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The good spirit of the Lord was with us and the Saints all felt to do what was required of them. At the close of meeting, I raised quite a sum of money, toward the fund for Brother David’s emigration. May the Lord bless the Saints is my constant prayer. Went to Preston on Monday and preached to a full house of strangers. It was a distance of five miles. The spirit of the Lord was there. Nine of, the sisters came from Hull and we went around the town with them singing the songs of Zion. After the meeting, I walked on to Hull with Elders Hobbs, David, and Pine and the sisters.

Tuesday, March 3

Went to the North Bridge and met Brother Johnson and he loaned me five pounds to get some clothes for Elder Hobbs. Spent the day in visiting the Saints and comforting them. Wednesday, went to Mr. Olives, a spiritual medium. He is a printer. Thursday, went to the station and booked for Sheffield. Found Brother Robertson at the hall and he was glad to see me. At Chesterfield on Friday, I spoke on the reformation and on the Word of Wisdom.

Saturday, 7th

Went to Branton where I saw several of the Saints, then on to Sheffield. Helped a woman carry her things and told her I was a preacher of the gospel and invited her to our meeting. Then went to the hall. Wrote to Sister Fomey, a young woman that I baptized in Bradford.

Sunday, 8th

Had prayer with Brother Robertson and left for Woodhouse. At Sister Turner’s, I had a talk with her daughters who were much opposed to the truth. Met at 6:00 P.M. Had a good meeting. The Lord was with me and I felt to praise His name. At Sheffield, on Tuesday, went to bath and baptized thirteen. Wednesday, I went from Mapelwell to Cudwath with Brother Robertson. From Cudwath to Barnsley, rode in a bus and talked with a person on the principles of religion. He wanted a sign and in the presence of a large crowd called for one and I told him that Jesus said: “A wicked and adulterous generation seeks for a sign,” and that there should be no sign given. Had a good meeting with the Saints and on Thursday, left Swallow Fork for Leeds; arrived safely but found Brother Fox’s boy sick. Name Alfred. I wrote to Brother Pratt and Benson. Friday, administered to some sick, wrote in my Journal and letters to the Elders.

[From this place to end of Journal, there are bad water stains. Some of the pages are unreadable. They will be noted. Two pages ruined by the water.]

Tuesday, 17th

I went for clothes for one of the traveling Elders, two pounds and four shilling. There was a letter from Pastor Young. He arrived at Boston, 2nd of March. Wednesday, I fasted and prayed this day for the work of the Lord. Elder Fox came from his labors and we counseled together, did some business and visited some

of the Saints that were low in spirits and comforted them. Had a meeting at night. Several strangers were present. Thursday, left Leeds for Sheffield and found Brother Robertson well. Met at 8:00 P.M. Brother Carigen preached and the Lord was, of a truth, with him. Took train for Liverpool at 10:37 A.M. Saturday, the 2lst, in the P. M. met with several of the Saints. Went and saw Brother Pratt. Arrived in Liverpool, 3:25 P. M.

Sunday, 22nd

Went to meeting, splendid hall. Had a good time. Brother Ray came and took dinner with us. We took a walk and talked over all our travels. Met in the evening with the Saints and many of the Priesthood, Was called to speak to the congregation. Brother Pratt soon came in and I felt to hear him, but he told me to go on. I spoke with much spirit and felt well; after which, Brother Pratt spoke with much spirit and gave good counsel. This day was spent with much interest for me. Monday, went to office and paid over the emigration for several of the Saints. Met some Saints from Sheffield and at the station met Sister Dent and I got her to a good place to lodge. Spent the evening with Brother Benson and had a glorious time with him, Tuesday, attended Priesthood meeting. Brother Benson called on me to speak. Pall Street, Liverpool, at the bath, I baptized seventeen persons. It was their first baptism. One man by the name of George Welch, three young ladies by the name of Hannah, Elizabeth, and Emma Bocock. Went to the daguerreotype office and got my likeness taken. It was presented to me by Sister Dent. It cost seven shilling and six pence. I went to a shop and bought one pound, three shilling and eight pence of handkerchiefs, gloves and some silk to send to my family. Went to meeting and there was a fine congregation of Saints that were going to Zion. Brother Benson preached a splendid discourse. I confirmed several that were baptized. Much fatigued, I went to bed.

Thursday, 26th

Articles sent home by Brother Evans: five handkerchiefs, two ounces of silk, eight hundred needles, two pairs of gloves, some fancy buttons, also two pair of shoes. Gave him ten shilling for himself and one pound to get some things for my family. Sent my likness to my family. Took Sister Ellen to the ship after which I met Brother Evans at the station and we had a good talk; met Elder Ker and sent him to the ship. At 9:00 P.M. met a young sister at the station and took her on board the ship. I stopped on board all night. Not much sleep for me as there was much noise. Next morn found myself in the river still aboard the ship. I remained with the Saints and comforted them until 11:00 A.M. When the tug came, it brought on several of the ship’s officers, Brother Benson and a number of the brethren. When the tug was about to leave, I went aboard with the intent to go to the station, but Brother Benson requested me to stop.


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