writing down any of these things. I do not know whether you will be interested in them or not, but they were of great interest to me.

It was a very sorrowful time when these people, the Prophet and Patriarch, were taken away from the Church. At the time of his martyrdom I was in my native state of Vermont. I was in the house of Aunt Hannah Farr. A number of children were present at the time. One of them is now living at Colorado Springs. His name is Horace Farr. I saw him on a visit to Colorado Springs at two different times. He was always sure to tell me that he was present at the time of the death of the Prophet, 1500 miles from Nauvoo. It was a very sorrowful time, especially to me. It was a sorrow to me since they thought I would remain with them, but there wasn't enough gold on earth to have kept me in my native state. I went to work immediately to obtain means to get back to my home in Nauvoo. Though my father and my mother, the history of which you have, were both departed--both dead, I will say here that my father died just one year lacking one day which would have been one year before the death of the Prophet. He died on the 26th of June, 1843. I do not wish to go into the details, but after the death of my father, I got ready and went back to my native state on a mission. I was


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