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Liverpool the 9th of February preparatory to sailing. My farewell at Hull will long be remembered by those present. After the farewell at Leeds, three gave their names for baptism. Left 19 Dock Street, Leeds at 10:00 A.M. and many Saints accompanied me to the station. Arrived in Liverpool at noon and went on board the screw steamer, “City of Washington.” Passed inspection of the officers of ship and returned to Mission Office. Next morning, Wednesday, bid good-bye to all the Saints that we could see; set sail. [This was February 10. Brothers Joseph W. and Seymour B. Young sailed with him. The next day they passed the last glimpse of land to be seen until they reached New York. They were fifteen days on the water. Passed one sail ship. They used sails very often themselves, but the winds were so violent most of the time that they had to be taken in. He writes of much sea sickness, poor food and extremely cold weather.]

Tuesday, February 23, 1858

Arose much cheered, finding the wind favorable and the sea calmer, we made good headway. My health rather, poor because of the food. It was not the best quality. Had we not furnished ourselves with some little articles, we should have suffered much. Made good headway on Wednesday. Weather milder and the sea looked beautiful as the sun shone upon it. The cold winds having ceased, we retired to bed full of hope of arriving soon in New York.

Arrived New York

Thursday, 25th

Arrived at 9:00 A.M. in the Hudson River; got our goods past the Customs House and landed at the Emigrants House by 11.00 o’clock. Had our names entered and went on the tierra firma with glad hearts feeling that God had blessed us much and to Him we give the praise of our hearts. We were unknown to all on board but were treated with much respect. Went to Williamsburg and saw Brother Appleby and Dr. Clinton. They received us kindly. After dinner we got our swords and guns from the Captain of the ship and paid duty on them. Took our luggage to the railroad station and Friday morning had a Yankee breakfast with Brother Stenhouse. Went to town and bought me a Sharples rifle, primers, cartridges, caps, flash, powder, and a box to put the gun in. Got one Colts pistol and fixtures. All paid out for this rigging was $48.89. After making these purchases, went to Brother Stenhouse’s where I wrote letters to England and to my people in Vermont. At 5:00 P.M. went to the Erie Railroad Station and took train for Burlington, Iowa, bidding good-bye to the brethren. We traveled all night, sleeping on our seats.

[We, apparently means Joseph and Seymour B. Young as well as L. H. Hatch. They had an accident on Sunday. “We were going as fast as steam could carry us when the hind car was thrown from the track. Considerable

damage was done. The Lord was merciful to us and I felt to praise his name. This is the second time I have been in danger by accident on the rails.” They went by carriage to the station, Dunkirk, New York State. They changed trains with many hours waiting at each place, Cleveland, Toledo, Chicago, and Peoria. Finally arriving at Burlington, Iowa at 5:00 P.M. Thursday, 4 March, they experienced some little expense and much inconvenience with their luggage at the many places of change.]

Here we put up at the Burlington LDS House. Brother Snyder was gone into the country and J.Y. Green was out with the horses. We consulted and came to the conclusion that Joseph should go and see John and Seymour and I would stop here till he returned. I walked through the town and felt much refreshed after having ridden so long on the cars. He returned with good tidings. Brother Snyder arrived on Friday. Was glad to see us. We loaded our trunks in wagons, paid our bills and went to a Sister Casper’s, six miles from Burlington where Brother Snyder was keeping the horses. Hay and grain was easier to be had at this place than in town. We felt quite comfortable as this place is a farm-house. We felt at home and at night we had the privilege of having prayers, which privilege we had been denied for some time because of the wicked who were seeking for us. The United States are in arms against us and would like to destroy us from off the face of the earth.

Saturday, March 6

Fixed a wagon for Brother J.Y. Green to start to St. Louis with and helped take care of the stock. Sunday, found that three of our horses had gone off and I went after them and got quite tired, continued work till 1:00 P.M. when I ate my dinner, prayed to the Lord and wrote in my journal. Went for hay on Monday and Tuesday. Seymour and I went for hay. Took us all day; our loads fell off. Wednesday, went for hay and had good luck. Thursday, I fixed stalls for twenty horses, Worked very hard all day. Friday, I went and got some hickory for axe-handles and whip stalls. Made some and put the boxes on two wagons. Saturday, I worked at the wagons fixing provision boxes in the wagons. It was rainy all the afternoon. I finished a hard week’s work.

Sunday, 14th

Felt well, helped the boys do the chores, watered some thirty horses. Brother Samuel Richards arrived from New York on the 18th and several of the boys with him. Saturday, Dr. Clinton and Dr. Cannon arrived at Burlington. We held a council and decided that eight men were sufficent to take the express to the Valley. I was selected to go and Brother Seymour B. Young, leaving Brother Haight, J. W. Young and several of the boys to fit out and follow after as soon as possible.

Sunday, 20th

Made ready for leaving Mr. William Caster’s for the Bluffs. Monday we fitted up with two wagons. Traveled


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