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We held three meetings in the open-air at Brother Druries field. At 6:00 I preached to a good sized congregation. Had good order and much liberty of speech. Monday morning Sister Drurie took us in her horse and cart to the station a distance of five miles. Finished writing a letter to Brother W.G. Wright, one to Brothers Pratt and Fox and wrote some in my journal. Tuesday, prayed to the Lord to have power to subdue the wicked influence in Peterboro. We had appointed a meeting at that place for 8:00 o’clock. Met in our room. Had about seventy persons present, mostly strangers. Had good attention while I spoke, then someone tried to raise a disturbance but could not. I walked three miles after meeting to where I stayed all night. Had a meeting in Stanford where we had but five besides ourselves. Stayed at a public house, Thursday the 6th. Next morning, walked four miles in the rain. Brother Jackson was with me. Took train for Leeds--ninety-six miles. Was very wet when we got to Sister Fox’s. In a few minutes after my arrival I had the pleasure of meeting three of the brethren from Zion. They were Samuel Smith, Seymour B. Young, and W. J. Sturns. I was glad to see the brethren. Went to station at 4:00 to meet Brother Benson. At meeting, each of the Valley boys spoke. Brother Benson spoke and promised that each one who did not pay their tithing would apostatize. And Brother Hatch told them that they should go to the Valley within two years.

Friday, Brother Benson and I went to Bradford. About 3:00 A.M. Brother Benson awoke me being very sick with a bilious attack. I was up with him all night. Was well soon. Brother [Orson] Pratt came, I met him at the station.

Sunday, August 9

Brother Pratt addressed us on the differences of Mormonism and Sectarianism. Had much of the spirit. Evening meeting, Brother Pratt spoke upon the gathering, 1000 to 1200 present. He ably showed the great purpose of the Almighty in this great work. Monday at Leeds he spoke on the evidences of the Book of Mormon’s superiority over the Bible because the latter has been handed down through centuries of various translations by uninspired men. Thursday the l2th, it rained all day very hard. We held a meeting in our room. Brother Benson showed that Joseph smith was sent of God by reading Section Sixty-two of the Doctrine and Covenants also the last verse of the 10th Chapter of Revelations. I followed on the same subject. Awful rain. We held a meeting at Sister Hanson’s. We spoke comforting words. Fasted and prayed on Friday, went to Leeds. Received a letter from my family dated June 28. It was glorious news. I feel greatly to rejoice for the goodness of God to my family. We [Brother Benson and L.H.H.] went to Masboro where, after prayer, we partook of some food thus breaking our fast after forty-eight hours. We felt much blessed through this meditation.

Sunday, 16th

(Elder) Harvey Pierce preached on the hand-cart system and the gathering of the Saints. The Lord was with us and we had a good time all day. Monday morning we held a council, settling some difficulties which were disturbing the branch. All appeared to be satisfied and felt to rejoice. Next day, paid some debts, baptized Jane Atkins and confirmed her a member of the Church. I pray that she may be blessed. Then started for Worthly. A couple of the sisters followed and not being able to walk fast enough, they took a cab and over took us. We got aboard and rode like gentlemen. Arrived in good time at Brother Foster’s and found them waiting for us with a splendid dinner prepared. Later we went to the Grove. When we returned, found the Saints waiting and we had a good meeting. Wednesday, at Rotherham, Brother Benson and I held a meeting at the room. I spoke on the gathering. Had much liberty in my speech. [They spent full week together preaching from one town to another.] Spoke on the different spirits that are in the world and on continued revelation, and read some from the Book of Mormon. Saturday, we fasted.

Sunday, August 23

Held two meetings out doors and two in the hall. Had much of the good spirit with us. As I was speaking out of doors, a very large man came by and pushed me and told me to leave. I appealed to the people and he left. He falsified against the truth. Monday, visited Saints and wrote some. On Tuesday, Brothers Muir and Jones came from Birmingham, and we held a meeting in the hall, good attention. Friday, held meeting out of doors and then went to the hall and spoke to the Saints. Walked to Bradford afterwards with Brother Bradford and some of the Saints. I was much fatigued with the journey. Saturday I fasted for the spirit of the Lord to be with me on Sunday.

Sunday, 30th

Met at our room. House was full of strangers and Saints. Some confusion while Brother Sanders spoke. Not too well on Monday. [Five pages are badly water stained. Account of going to London is told. Cannot read just when or why.] Brother Pratt spoke with much power on the Book of Mormon and Joseph. It was glorious. During the day I visited Buckingham Palace. On Monday visited the Thames Tunnel with several of the brethren. Then went on to the Tower of St. Paul’s Church. It is 450 feet high, highest in England. Went to a Social Party of the Saints. Brothers Pratt and Benson were present. Tuesday went to Crystal Palace. Stayed all night with Brother Pratt. Arose at 5:30 A.M. and went to King’s Cross station and booked for Hull. [Ten pages badly stained.]

A parcel came containing a gold watch chain sent to me from Birmingham on October 1, 1857. Saw Sister Emery and told her of the death of her father who was killed on the plains by a stampede. [Water stains.]


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