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and made ready for the tea party which took place at 5:00 P.M. The party was very noisy. Tuesday we stopped at the Eagle Hotel but took breakfast with Sister Atkinson. Held meeting in Chesterfield that evening with Pastor Young. Had a good time. Went to Brother Williams and took lodgings. Held a meeting in Grass Moore on Wednesday. Came to Sheffield on Thursday. Found no letters. Spent the day in council with Brother Young. I gave three names for baptism. Friday, went to Marshborrow with Pastor and P.H. Young where we had a good meeting. Saturday, they went to Leeds and I returned to Sheffield.

Sunday, 11th

Went to the bath where we baptized three person, two of them for the first time. Their names are Eliza Atkins and…Monday, I counseled with Brother Parkinson on emigration. Went to Woodhouse and preached in the evening and walked home to Sheffield that same night. Tuesday, went to Doncaster and preached to a friend of one of the Saints. Was kindly received. Wednesday, walked to Misen and found Brother Richardson’s folks all well. Glad to see me. Preached in the evening. My body was weak but my cold was some better. Thursday the 15th, went to Materson and found things in low state. Eight came to hear, and they had lost the spirit of the Lord. I took train for Sheffield after preaching to them of the necessity of being re-baptized, to which they consented. At Sheffield, I found Brother Pierce from the Valleys of the Mountains, who was sent to assist me in this pastorate. Saturday, got clothes for Brother Pierce.


Sunday, January 18

We confirmed two members. Had a good meeting. At six in the evening there was a good congregation and many strangers. I preached on the necessity of New Revelation. Next day I visited several of the Saints and wrote a letter to Brother Pratt and Pastor Young. I received a present of a fine silk handkerchief from Sister Mariah Richardson, and marked by Sister Atkinson and Sister Barcluff. God bless them forever. Amen. Went to see Brother Cutler’s wife. Had a long talk with her. She manifested a more humble spirit than usual. Wednesday, went to Riverton Park and preached. Several persons were ready for baptism and said that they would soon attend to the ordinance. Fasted and prayed to the Lord that he would open the way for the emigration of the brethren. In the evening we had a good meeting and gave one name for baptism. Went to Brother Hiberd’s where they made me very comfortable. God bless them for all their kindness to me. Friday, wrote Brother Little the amount of money paid in Sheffield Branch:

1854: 68 pounds, 1 shilling and 3 pence

1855: 179 pounds, 13 shilling and 1 1/2- pence

1856: 226 pounds, 14 shilling and 11 1/2 pence

T. O. Lee, Treasurer.

I received an invitation to go to Brother Cutler’s to talk with his wife. Brother Robertson went with me. When I arrived, there were two Church Parsons there. I talked to them on the Book of Mormon, polygamy and the gospel. They couldn’t sustain their grounds, then they excused themselves and left. They showed much dishonesty, which I discovered by reading the Book of/Mormon.

Saturday, 24th.

Went to the station to meet my old friend, Brother Evans.

Sunday, 25th

Fast day. Met at the Hall at 2:00 P.M. After good meeting, went to the bath where I baptized four persons, two of them for the first time. Ann Bellamy was one. At 6:00 Brother Evans preached on the Book of Mormon. Next day went to Rothesh, held a meeting and counseled the Saints to assist me to get up the emigration. At Worthly, on Tuesday, Brother Young preached his farewell. I gave some counsel.

Wednesday, 28th

Went to the station with Brother Evans and saw him off. Bade him goodbye until I should see him in the Valleys of the Mountains. [Brother Evans was Bishop in Lehi, Utah, at this time and grandfather Lorenzo was his counselor. They did not release him during that long time--two years serving as a missionary in Britain. Upon returning home, he continued as counselor until his move to Cache Valley.]

Friday, 30th

Stopped all night at Mr. Eastham’s. He loaned ten pounds sterling to Pastor Young and let me have some for the Pastorate. Saturday, two letters came. I repaired a sofa and bought some stockings. Brother Young presented Sister Sylvia Hatch with a paisley shawl; the price was thirty-five shillings. [Sylvia was in Lehi, Utah, wife of grandfather Lorenzo, the writer of this Journal. Did Brother Young take her the shawl or did Lorenzo have to get some one else to do it?]

Sunday, February 1

We had a fast meeting. It was very cold in the hall. Had much of the good spirit of the Lord. Brother Young preached his farewell sermon here at Sheffield. After meeting, I baptized Sister Fanny Gregory, thus fulfilled a dream that I had had of a prophecy that was delivered by Pastor Young. Pastor and P. H. Young left for Liverpool. Tuesday, I took a walk with Elder Rudd to see him off to Bradford and held a meeting in the evening at the room in Leeds. On Wednesday, had a good meeting in Bradford. Friday the 6th, went to Claton. Found Brother Young who had come from Liverpool, Counseled with him until 2:00 in the morning.


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