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JOURNAL I 1855-1856

Commenced Writing, 11 December 1855

Lorenzo Hill Hatch (LLH) birth and family

Lorenzo Hill Hatch, son of Hezekiah and Aldura Hatch, born 4 January, A. D. l826, in the town of Lincoln, Addison Co., state of Vermont.

My mother’s maiden name was Sumner, Aldura Sumner, b. May 1803.

My father was born in Charlotte, Vermont, (County of Chittenton) Son of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Hatch, December 2, A.D. 1798.

My father was married to Aldura Sumner, 3 February A. D. 1820.

The Family Record of my Father:

John Sumner Hatch, born 24 November 1820

Jeremiah Hatch, born 7 July 1823

Lorenzo Hill Hatch, 4 January 1826

Abram Chase Hatch, born 3 January 1830

Adeline Hatch, born 26 January 1834

Elizabeth Hatch, born 19 January 1837

Hezekiah Moroni Hatch, born 9 November 1840

All of the children born of one mother, Aldura Hatch, who was a good mother all her days.

My father was a farmer and reared me at that occupation.

My father was baptized into the Church of Latter Day Saints in the fall of 1840 by Elder Peletiah Brown, having formerly been a Universalist in belief, but never joining a church. My mother was of the same belief and both had good understanding of the scriptures and were moral in all their habits. They were good to the poor and kind to strangers.

My father and mother were poor when first married, but my father bought a farm of his father’s and paid him a big price for it, having time to pay for it given him. The farm was not cleared and was heavily timbered except for a few acres where a house and barn stood. He worked hard, burnt ashes, and made payments for his land and store goods. Thus he cleared up his farm or some portion of it.

My father became wealthy and had a good orchard of several hundred trees that he set out. My father was a great reader and histories were well known unto him, of nations and peoples. He was a representative to the Legislature, which was quite an honor in that country; thus I have given a short history of my father of whom I

shall take notice hereafter as I proceed with my Journal.

LLH baptized: Mother and brothers die

I was baptized in the month of February 1840, in the fifteenth year of my age. My mother was baptized at the same time. I was quite faithful and, steady for a boy and obeyed my father and mother and they had confidence in me. I labored very hard while my father lived.

My brother, Hezekiah Moroni, died in the town of Lincoln, Vermont, 19 April 1841, being five months and nine days old. Father sold his land to prepare to go to Nauvoo, and my mother died 10 April 1842 in the town of Lincoln, Vermont. This affected the family very much and created great excitement among the gentiles because a Latter-day Saint should die. Thus, the spirit of opposition was great because the Lord had caused the Gospel to be preached and the honest in heart had obeyed it.

Soon after the death of my mother, my eldest brother John took sick which terminated in dropsy of the bowels. About this time, my father moved to Bristol, Vermont to my grandfather’s to prepare for the trip to Nauvoo. Here, John continued to get worse and my mother being dead, I took care of him as best I could. My father had a hired girl to do the work, but the time drew near for our departure, father having bought his teams.

Family moves to Nauvoo: Father dies

Sometime in the month of August 25 or 26, we took leave of our friends and country, leaving John very sick. This was the greatest trial that I ever had in my life up to this date, 12 December 1855, although I have lost an affectionate father and mother and a brother and wife.

Before we arrived at Nauvoo John died—7 September 1842. We arrived in Nauvoo after six weeks, having traveled 1500 miles. At the time of our arrival the Prophet was in hiding from the “writs” that were in circulation against him by accusation that was made by the State of Missouri.

Through the efforts of Governor Carlin of the state of Illinois, this excitement passed in a few weeks after our arrival, and we had the privilege of seeing and hearing the Prophet speak to the Saints. Soon after our arrival, my father bought a farm from the Prophet Joseph east of the Big Mound, six miles from the city on the east. He also bought a city lot of Reuben Hadlock and commenced building a house on it. The house was 30 x 16, two stories of brick, located on the Mulholland


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