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Sunday, 31st

Brother Hector Haight came from Liverpool on his way to Scandinavia. I went to Brother Hilstead’s Yard and preached to several strangers. Then I went with Brothers Benson and Haight to the ship that Brother Haight was going to sail on and we had a good visit with him. Met at 10:30 A.M. Brother Benson spoke to the Saints on the necessity of being one and concerning the breaking of their covenants even all the Priesthood because they had rebelled against Brother Hobbs. A vote was taken and all agreed to go forth again. Met again at 2:00 P.M., and I was called to speak, and I did the best that I could and the spirit rested upon me mightily. After meeting, we went to the pier and preached. Brother Hobbs and myself spoke to the passing multitude and invited them to come to the Oddfellows Hall.

Met at Oddfellows Hall at 6:30 and Brother Benson addressed the meeting upon the abominations of this land and polygamy in Utah. He spoke with much plainness and power, which left a good influence on the strangers and Saints.


Monday, June 1

Ate breakfast with Sister Peters. Got on shanks horses and went on journey to Hull; arrived at Sister Watson’s where we got some food. 8:00 P. M., we went to the meeting. Brother Benson spoke and then I spoke. Stayed all night at Sister Cook’s. Tuesday, we left for Gool, nine miles away. Went on the same horses as before mentioned. It was very warm and Brother Benson became quite tired also myself. We were met by Brother Pine and two sisters who accompanied us to Gool. We stopped at Sister Knight’s and were refreshed. At 8:00 P.M. went to the street and called our meeting to order. Brother Hobbs spoke a short time and then I spoke on the Restoration of the Gospel. Brother Benson spoke and blessed the people. We had good attention paid us by the many that were present. Went to Sister Wright’s and Brother Benson spoke to the Saints. He called on them to go forth with all their might and keep the commandments of God. I followed him with a few remarks, and two persons followed us away and said they were going to be baptized soon. We called upon Brother Pine to stop and preach in the towns of Gool and Crook. Thus, we felt that we had done all that we could for them and committed them to the hands of God. Took a packet [small sailing vessel] for Hull. On to Grims by packet. Arrived at 6:00 P.M. Stopped at Sister Charleston’s and offered up our prayers unto God that He would be with us. Then we went into the street and Brother Hobbs spoke. Brother Benson spoke with much power, which caused the hearers to tremble. I spoke and bore testimony, Thus we had a good meeting and two gentlemen followed us to our lodgings and expressed great satisfaction in hearing us. Friday the 5th, we went to Sister Adelaide’s and prayed. Then took the train for Hull. Had talk on train

with some wolves in sheep’s clothing and they howled perfectly, but did not bite. They wanted to but were afraid. Arrived at Hull. Found letters for me--good news. Took train for Preston. Brother Hobbs and five sisters accompanied us and sang for us. We held meeting in the hall of a publican. Had good attention. Then we went to Brother Johnson’s and got some bread and milk. I paid him five pound that I had borrowed of him to help Brother Curtis get off. Though he was worth his thousands he gave nothing, We walked six miles and my feet were very sore. The sisters were with us. [A half page waterstained.]

Sunday, 7th

Arose and prayed. At noon went to Sister Staton’s and got dinner and at 2:00 P.M. went to Saint’s Chapel. Brother Benson spoke. I bore testimony. At 6:00 P.M. I spoke and Brother Benson addressed the Saints. The Saints all felt to rejoice. We stopped with Brother Highby. Monday, we called upon God with Brother Benson and at 8:00 P.M. the choir met at Brother Perry’s and sang which caused us to feel well. Brother Benson blessed them and I followed with comforting words. Tuesday, Brother Benson and I joined in prayer to God that He would be with us as we were about to separate. Brother Benson left Derby for Birmingham and I left twenty minutes after 1:00 P.M. for Chesterfield. Found Brother Robison and Pierce at the station and was glad to see them. [Couple of pages are water stained.] Left Chesterfield at 6:00 P.M. for Claycross (six miles) on foot with Brother Pierce. When we got there found Brother Robison preaching. After he got done I arose and spoke for a short time. Found myself very hoarse but was blest. Brothers Pierce, Robison and myself slept on some benches with only a thin covering. It was as good as our brother had.

Friday morning we walked to Chesterfield and found Sister Wilson quite sick. W e administered to her and she was better. Got a letter from home--good news. It was written the 29th of March. Went to Rothersham with Brother Edwards. He preached outdoors to a rough crowd of people and I listened as a stranger and told them to be still so that I might hear. Some of them did stop as I requested. I stayed all night at Sister Eastham’s and was much refreshed.

Saturday, June 13th

I prayed that God would bless me and fasted for that purpose. Came to Sheffield in company with Brother Blackman. He bought me a cane, gave fifty-four cents. I came to the hall and found some letters for me. Wrote to Brother Benson. Found the hall cleaned up nice. Had some conversation with Brother Hibberd. Went to town and bought some stuff for shirts. Returned to the hall and held a council upon the case of Henry Fowler and Sister Atkinson. Moved him from his office for transgression.

Sunday, 14th.


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