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Sunday, 13th

Went to meeting. Attended Teacher’s meeting, read the News, went into an arrangement to save all the grain in our City after which went and saw my crop of wheat. From Monday the 13th to the 31st of July, I was engaged in making grain cradles. I worked hard. Succeeded in making and repairing twenty-six cradles in three weeks which amounted to $91.75 besides many other jobs which pressed upon me at the time.

Saturday, 31st

After dark, I went with some other brethren into the field and set up five acres of wheat. When I reached my house it was 1:00 A.M. I was nearly worn out.

Sunday, August 1

I was called up by Bishop Evans to go call the teachers together to arrange for the election. My health was very poor all day. May the Lord strengthen me and preserve me to do good. Monday, I repaired and made cradles. Next three days worked at the bench. Friday, mowed hay on Abram’s land and Saturday the 7th, I mowed hay on Brother Cox’s land, laboring very hard. Sunday, the 8th, went to army camp at Cedar Valley with Brother D. Evans and A. Bell. It was hot and sultry. Had an interview with General Johnston for two hours. Found him quite sociable and he treated us with courtesy. Returned through much dust and wind. Much fatigued.

Monday, 9th

Went into the hay field and fetched up a load. More hay on Tuesday and continued work on Wednesday. Thursday, I made some adobe fixtures for Brother Fox. Friday and Saturday, worked at wagon repair. Sunday, attended meeting. Did some business in reference to our mail and told the Saints to live as they had been instructed. [During week] Worked on wagon for Evans two days. As work crowded me, I moved my bench into the shop and worked all night--forepart of. Worked in shop on Wednesday and Thursday. Went and cradled some oats. The ground was very rough and the oats very thin which caused me to exert myself to the utmost and wrenched my side. Returned and watered my potatoes till 11:00 P.M. and on Friday, I watered the corn. It being the first time this vas watered, it took all the energy of my body and at 3:00 P.M., I went home used up. Sent for Brother Wood to finish it as I was not able to go back. Went to bed with a pain in my side which lasted two days. Saturday, I made a wagon axle-tree for H. Anderson. Sunday, Brother Abram came. Two days in shop. Fixed my pigpen, hoed in the field. Commenced a fanning mill for Brother Evans, worked at it three days this week.

Sunday, August 29

Visited Brother Abram and wrote letters to Sheffield, England. [Worked four days at the mill and finished it.] Repaired a wagon on Friday and another one on Saturday. This evening, C. Fox returned from the Adobe

Yard and gave me some money. Attended Teacher’s meeting on Sunday. Monday, I took my oxen and drove Charles Fox and three other men to South Creek Adobe Yard. Returned by way of Cedar Valley. Put on a load of wood and reached home at 2:00A. M. Tuesday, I hauled manure.

Wednesday, September 8

Found that the frost had injured my corn. I went at my corn to cut it up. Worked extremely hard all day. Thursday, cut corn on the south side of the creek. Friday, repaired a wagon for W. Hill and made a sign for D. Evans. Cut up some corn which finished my corn. Saturday, I worked for Brother Lawson on a sugar machine. [The following week he cleared yard for the wheat, hauled wheat three days and worked in the shop for two days repairing wagons. The following week he hauled corn, worked in shop and…]

Wednesday, 22nd

Thrashed my wheat. I had eighty bushels, a good quantity but there was much smutt in the wheat.

[Between the dates, 22 September and 13 November 1853, grandfather records how he finished the harvest, hauled winter wood, put at least three and a half days each week in his shop, took load of tithing potatoes to Salt Lake City. While on this trip, he visited his friend Seymour B. Young and stayed over night with Brother Benson which gave him much delight. He was served fresh peaches at the Benson house their own growing. He enjoyed them very much and was happy to take some home to his family. Each Sunday shows record of teacher’s meeting, one High Priest’s meeting and much counsel with Bishopric of which he was a member. Tells of giving attention and keeping account of the produce which was sold to the soldiers by residents of Lehi.]

Saturday, 13th

Went to conference (in Salt Lake City). Brother Brigham and Brother Kimball gave much good instruction. Sunday the 14th, many were cut off from the church. President Young gave much reproof for the conduct of the people. Said that God would forgive our sins committed in ignorance, but we should have to atone for our sins committed knowingly. He blessed the Saints and conference was adjourned till the 6th of April, 1859. Came home on Monday and went for wood on Tuesday. Returned in the night with a good load. Killed one of my hogs on Wednesday. It weighed 330 pounds. Fixed a gun for some gentiles. Worked in shop all day Saturday.

Sunday, November 21

Stormed all day. The bishop came and told me to get my sheep. I found all of them, which was eleven. Had no place to put them so I and Brother Fox worked all day fixing a place for them. [the week’s work] Made a rack for my wagon, bought some rafters to put on the


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