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Met with warm reception from Brother W. Young, P.H. Young, and Brother Henry Smith, also Henry Rudd and many Saints. In the evening we had a good party in the hall and were blessed. Tuesday, I wrote letters and visited with the brethren. Evening of Wednesday went with Brother Young to Idele where we found several of the Saints were in readiness to hear the word of life. We had a good time. I spoke one hour and Brother Young followed. Thursday the 6th, we walked to Bradford and found Brother Rudd. Went to Brother Nobel’s and found him at home. He gave us some information of those that were grumbling. Friday took the train for Leeds. Saturday, I spent the day with Brother Young till 5:00 P.M. when I left for Bradford to attend the Council and Brother Young went to Hull. Met in council and gave those that were cited the liberty to speak. John Craven and George Homer were cut off. After much counsel, we closed the council until next Tuesday. (This was Sunday, 9th of November.) Held meetings at 10:00 and at 2:00. The names of those that were cut off were read, and those individuals arose and started calling the authorities names. John Bentley also commenced abuse when it was motioned that he be cut off, and it was done. The Saints were united in the evening, and those that had been cut off laid a plan to come and take the stand and preach, but they didn’t have the power. The hall was full to overflowing, hundreds went away, and I preached two hours to a very attentive congregation.

Monday, 10th

Wrote to Brother Young and told him what I had been doing. Then went to Brighouse, a distance of seven miles on foot. Found some good Saints and got an appointment at the Oddfellows Hall and sent the Bell-man around to give out the notice that Elders from the Valley would preach. We had a fine attendance of strangers. The Lord was with me and we took up a collection to pay for the hall. Had just enough to pay to the penny.

Tuesday, 1lth

Came back to Bradford and met with the council. Found Brother Rudd there which gave me much joy and after opening the Council, Brother Young came in which gave me much more joy as the Lord had sent him. Sat in council till 12:00 at night. Cut off one man and two others complied with the decision. The council was united. Adjourned till next Tuesday. On Wednesday the 12th, I went with Brother Young to Leeds.

Friday, 14th

On this day, I learned that I was appointed to succeed Pastor W. G. Young in Sheffield Pastorate. On Saturday, Brother Young left this place for Hull. I received a letter from Elder Rudd, which gave me much joy to hear that those who set snares for the servants of the Lord have been taken in them themselves. I wrote to Pastor Young concerning the business affairs and spent the day very comfortable.

Sunday, November 16

Went to meeting and gave the Saints the privilege of bearing their testimonies and in the evening I preached to a crowded house of strangers. Was much blessed. After meeting, I gave their names for baptism, one by the name of Miller and the other a young sister. Monday, I wrote to Pastor Young. Saw some of the Saints and had a talk with two strangers on the principles of the gospel. Tuesday, at Harmleynd, had the privilege of speaking to some of the Saints and some strangers. The yard was full of strangers. After 11:00 P.M. I walked to Leeds (two miles) and two of the brethren came with me. Thursday, a letter from Brother Young--I feel to praise the Lord. I read some in the history of Brother Joseph. Brother Rudd came and I felt to say, “God bless him.” Gave some instructions at Priesthood meeting in the evening. Saturday, my health was on the mend.

Sunday, 23rd

At 6:00 in the evening the hall was full and I preached on “The Thief on the Cross” and “Baptism for the Dead.” Strangers listened and one gave his name for baptism. Monday, I went with Elders Rudd and Driglington. Found a family of Saints named Epthworth. We stopped with him and several of the Bradford Saints came. We had a meeting and strangers came also. Preached on the first principles of the gospel. Had good attention. Next day went to Bradford with Elder Rudd. His health was poor. Went to Priesthood meeting and gave some instructions. First snow fell on Wednesday, three or four inches. Visited a sick sister and administered to her. Held a meeting at Idele in the evening. Read a letter from Brother Grant of the Hand-Cart Company after which I addressed the Saints on the apostates and men keeping the faith. The Lord blessed me much with his spirit. Tracts came from Liverpool. Brother Rudd prepared some to take to Bradford. Saturday, visited with Sister Sylverwood and converted her. Left Leeds for Sheffield, found all well.

Sunday, 30th

I preached in the evening on the “Promises to Abraham” and on “Celestial Marriage,” and the Lord blessed me. Talked with a young woman on the principles, and she was favorable. [During the week] I wrote letters, visited with the Saints, came to Sheffield and visited some of the sick and comforted them. Left Sheffield on Wednesday with Brother Robertson for Workley. My health is good. Snow fell during the night. I talked with Brother Foster and comforted his heart, wrote to Brother James Taylor and preached to a few saints at night. Thursday the 4th of December, went to Sheffield where I visited ten homes of the Saints; wrote two letters, preached to the Saints and some strangers who I feel will embrace the truth. Read the Journal of Discourses and went to Mansfield on Saturday.


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