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Heard of the death of Brother Parley P. Pratt. This together with the business, which I had to perform caused me to feel very much cast down. Met at the hall and dropped Henry Fowler as President of the Sheffield Branch and appointed Isaac Abel in his place. The Lord poured out his spirit on me in the evening, and I spoke one and three-quarters of an hour on the evidences of Joseph being a Prophet. Monday, I paid John Eastham ten pound and ten shillings that I had borrowed to help Pastor Young’s emigration. Went to Leeds and found Brother Fox in good spirits. Brother Carney came. I felt to bless him and gave him some money to help get him some clothes. Tuesday, I sent twenty pound to Liverpool from the Bradford conference. Then went five miles on foot with Brother Fox. Had a good meeting of strangers and spoke to them after Brother Fox got through. Showed them that the Book of Mormon was spoken of by scripture and spoke of the evidences of Joseph Smith’s mission to a good room full of strangers. The Lord was with us. I stayed all night with one of the brethren. [Water stains]

Thursday, 18th

Came to Bradford and held meeting in our room. Several of the Saints came, and I showed by the power of the Lord, that Joseph was a prophet and was put to death according to his own prophecy. All hearts were full of joy and rejoicing. Stayed at Sister Lee’s all night. Friday, wrote letters, bought me a pair of shoes, walked with Brother Fox a distance of five miles and preached to a large congregation out in the street with much liberty. After this a Baptist Parson wanted to ask some questions. I granted him the privilege and answered them when made. He appeared very foolish and dishonest. We went to the room, sang and prayed, thanking the Lord for his blessings to us. Several of the Saints walked from Bradford and back that night.

Saturday, 20th

We fasted. Went to a carpenter and joiner shop and talked to a couple of men on our religion. Went to Bradford.

Sunday, 2lst

Had dinner with Sister Makinses. At the hall, held a meeting with the Saints. After meeting, an infidel came to me and wanted to know what I considered the worst principle of our gospel. I told him that we had no bad principles, that all was from Heaven, reasonable and scriptural. He was badly confounded and ashamed although he was sent by the town’s missionary who was afraid to meet us himself. Had a full house in the evening and preached with much power. Many of them were angry because of the truth and went to the Market place, expecting Brother Fox to go there, but he was too smart for the rabble.

Monday, June 22

Started for Hudersfield (eleven miles) on foot. Stopped at Brighouse. Sister Woodhead and daughters

accompanied us to the Bow-Place where we found the people and Saints waiting for us. I preached to them. Stayed all night with the President, Brother Gileses. Tuesday, I went to Fakfield (thirteen miles) on foot. The weather is extremely hot. Found the Saints feeling extremely well. Preached out of doors and had a good attendance. Some of the rabble were there. Ordained Brother Park to the office of Priest. Stayed all night with the President of the branch. Next day, walked to Leeds (ten miles). Weather very warm. Found a letter from my family, written April the 22nd. Good news. Also got one from Brother Benson and from two presidents of the branches. All good news. I felt to praise the Lord for His kindness to my family whilst I am so far away in a distant land of strangers. Met in the room at Leeds and had a good meeting. Thursday we administered to a little girl who was sick with a burning fever and she was healed by the power of the good Lord.

Saturday, 27th

Bought a trunk—paid $25.45. It was a lonesome day, being thirteen years since Joseph and Hyrum were slain.

Sunday, 28th

Met at 2:00 P.M. Showed the Saints the necessity of paying tithing. Administered the sacrament after it had been withheld for weeks. After meeting I went with several of the Saints and preached on the Dock-side to a goodly number. Had good attention. And at 6:00 we went to the Oddfellow’s Hall and preached to the people there. Monday, went to the bath and baptized three persons from Goole Branch. One of them for the first time. Her name is Emily S. Wright. On Tuesday, we walked to Beverley. (eight miles) At 5:00 P.M. got something to eat at Sister Nuns. Was kindly received. Went out at 8:00 and preached in the street. Had good meeting and sold thirteen tracts, “Marriage and Morals,to the company. Stayed with a woman by the name of Little. She was very kind to us. I talked with her until it was very late and also in the morning. July the 1st, read several letters from my family to her. She said that she knew that Mormonism was true, before we left. We felt well and felt to thank God for his goodness to us.

We visited the Cathedral and on into the town. The scenery was most beautiful, as we could see for miles around this building. It was built by the Catholics. It is a very large building and full of all kinds of images of carved work in stone. Brother Hobbs took me to a garden where there was much fruit and the lady of the place told us to help ourselves. The strawberries were plentiful and we soon satisfied our appetites. I dreamed, the night before, of seeing this very garden. We then walked eight miles to Hull. Went to Blankell Row and held a meeting. One young woman believed the work. Thursday, I took packet for Sheffield, went part of the way by train. Sent money to Liverpool, did some business and wrote many letters. Fasted on Saturday for the good spirit to be with us on the following day.


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