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Sunday, 24th

We arose early and prepared ourselves for meeting. It rained very hard and looked very gloomy. We walked two miles in the rain; and when we arrived there, we found a portion of the ‘Saints in the hall. Brother Benson opened the meeting and the Holy Ghost rested upon us in much power. I addressed the meeting for a short time and called out John Johnson to travel and preach to the gentiles. Our meeting was well attended in the afternoon and a large crowd in the evening. Brother Benson spoke with much power on the Book of Mormon, proving from the scriptures that it is true. I followed on the same subject and thus ended the day. Three gave in their names for baptism. We went to Leeds on Monday. Sent a Bell-man around to announce that one of the Twelve would preach in the hall at 8:00 P.M. We went according to appointment and Brother Benson addressed the people on the first principles and polygamy. I bore testimony. Tuesday, we went to Grantham, seventy-eight miles. I was quite poorly most of the way. Found Brother Taylor and Cronin who met us at the station. We were thankfully received by all the Saints. When time for meeting came, we met at Brother Crocket’s. Went with the brethren to Peterborrow on Wednesday the 27th. Brother Sargent took us to his home. The town was all in an uproar. There were bills posted all over town:



to meet them at the Wentworth Street Assembly Room

on the evening of Wednesday

May 27, 1857 at 7:30 o’clock

and judge for themselves the principles which they, LDS, teach,

Elder Ezra T. Benson, one of the Twelve Apostles

of the 19th Century


Elder Lorenzo H. Hatch

(Both of Salt Lake City, Utah) and also

Elder J. Taylor and Elder T. Comer (Both of Sheffield)

Will address the Meeting

He that judgeth a matter before he heareth it is not wise, so says the scriptures. Those that feel to despise this invitation, let them refer to Acts 13 and verse 41.

Wednesday, 27th

Brother Benson and I with several more of the Saints went to the Cathedral and heard them offer prayers according to the forms of the Church of England, which

was full of hypocrisy. This large building was built in 1117 by the Catholics. It was destroyed considerably by Lord Cromwell, yet it is still a large and spacious building. We went to the assembly room at 7:30. The people came in and filled that large hall nearly full.

Brother Benson called on Brother Taylor to sing and pray. Then I was called to the stand to speak, by Brother Benson. I arose and asked the kind attention of the assembly whilst I should address them. My text was: fifteen to eighteen verses of the first chapter of Romans. I spoke on the first principles with much plainness and much power till I came to the Prophet Joseph, bore my testimony!! Then all the devils boiled over in one tremendous rage. A Methodist priest by the name of Brooks, headed the mob; came to the stand and would speak. We told the congregation that we had rented this room, but to no purpose. I had then spoken one hour. Brother Benson tried to speak but they wouldn’t hear. This wicked man tried to incense the mob by calling upon them and telling them some of the most wicked and abominable lies that could be invented by the Devil. Great confusion prevailed while this hypocrite was speaking. The congregation was divided; many wanted me to continue and also wanted Brother Benson to speak. But the mob was such that we could not. We took our hats and started to leave. The door was blocked. But as we came from the stand a woman opened a door and we escaped out of the hands of that mob, though they said they would put us in the river. A sister, by name of Ashton, went out with us and we came to Brother Plant's and got some supper. All of the Saints followed us. Brother Benson blessed them and called upon Brother Jackson and Brother Crongar to go and preach in this town and the Lord should bless them.

Thursday, May 28

Brother Benson, J. Taylor and I left Peterboro for Risgate. Got off at Sulfleet station and rode in a cart, as Sister Drewry came to meet us. We were glad to find her so willing to assist us on our journey, a distance of five miles, We arrived, washed, lay down to sleep. We were very tired. Met at the barn of Brother Drewry and held a meeting. I spoke a few minutes on the penny fund. At 5:00 the next morning we were on our way again with the horse and cart after blessing the family of Brother Drewry. Sister Drewry went with us to Sulfleet station where we parted with her and started for Hull by train, a distance of seventy-eight miles. We had to stop at Boston for three hours while we waited for a train. At Hull, we met in council meeting at the home of Brother Hilstead and being called upon they expressed their dislike to the course that Brother Hobbs had taken. But they were all in the dark and Brother Benson showed them their condition and called upon them to repent of all their murmuring and do right. Saturday, we felt much cast down in spirit till in the afternoon when the clouds began to burst. We fasted and prayed to our Father in Heaven for His spirit to rest upon us.


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