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the calculation of staying one half hour. When Brother Joseph Cousens and John Catlin, while gathering wood were shot down and George Winn was badly wounded. Balls passed under John Karren’s arm and one under George Colman’s, cutting their clothes.

This happened about sunset, Tuesday, the 26th. John Glines brought the news about 12:00 o’clock at night. The Indians were fourteen or fifteen in number. They frightened the cattle and horses, running them off, leaving only five head of horses. The Colonel brought me this news about 4:00 A.M.

Monday, February 25.

I made sash for the new meeting house and settled with Brother Bushman. A man came to me and wanted to work for his board. He was a plasterer. On Tuesday he went to work lathing my house. Tuesday, I worked at my bench some and got some blacksmithing done.

Tuesday, 26th.

At 5:00 P.M. I received orders from the Colonel to call out the battalion under my command and hold ourselves in readiness to march at a moment’s warning and to meet at Lake City on the 27th at 10:00 A.M.

George Winn died on the 28th. The bodies of Brothers Cousens and Catlin were brought home the same day as Brother Winn died. Brother Cousens was shot three times, once in the side, once in the back, once in the head, and they scalped him. John Catlin was shot in the heart. They were buried on Friday at 3:00 P. M, in military order or in the honors of war. George Winn was shot in the right shoulder and it lodged in the back. He was buried at the same time as the other brethren, shot on Tuesday, died on Thursday.

Wednesday, 27th

I met at Lake City with my Battalion, received our orders and returned. Captain Rencher called his company together and mustered them into service according to 1aw. I worked Thursday fixing for the lathing of my chamber. Friday I was sick, but worked most of the time, Made two doors.

Prepares for mission to Europe

(Preparation for leaving home, March 1 to April 17)


March 1

I was quite sick but worked all day fixing my house in order to prepare for my mission to Europe. I ate nothing until evening and found my health improved. Sunday at meeting the Bishop spoke on the death of those men that were killed by the Indians. Monday, worked at. hanging doors and fixed my table, attended an election of City officers. Tuesday, I put down mopboards in my shop. Later, laid floor and on Saturday worked at my shop. The plasterers finished my dining room. In the evening, went to Teachers meeting and addressed the Teachers on, “Bad Language.”

Sunday received a prospectus of a paper that was going to be printed in California called the “Western Standard” [A Mormon Newspaper published in San Francisco.] I took the prospectus to meeting to get subscribers. It is published by the Church and edited by George Q. Cannon. Brother Abel Evans and I addressed the Saints on various subjects. In the afternoon, I and my family went to Brother Karren’s and spent some time with him. [During this week, I…] worked at my house. The men under my command were disbanded. Bought four apple trees from Bishop Callister and set them out on Saturday evening. The following Monday, stalked my plow and took inventory of the provisions on the fifth block. Catherine had a fine daughter on Wednesday the 19th. Born twenty minutes before one o’clock. [Celia]

Thursday, March 20.

Plowed my one acre lot. Planted some peas in my garden. Shelled two bushels of corn. Catherine not so well as common.

Friday, March 21.

Plowed some and dug up some trees on my five acre lot to get ready to set out fruit trees; went up to Lake City to look for some cattle that were lost but found none. Catherine no better. Saturday I stalked a plow and made a three light sash for Isaac Vail (?) and settled with Robert A. Bain.

Sunday, March 23.

Catherine some better. Went to meeting. Had sacrament and confirmed one person. Monday, my labors bear down on me. I have done much labor in building and getting around me, through the blessings of the Lord, what I have. It is marvelous to me and I thank God for his blessing on me and my family, and may God protect my family from the Destroyer and help me on for the day of my departure is at hand to leave my family and go to the Nations of the Earth.

Oh Lord, strengthen me and turn things into my hands that I may go in peace. And meet all debts in the season with the means to pay, is the prayer of Lorenzo Hill Hatch, your unworthy servant. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

March 25.

Made a water ditch through my garden and by the house to bring water to some trees that I had set in front of my house. I am very tired. Wednesday I worked at repairing my light wagon to go across the plains. Worked on wagon next day and in the shop the next. That night Brothers George A. and Benson came to my house and after supper we went to meeting. Brother Benson preached. We had a good meeting. Brother George called on the Saints to assist Brother Benson on his mission with some provisions for his family. I was appointed to receive the same. The next morning, Saturday, I cleaned out my door yard in front of my


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