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of the Mormons written to get money. Held meeting. Brother Pierce is a good man. On Wednesday, went with Brother Lunt to Notingham. Brother Cook and Gregory Taylor met us at the station. Brother King came in from one of his conferences and we took a walk out in the town. It was a beautiful day. I counseled with Brother King on different matters and at 7:00 P.M. met with the Saints at the hall. A nice congregation of Saints. I spoke but a few minutes when my mind became dark and I sat down. Brother Lunt addressed the Saints. This is another witness of the weakness of man and the folly of men expecting to do anything without the power of God. From Notingham to Grantham--found Brother Taylor well. Brothers Jackson and Cronger came and I had a talk with them. This day I had devoted to fasting and prayer. My brethren had done the same. At 7:00 we met with the Saints and preached to them on the subject of reformation and the Lord blessed me with much of the spirit of his work. Friday, Brother Taylor and I went to Rigate and on Saturday, to Grantham where we arrived at 2:00 P.M. after a pleasant walk of six miles.

Sunday, 19th

Met at the barn of Brother Drewries and commenced conference at 10:00 A.M. Did the business of the conference in the forenoon. It was a day of fasting with me and Elder Taylor. I spoke on the reformation and at 6:00 in the evening I was followed by Brothers Taylor, Jackson, and Cromar. Had a glorious time and those that had been in darkness felt to reform. Monday, a beautiful, splendid day. Met at 2:00 P.M. Called and ordained Brother Harrison to the office of Priest. At 6:00 in the evening, I gave a few instructions. Then Brothers Taylor, Jackson, and Cromar spoke to a crowded congregation, giving good instructions and counsel. Thus we closed up the day and dismissed the conference. Tuesday, we held meeting at Holbick Bank. I preached the law of tithing to them as plain as I could and they professed to be satisfied with it. We walked twelve miles this day and were quite tired.

Wednesday, April 22

Sent one pound Sterling to Brother Pratt on deposit for Brother Conbbey. I then walked a distance of eight miles to the town of Spalding. It rained all the way. We took the train for Peterboro. When the train was under way, Brothers Taylor and Cromar sang songs. They sang Mormon songs and an old Pharisee said he wanted them to stop for it annoyed him very much. When we got to Petersboro, he said he felt it his duty to stop all such songs and warned the brethren to look about themselves before they went over to the mountains. This wicked man was pale and angry but fearful to talk and he fled away from us.

We came to Brother Plant’s. His wife had said that she would not treat me with respect because I had two wives. But this night she did confess that I was a decent man. Had a meeting in the evening. I preached.

Received letters, one from my dear wife Sylvia. It was dated October the 27th. Thursday, we went to Stanford, found the Saints in a cold state. I preached to them.

Saturday, 25th

Letters, one from Brother Benson requiring me to call out the strength of the Lord’s house.

Sunday, 26th

Fasted and held three meetings. Had much of the spirit of God with us. Called out two Traveling Elders. One was William Pitts and the other George Eyre. Went to the river and baptized fourteen, one of them a young woman by the name of Sarah Welburn. Ordained William Pitts an Elder. Went to Leeds on Monday, eighty-one miles. Found Sister Fox quite poorly. Wrote to my family and went to a district meeting. The Saints felt well. I spoke upon the testimony of the Saints showing that unless they kept the holy spirit with them, they couldn’t keep their testimonies with them. Sent thirteen pounds to Liverpool to straighten up my debt that I owed for my passage to my field of labor, from Liverpool to Sheffield. Received a letter from my family, written 27 January--good news. I wrote several pages to my family and went to visit Sister Silverwood. Brother Fox came from York, and we went to evening meeting. Preached.

Thursday, 30th

Brother Fox and I left Leeds for Bradford on foot. Stopped at Brother Cravens, who was much under the influence of darkness. I preached to him sometime and he said that he would forsake his evil ways and confess his error. Held meeting in Bradford at 6:00 P.M. Friday, May 1, read the “Star.” Saw Brother Joseph Walker and his wife. She has got a very bad spirit and I required her to write to Elder Rudd and confess her sins as she had abused him. Called upon Joseph to pay up his debts and then go and preach the gospel. Saturday, fasted.

Sunday, May 3

Went to Duesbery with Brother Makin, ten miles on foot. Arrived at 10:15 A.M. Saints are all united and feel well in this peace. I preached three times, some to strangers. They paid good attention. Brother Sandy paid our passage back to Bradford. Monday, wrote some letters, did some business, visited some of the Saints, walked six miles and preached to a house full of strangers. Stayed all night at Mother Eaton’s. She is a good woman. Walked back to Bradford on Tuesday with Brother Fox. Found Brother Carney, blessed him and put him on his guard through a dream, I had about him. Bade Brother Fox good-bye (farewell) and went to Leeds. Administered to two sick persons and left by train for Marsboro. Found Brother Robison. Held a meeting and preached to the Saints and strangers. Lord was with me.

Took dinner with Brother Tindel and met a gentleman there. Had a long talk with him. He walked with us to


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