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Sunday, July 5

At meeting, I talked on the necessity of men keeping their covenants. Told them that when they made up their minds to keep them they could take the sacrament but not until then, as it would be worse for them. Met again at 6:00. It was raining and not many strangers came out. Business letter writing and worked on report. Received a beautiful bunch of flowers, presented by Sister Hopkins, which I put in the sleeping room at the hall. Then I went to Rotherham. Preached to the Saints here. Some strangers came three miles to see and hear and then wanted me to come and preach to them. Went to see a gentile woman and had a long talk with an infidel friend of hers, and confounded him. Saturday I preached on the street to a set of devils.

Sunday, 12th

Met with Saints in Chesterfield and called to them to speak. A good spirit seemed to prevail with most of them except Brothers Spooner and Frost who will soon be cut off unless they repent speedily of their sins. Appointed John Bailsford as President of the Branch. Saw a new balloon go up on Monday. There were two men in it. One of them hung by a rope till it went out of sight.

Came to the hall and administered to Brother Hibberd, who was sick. I went with Brothers Robison and Foster to see Brother Palform, who was severely hurt while in a coal pit. We administered to him and then walked back to Brother Foster’s where we got something to eat. The next day we went to Sheffield.

Visited Saints here and in Worthly and in Leeds. Found Sister Fox feeling well. Wrote Brother Benson and held a good meeting. Thursday, I fasted before the Lord that I might have more of the spirit of the Lord to be with me in all things. On the train to Bradford I conversed with some who were full of angry words toward me. Found fourteen of the Saints gathered at the room. We had a good meeting but most of the Saints had gone to Stanley to attend a discussion where Brother Lord had been holding a discussion for six nights. It was decided by vote of the audience that the Mormons had [won] gained the day. Administered to several of the sick and spent the day talking to strangers.

Sunday, 19th

Met at 10:00 A.M. at the room in Leeds and partook of the sacrament. At 6:00 I addressed the Saints upon evidence of Joseph and Brigham as Prophets. After meeting went home with Sister Setrie and several of the brethren, a distance of five miles. I was very tired when I returned home. Monday, filled an appointment in Bradford. Had an interesting meeting with a room full of strangers. Stayed all night near Wilson, at Mother Eaton’s. Wednesday, walked ten miles to Leeds with Brother Fox. Had a good meeting. Thursday, walked ten miles and held a meeting out of doors. Had a large number of hearers. Brother Fox addressed them after

which a scripture reader commenced a row and the people tried to keep us hemmed in, but we got through the crowd and went away unhurt. We went and returned thanks to the Lord. Arrived at Gool on Friday. Brother Wright was well. Brothers Hobbs and Pine came. I was glad to see them. We had prayer. It was too rainy to hold meeting out of doors so we went to Brother Wright’s and I spoke upon the necessity of Saints living their religion. Saturday went with Brother Hobbs to Hull. There was some conversation. There was much confusion and a magistrate wanted us taken up when we arrived at Hull. I met Brother James Taylor from Lincolnshire and we left our enemies. Went to Brother Hilstead’s where we found letters for me. This day had been a fast-day for Brother Hobbs and me. May the spirit of the Lord be upon us to comfort us.

Sunday, July 26

Met at 10:30 and at 2:30, after which, Brother Taylor and I held a meeting in the street. Went to OddfellowsHall and some of the Saints Sang in the street, inviting the people to come to our meeting. We had several strangers. Brother Taylor spoke on the apostasy and the setting up of the kingdom of God. I bore testimony of this great work. Then a man tried to break up our meeting but no one would pay any attention to him. A man followed us and I had a long talk with him. He appeared to be a gentleman and it being a rare case to find such, I wrote it down. My health rather poor on Monday. Bade Brothers Pine and Hobbs good-bye and in company with Brother Taylor took packett for Gainsborough. Whilst I was reading the Book of Mormon some man went ashore and took my carpet bag and left his. This caused me much anxiety as all my journals were in my bag. But the Captain said that he would try and get it for me. Found the Saints waiting for us but in consequence of a man intending to give a lecture against the Prophet Joseph we left Gainsborough for to attend that lecture but could not get any further than Redford, and there we stayed all night. At Grantham, preached in the market-place and had good attention considering the darkness of the people. Wrote some letters, preached in the evening. Rode to Corby and walked with Brother Taylor to Rippendale, a distance of ten miles, where Sister Charles received us kindly. She gave me a bottle of currant wine.

Saturday, August 1

Walked seven miles to Risgate. Found Brother Druries well, went and cut some wheat, which astonished the Saints to see Elder Hatch reap. I also milked the cow of Brother Druries.

Lost carpet bag returned

Sunday, 2nd

My carpet bag was returned to me, all safe which caused me to greatly rejoice and I thanked the Lord, for it had come according to my prayer.


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