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kitchen, went up to the breaks and got a load of timber for covering my building, covered the roof of kitchen, delivered a pony to J. Winn before witnesses, worked at making window sash, and made a door. [The first three weeks in December were full of wood-hauling for the army at Camp Floyd. Drove two teams all the time. Brother Fox helped part of the time. He hired a man named Brown as well as a Danish man for a week or more. He gives us the following sentence.]

Worked three weeks. Received in pay $205.00. Paid $3l.00 for help, $85.00 for cattle, and $29.00 for goods for family. Could not find wheat for sale in Springville. Went to Spanish Fork and found wheat. Bought twenty-five bushel. Paid $1.25 per bushel. Bought this Wheat on Christmas Day.

Wednesday, 29th

Hunted cattle all day. At night we held Bishop’s Court and had six of the boys up for drunkenness and breaking the windows. Got my horse shod, very stormy. (New Yearns Eve) Friday the 31st, had a visit from Brother Karren. (Catherine’s father)

January 1, 1859

Went for a load of cottonwood on my land. Had dinner with Brother Magane and then spent a good time with the party. Went to meeting in the school house. Attended Seventies meeting at night. [Had good luck hauling wood this week.] Visited my sister Adeline on Sunday.

Monday, 10th

Went to the lake, fifteen miles, with my team to make a house for those who herd the cattle. Brother Fox went with me. Brother Evans came and brought his team. Tuesday, we broke ground for the cellar, got a load of willows and hauled three loads of rock. Thursday, commenced laying rock. Snowing at night. We got house up to the square by Friday night. Got a good load of wood and started home on Saturday. My wagon tire broke and had to leave part of my load, and with much difficulty got to camp. Very wet and cold. We had laid forty-four perch of rock. Sunday, started for home, fifteen miles. Hadn’t gone far before Brother Evan’s wagon tire broke and we had to leave part of his load. We started across the lake. Day was very foggy. We could only see a short distance but we succeeded in making the trip. Got home about 3:00 P.M. Found all well.

Monday, January 17

I went to Brother Mulner’s for wagon timber. Five days worked in shop repairing wagons. This week I had a dream concerning the army and the Saints. The Saints prevailed. Monday the 24th, my brother Jeremiah arrived at my house from Sanpete today on his way to the City. I also settled my tithing on this day. [rest of week] Worked in shop and hung a door in my kitchen, made two window frames for the herd house up by

the lake, my cattle were brought from Cedar Valley, and had been over there one month. Snowing all day, yoked up my two-year old steers. Made some stools for my children. Worked on Brother Mulner’s wagon on Saturday and commenced a cradle for G. Barber.

Sunday, 30th

Visited Brother Karren a while. Came home at dark and found my brother Jeremiah at my house. We went to Seventies meeting. Brother Nail gave Jeremiah a suit of clothes which he much needed and he rejoiced much. Worked in shop and finished Mulner’s carriage on Saturday.

Sunday, February 6

Two brethren from Provo preached to us on home economy. I was chosen one of the assistants of a branch society which had been formed in this county. All week at my shop. One wagon brought to me to mend from the Camp.

Saturday, 12th

After finishing the wagon, I did some fixing around the house. Met with City Council at night and finished up our term of office preparatory to the new election. Reserved names for the nomination of the new council.

Sunday, 13th

Was called up at 2:00 in the morning as Catherine was sick and at 9:00 she was delivered of a fine girl, (Catherine Alvenia), weighing ten and a half pounds. She got along tolerable and was ill all through the day. Monday the 14th, made a saw pit and attended the election of city officers. I was appointed or elected as Alderman. (rest of week) William and Eli Bell sawed some timber for me with a whip saw as I prepared the timber. Catherine had a poor night and I was up considerable with her. Steamed some timber for plows and wagons. Worked on wagons for two days.

Summoned as juror

Thursday, 25th

I was summoned as a juror. [Federal Judge Cradlebaugh, came to Utah 1858. See Deseret News, also see Journal of History, 4 November, page 1. Volume 20. p. 47.] Thursday, 10 February, rode to Provo on J. Murdock’s wild colt. Arrived at 10:00 A.M. Took my seat and court adjourned till 2:00 P.M. Monday the 14th. I went and got the wild colt and started for home. Stopped at Eastman’s and when I started to get on the colt again, it commenced rearing and kicking and ran away a short space. With assistance, I succeeded in getting on him and went home.

Sunday, went to meeting and some gentiles were present. Called Brother Hyde to address the meeting. (Went to Provo for Court but no business. Judge dismissed the jurors.) I returned to Eastman’s and stalked a plow for Brother Whipple and walked home


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