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Pine who said he would make them for me. Had a good meeting and made out my reports after. Thursday I wrote to Brother Richards and walked ten miles with Brothers Fox, Smith, and Cromar. Held good meeting in Bradford. Visited Eliza Cowling who had got a fine estate. Wrote to Brother Richards about the above property.

Sunday, 25th

Attended meeting. Spoke in morning and evening. Had a large congregation of strangers, some of which were full of disturbance. I had much liberty of speech. Monday, saw Nathan Hanson of Rushworth Hall concerning his emigration as he had sold his property to go to Zion. Walked seven miles to the hall. Brother Hanson was glad to see us and ready to take our counsel. Spent a good time in the evening with his family. He paid ten pounds for his tithing on the money. Walked ten miles to Hudder’s field, found Saints well. Good meeting! Back to Leeds. There was much business. I got my watch. Two months since I ordered it. Cost eight pounds, fifteen shillings or $61.80. This present was made to me by the Saints of Sheffield, Bradford and Hull Conferences. May the goodness of God rest upon them for their goodness to me. Meeting at the Hall of Science in Leeds. Saturday, three letters came from home which caused me to rejoice much. We fasted and prayed for the good spirit to rest upon us through our conference on the morrow. Brother S. B. Young arrived from Leeds and we continued our prayers till about 5:00 P.M. when we partook of food. Reports, council till 12:00 night.

Sunday, November 1

Went to the hall where we did the business of the council at 9:00 A.M., all in quiet. After business of the conference was done, Brother S. B. Young spoke. The Lord greatly blessed him. Went to Rotherham and held a social party on Monday evening. Rain continued on Wednesday. We held good meeting. Received a letter from Brother Richards concerning my reports which caused me much uneasiness. Friday I answered Brother Richard’s letter showing how all matters had been done. Fasted on Saturday.

Sunday, 8th

Conference at Oddfellows’ Hall in Bradford, at 2:00 P.M. I called upon Brothers Robinson, S. B. Young and S. R. Smith and James Taylor to speak after which Brother Richards spoke a short time. The anti-Mormons made much confusion and prepared to break up our meeting in the evening. At 6:00 we met, opened by singing and prayer. Brother S. W. Richards spoke and all the wicked were bound and the most perfect peace prevailed, the wicked were confounded and we felt to praise the Lord. Blessed two children. At Leeds, held council and Brother Richards gave us such instructions as he deemed wisdom concerning Zion which caused our hearts to rejoice. Held a social in our room at 8:00.

A number of Saints came from Bradford on foot and returned after the meeting. Visited in Wakefield. Held a meeting. Wednesday, November 11, I walked to Leeds a distance of ten miles. It is three years this day since I was married to Catherine. Meeting in evening at Leeds. Business was about expenses of the traveling elders. Meeting in Bradford on Friday. It is very foggy weather. I took a severe cold which settled all over me. Saturday, spent a very miserable night being very poorly. I had fasted during the day.

Sunday, 15th

Arose and felt some better. Went to meeting at 10:30 and listened to the Saints bear testimony. After meeting went with Brother Battley to dine with a retired farmer by the name of Ellsworth. Was treated very kind. The old gentleman was blind and upwards of eighty years. I talked with both him and his wife upon the necessity of baptism. They felt to greatly rejoice that such a man had been permitted to come under their roof. Evening meeting in our room, had it full of people. Spoke about an hour. I feel to rejoice in my labors; spent the spent miserable, health very indifferent. Found myself almost down sick with the influenza. Saw Sister Sylverwood and had tea with her. Returned and soaked my feet and tried to sweat. Wednesday, felt some better. Saw father Ellsworth and wife. They treated me kind and gave me some food to eat. I prayed with them. Friday, I was scarcely able to sit up. Saturday, Brother S. B. Young and I took train for Hull. On our way two sailors got to fighting and it was an awful sight to see.

Sunday, November 22

I was invited to Mr. Olivers to talk with a lady that had attended our meeting. We were treated with much respect and invited to come again. Monday, Brother Pickim gave me a fine Book of Mormon. Went to see Brother Barcluff. He gave me Volume 16 of the Star. Not very well on Tuesday. Took dinner at Brother William’s. Had eel-pie. Stayed all night. Meeting on Wednesday and on Thursday, visited many Saints. Stayed with father John Padler all night. The mother mourned much for her son who had died on the plains in the hand-cart company. His name was George Padler. I agreed to take a letter for Richard Otter to the Valley. Friday I arose at 7:00 and bade father and mother Padler good-bye and walked to Gainsboro for my breakfast at Brother Vickers. Took train for Grantham, found Brothers Taylor and Jackson well and glad to see me. Saturday I wrote home. I fasted and prayed. Walked six miles to get some food, but found no one at home, and had to walk back to Brother Treaton’s. Got some food and felt well. I was quite faint before eating.

Sunday, 29th

We had a good day. A good spirit prevailed. [The following is a record of the week edited for variety of reading. The journal shows that Elder Hatch held meetings at Corby, Rippengate, Grantham and


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