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house and received some provisions for Brother Benson.

Sunday, 30.

Went to meeting. Heard the revelation on Celestial Marriage read. I was called on to address the Saints. In the evening Brother Joseph Harvey preached and called upon the brethren for some food for his family. Monday, the brethren brought in some food for Brother Harvey. I commenced sowing wheat on my five acre lot. Fixed the harrow that was broken, etc.

April 1.

I measured off five acres of land on Brother Karren’s farm, which I rented of him for one third in the shock. Commenced making a bedstead, and on Wednesday, Brother Reed plowed for me while I worked on my wagon. Thursday, worked in the garden and sowed some wheat. Friday, sowed more wheat and set out fifty peach trees. Saturday, went to the City with Thomas Winn to attend the conference.

Sunday, April 6

Went to meeting in the Big Bowery and George A. Smith preached on polygamy, after which the names of the missionaries were called. I was called to go to Europe and to start in four days in company with Orson Pratt and E. T. Benson, William Wardsworth was also called to go to New Jersey and to start with us. He and I and Brother Benson were to fix up together and start forth in four days. Monday, I started home on foot. Traveled to Willow Creek where I got a horse that I traded for to take me to the States. He was old and thin. I arrived home a little after dark and found my little daughter Clarisa quite sick with the measles. I was glad to see my family knowing how soon I should bid them farewell for a time. Tuesday, I worked on my wagon bed and got William Bell to help me. He worked for a quirt for his cow-yard. Wednesday, I blessed my family and prepared for the trip. Thursday, went to Battle Creek and attended to some business. Friday, Signed a Deed of Consecration and loaded up my wagon, bade farewell to my family, went as far as Little Cottonwood. Stayed all night at Issac Vance’s.


Greased the wagon, fed the horses and started for the City. One wheel of my wagon began to work and I decided that it wouldn’t do to cross the plains. Arrived at Brother Benson’s at 11:00 A.M. He was glad to see me. Went to a wagon shop and got some old spokes and filled up the wheel that was spoiled. Got a blacksmith to set the tire, mend a belt and put a plate on the sandboard. At dark the wagon was done and I was at home or at Brother Benson’s. I had eaten no dinner and was very tired. But I had a good supper and plenty of time to eat it.


It rained all day. I wrote a letter to my family. Brother Benson came in and told me that, I might go home

and carry it to them. President Young had counseled us to stay another week. Hence on Monday, Brother Wardsworth and I got our groceries, got our likenesses then, harnessed up to start for home but found our wagon was locked in yard and the key was lost. We tried all the keys that we could find but couldn’t open it and had to break the lock. Arrived home at 10:00 P.M. and found my family all well. On Tuesday, set out 120 strawberry plants, fixed the hog-pen and on Wednesday, worked at my wagon. Thursday, made a gate and hung it. Friday, made a grain cradle. Saturday, made a bolster for the wagon and hung a door, made an axe handle and in the afternoon, went to Abram’s and had a visit with George Barber and Adeline. They were on their way to their mission to the Green River.

Sunday, April20

Went to meeting in the old school house in Lehi. James Taylor and myself were called upon to address the Saints as our farewell discourse. We had the sacrament administered. Returned home and found a letter from Brother Benson. He wished us to start right down to the City. I sent to Mountainville for Brother Wardsworth to come with the horses and also to American Fork. Bishop Herrington was to send some butter. Before the horses came it commenced to rain and we decided to stop all night.

Monday, April 21

I bid my family good-bye and departed on my mission to Europe. May the Lord bless my family in my absence, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. (L. H. Hatch)

Lorenzo Hill Hatch in England

JOURNAL II1856-1857


19 Dock Street

Leeds, England

[This Journal is written into a black, leather-bound book, 5 1/2 x 7 x 3/4 inches. It is badly worn; few pages are water stained. The following is quoted directly from these pages.]

September 22, 1856

This book was purchased for me by W.G. Young for nineteen shillings, as the first English volume of my Journal.

Monday, September 22.

I spent the day in council with Brother Young. Went to Bradford in the evening where we held a meeting; after which, we confirmed seven persons at Mother Lee’s and God was with us.

Tuesday, 23rd

Returned to Leeds and took a coach at 3:00 P. M. for Wakefield, a distance of ten miles, where we held meeting. The good spirit of the Lord was with us.


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