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the same subject in the P.M. and did the business of the conference and talked very plain on the nature of covenants. The barn was crowded full of people, many of whom were strangers. Met at 6:00 in the evening. I addressed the meeting with much of the spirit of God and the honest felt that we were the servants of the Lord.

Monday, 13th

Prepared for a social. Met with Saints at 12:00 noon. In the evening after tea, we assembled in the barn and held meeting. There were many strangers present and we had a good time.

Tuesday, 14th.

We started at 4:00 in the morning for different places. I went to Sheffield, found Brother Herberg and Robertson at Sister Tomlinson’s and told them that I had come to let them know that the conference would be held on Sunday. This caused Brothers Herlie and Fowler to feel bad because it was such a short notice. My health was quite poor. Met Elder Caregen in the evening and went to meeting. Brother Caregen preached a good sermon and after meeting, two applied for baptism.

Wednesday, 15th

I am poorly in consequence of my constant labors. Brother Young came and we had a council. In the afternoon, I preached the gospel to an old lady. She believed it. In the evening I gave some instructions at Priesthood meeting and went to my bed much fatigued and sick.

Thursday, 16th

I find myself some better in health. Took breakfast at Brother James Hiberd’s. At 7:00.P.M. I baptized four persons. One is Sarah Smith.

Friday, 17th

My health some better. I gave some counsel to Elder Groo but he refused to abide it. He also refused to take the counselor Brother Young. On Saturday I went to the station with Brother Young and met Brothers [Ezra T.] Benson and Hay. We met them with great joy and gladness. Spent evening with much pleasure. Sunday, October 19

All well. Met in conference. While at dinner Brother Young got a letter from Brother Fox at Leeds concerning Elder Groo and read it to Brother Benson. He, Groo, rebelled against Brothers Benson and Little, and the council silenced him. Meeting at 2:30. Brother Little made good remarks on the spirits that people are led by. He preached on the coming of Christ and the fulfillment of Joseph’s prophecies. Good meeting and the hall was full throughout the day. (Conference continued on Monday.) Met in council with many of the Saints. I made some remarks on the Priesthood and Brother Benson gave a very warm address; and after an investigation, Elder Groo was cut off. Social party

at 6:00 P.M. I sang a song. God was with me and I preached by the spirit of revelation.

Tuesday, 2lst

Saw [Ezra T.] Benson and Hay off to Liverpool. At night some were baptized.

Wednesday, 22nd

Went to Sister Stevens for tea and had a social time.

Thursday, 23rd

Went with Brother Young and administered to seven people who were sick. Went to meeting and preached on tithing.

Friday, 24th

I got a letter from my family. It was written August 16th. It gave me much joy to hear from them, All is well. Preached the gospel to a man and his wife. In the evening I baptized two people. One was Travers and one was a lad by the name of William Smith. Saturday the 25th, my health was not good. On Sunday the 26th I preached to the Saints at 2:00 P.M. and at 6:00 to a good congregation of strangers on the gospel of Christ.

Monday, 27th

Left Sheffield for Workley where I found Brother Robinson. Preached to Saints of Workley on Tuesday and on Wednesday. I left Brother Foster’s for Ratherham and Marshboro. Went to Mr. Eastham’s. He had two daughters that belonged to the Church. Received kindly and preached to a rich woman. Preached to Saints in evening. Had some more talk with Mr. Eastham and the woman on the principles of the gospel. Thursday the 30th, spent the forenoon in conversation with strangers about the gospel. Went to Sheffield where I found Brother Brown low and sick. I administered to him. At 6:00 o’clock, I left for Chesterfield where I was met by some of the brethren and taken to meeting. Preached to the Saints. After meeting I found myself much fatigued.

Friday, 31st

Somewhat rested. At Marshborrow I went to Mr. Eastham’s for supper, then went back to Wood-House. I found some of the Saints waiting for me at the room. I preached to them.

Saturday, November 1

Went to Sheffield. Found letter for me from Brother Young, which gave me much joy. He requested me to come to Leeds on Monday.

Sunday, November 2

Fast day. I arose at 7:00; read some in the Bible. Went to see Brother Robertson and met with the Saints at the hall. Met again at 6: 00. Had the spirit of the Lord all day. On Monday I had a preach with a woman on the order of the Priesthood and on the Restoration of the gospel after which I started for Leeds. Found all well.


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