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children were afraid of me. I had been absent two years and twenty-three days, which seemed like a dream. My heart was filled with joy at the privilege of seeing my family once more all in health and strength. Saturday, I planted some peas which I had brought from England and on Sunday, Bishop Evans took his horses and wagon and took me and Sylvia to Provo where I was kindly received by President Young. He welcomed me home to Zion and invited me to the stand where I gave a statement of my mission and return trip home. I felt well upon this occasion. We returned home to Lehi that same night quite tired.

Monday, 17th

I hunted up my bench, ground some of my rusty tools and plowed some for corn. Tuesday, planted some corn. Wednesday, plowed some more and made a shed to work in. Next day watered some and worked in the shop. Friday, I repaired my wagon. Worked on the wagon on Saturday also.

Sunday, May 23

Attended meeting and spoke to the people in Lehi. Visited with my brother Jeremiah who had come from Sanpete. I was glad to see him. Did a variety of things during the week. Jeremiah made me some tools. I hunted a cow which had strayed, found her, visited with brother Abram, made an axe handle, worked at my wagon two days. On Saturday, worked around the home and prepared for business.

Sunday, 30th

At 4:00 P.M., received a letter from President Young, calling my brother Abram on a mission to go with another man to Platt Bridge to fetch some goods that had been left there the fall before. I went to his house informing him of the call which he complied with. The next day I went up the creek and got some stuff to make into ox-bows. Tuesday, I went to Cedar Valley to haul timber for a coral for our cattle. Wednesday, 2 June, I got a load of wood for tithing and returned home to my family. Hunted my oxen and found them on the mountain.

I went into the field and got some cottonwood which had grown on my land. Someone had commenced cutting it. On Friday, I went to the cedars and got some wood of the best quality. Addressed the Saints on Sunday, comforting them. Found my horse sick with distemper. Went to the Point of the Mountain and helped drive the cattle. Called a meeting in the evening to raise herdsmen to take care of the cattle. Raised twenty-five men with difficulty. Tuesday I went to Cedar Valley and took some provisions for the herdsmen. Got a load of wood. Bent some ox-bows. Took thirteen bushels of wheat to my old mill which I had sold and got back at 12:00 noon Saturday. I made some ox-bows and axe handles and did some chores.

Sunday, June 13

All well. Wrote some in my journal [During the next week] worked at an outdoor cellar and flower box, got oxen, hauled hay, and went to west mountain and got a load of maple timber. It was raining and I came out of the canyon at 12:00 P.M. then lay down under the wagon until morning. My clothes were very wet. Worked at a boiler for Brother Brown to tan leather in.

Sunday, 20th

Preached to the Saints. I spoke of a right policy being adopted in reference to our trade with the soldiers and on Monday attended a Bishop’s court to settle a difficulty that exists between some women. Made some progress on my cellar. Tuesday, put roof on cellar.

Tuesday, 22nd

This day 110 of the elders arrived from the different parts of the world and were in good spirits. Brother Charles Fox arrived. They also brought my trunk which to me was a great blessing and I felt to thank the Lord with spirit for His preserving care which He had had over me and my substance while on my mission.

Wednesday, 23rd

Ground up my tools and made a door for the cellar. Thursday, worked at a Skiff, continued at my bench the 25th and 26th. Sunday, attended meeting and called upon the people to assist in making a bowery. Worked at the bench on Monday and Tuesday. Went with Brother Charles Fox to the canyon to get timber for the bowery. I cut a fine log for felleys, got loaded and started down the canyon about evening. A wagon that I had borrowed broke and also Brother Evans’ wagon at the same time. I worked by moonlight and fixed my wagon. Got out of the canyon about 1:00 A.M. Came home on Wednesday, borrowed a wagon of George Lufkin and went after hay. When returning I broke the tongue and one hound. Thursday, July 1, I went to Mountainville and got Brother Phelps to saw the same into the felley plank. Friday, went with Brother Charles Fox for brush to cover the Bowery. Got a load and started him off with it. He ran against the gate and broke my wagon tongue. Thus in three days three wagons were broken at my expense. Saturday, I mended the Bishop’s [Evans] wagon.

Sunday, July 4

We met in the bowery and had some good teachings. Monday, I mended Brother Lee’s wagon [rest of week] Did a job for Ira Mildes on making a carriage, went after load of hay. Brother Cox died, and I made his coffin. My health is quite poor. Made two grain cradles and made a grain candle for William Clark. [The following week] Went to meeting, repaired wagon for George Barber, fixed my wagon and went for hay. Repaired wagon for Henry Norton and for Brother Harris. Spent the day sawing out cradle fingers, made a washboard, worked at cradles, made a work horse and put together two cradles.


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