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Sheffield and I had much more conversation with him. Went to the hall and had meeting with the Saints. My feet were blistered badly. I spoke about the falsehood of Drummand’s report about Utah. Read in the Journal of Discourses. Wrote to Elder Ray about a man named Evans that was called to travel and preach. He got a suit of clothes and then came and denied the work and said that he had played a Yankee trick upon the Church.

Brother Fox cut him off, thus ended the affair. Saturday, went to the Corn Exchange and preached to a large crowd of people. I commenced the outdoor preaching. The Devil raged, but all was right.

Sunday, 10th

Fasted. Went with the brethren and preached at Barker Pool and at the Corn Exchange. Had much of the spirit of the Lord with us. Met at 2:00 and had a testimony meeting. Our meeting at 6:00 had several strangers present who listened with much attention. Monday, I wrote to W.G. Young in the States. Tuesday, fasted and went to Woodhouse. Met with the Saints…on to Chesterfield. Met Brothers Pratt and Benson at the station. Held meeting in the assembly hall. The large room was filled to overflowing. Brothers Benson and Pratt addressed the people. A poor editor tried to disturb the meeting but his backing failed him. He was put to shame. Much of the power of God rested upon the brethren and all were much edified. Stayed at Brother Wilson’s over night. Went to Rotherham with Brothers Benson and Pratt on Thursday. Held meeting there in the barn. Brother Pratt opened the meeting by prayer and Brother Benson addressed us. Then Brother Pratt spoke. A mean contemptible fellow wished to speak and disturb the meeting, but we closed our meeting. Then he went outside and commenced to speak out of doors. A few like himself met with him, but the Saints went on about their business. Thus, we spent the day. Stayed all night at Sister Eastham’s. [Bad water stains for the next two pages. I read them with difficulty.] Had some good music on Sunday evening. Saturday, the 16th, fasted. Brother Benson and I went to the Grove and prayed that God would be with us.

Train wreck on way to Worthley

Sunday, 17th

As I had given out that we would have a fast at Sheffield, I accordingly complied by fasting and praying that the Lord would have compassion upon us and bless us with much of his spirit. At 8:00 A.M. Brothers O. Pratt, E. Benson, myself with Brother and Sister Foster and fifteen of the Saints took train from Worthley to Sheffield. Just before we arrived in Sheffield, we ran into a luggage train, which broke our engine all to pieces and threw us against each other. It hurt Brother Pratt’s head, broke Brother Benson’s hat and jarred his breast some. But all were safe except the guard who jumped off and was hurt considerable. We were detained about twenty minutes when another engine

came and took us on to Sheffield. We came by cab to the hall and at 10:30 opened our meeting by singing and prayer offered by L. H. Hatch. Brother Pratt addressed the meeting on the prophecies contained in the Doctrine and Covenants in reference to the Redemption of Zion, spoke two hours. Dismissed until 2:00 P. M. when Brother Benson spoke on the First Principles of the gospel with much power. Followed by Brother Pratt who spoke on the Law of Marriage and gave some very good counsel to the young and gave much light to strangers present. Closed and met again at 6:30.

A fine congregation of strangers were present. Elder Benson spoke of the work of God and on the Book of Mormon. Great and mighty was his power. He chastised the Priesthood of this conference, by the power of the Holy Ghost. After this, Brother Pratt arose and bore testimony and called upon the priesthood to go forth and be faithful and promised that God would bless them and that the wicked would rage. He then blessed the Saints and the strangers. I rose and bore testimony and then dismissed the meeting to meet again on Monday at 7:30 P.M.

We met with the Priesthood and called upon several of them to express their feelings after which I gave a report of my labors since coming to this land. Brother Benson spoke and gave much good counsel and instruction. Went to Brother Hopkins for the night. Tuesday, I bought some knives for Brother Benson. At 8:00 P. M., held a meeting in Brother Hiberd’s yard. People came and stuck their heads over the walls, but like Nicodemus, dared not come close for fear people would see. Went to Marsboro found no porter at the station. Brother Benson and I acted as such. We carried our things and went to Sister Eastham’s for the night.

At Leeds, I found Brother Fox feeling well but quite lame. He has traveled so much on foot. We met at 8:00 in the evening and had a full hall of people to hear us. Brother Benson called on me to speak, which I did for about a half hour and he followed me. We had a glorious time and three persons gave in their names for baptism.

Thursday, 2lst

We arose and fasted that we might have a glorious time. Wrote some letters and did some business. Got some stuff to make shirts for Brother Benson. We left Leeds for Bradford where we had a splendid hall, called the Oddfellows, and a big congregation. I opened the meeting and Brother Benson spoke with much assurance and power after which I bore testimony. We then took the hall for Sunday and called upon the Saints to fast and pray. Saturday, I fasted with Brothers Benson, Fox and Carney. We prayed several times through the day, each one in Succession. Brother Benson pronounced a blessing upon Brother Carney. We went to Sister Noble’s where we had the privilege of seeing several of the Saints.


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