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on Wednesday. (Court in Provo again). Tuesday, 22nd March, the Marshall settled with us and we started for home but a big storm drove us back to Provo and I made a saddle-tree at F. Eastman’s shop. Wednesday, started home on foot with Brother J. Brown and William Hyde. Got home about 3:00 P.M. Found all well.

Monday, April 4

One thousand troops arrived in Lehi, abut 3:00 P.M. and camped for the night. During the night they stole twenty-three rods of fence from one field. Tuesday, the court and troops left our town for Camp Floyd. There was plowing and much shop work. I went to Father Benson’s and married William Bell and Martha Benson.

Sunday, 8th

We commenced at half past 9:00 A.M. to bless the children of Lehi. We blessed nearly 100 of them before 11 o’clock. At 11:00 commenced our meeting and Brother Haywood spoke a short time; after which, Brother William Hyde spoke very spirited. I spoke a short time on obedience. Met with High Priests and we had a good meeting. Monday I plowed my garden lot and planted some sugar cane. On Tuesday, Brother G. A. Smith and Brother Benson, one of the twelve, came and preached to us. We were much entertained. The [local] brethren gave them twenty-six dozen eggs and twenty-three bushels of wheat and some meat, which was received with thankfulness. On Wednesday, I collected the eggs, butter and so forth and got the brethren started to the City feeling well. Then I went to the field and plowed some for corn. Thursday, I hunted until four o’clock for one of my oxen and put in a little corn before dark.

Friday, 13

Finished a piece of corn ground and plowed some for oats, Saturday finished putting in a piece of oats.

Sunday, 15th

Met at Brother William Snow’s and blessed four children, went to meeting and called on Brother Preston to speak after which Bishop Evans and J. Brown spoke and I made some remarks.

Monday, 30th

Worked on the garden ditch and plowed out some ditches on my five acre lot. Tuesday I went to the herd and got a cow and a. young calf.

Wednesday, June 1

I helped to put in a dam that had washed out. Thursday, I watered my garden lot. Friday worked on the spring creek ditch. Saturday, watered my flax and some wheat.

Sunday, 5th

I baptized A. D. Rhoades and attended meeting in the bowery. Patrick Linch preached to us. At 3:00 P.M. Went to High Priest meeting and the minutes of last meeting were brought up and corrected. [Worked at

his shop bench, watering the land, cleaning the ditches, mending the neighbors wagons, hauling logs for timber, attending to civic affairs via the council, and Sabbath day worship fill the life of grandfather and his family through the summer and into harvest season. He records the threshing time as the week beginning 27 September. “Threshed my wheat: 145 bushels and 180 bushels of oats.”]

Thursday, September 29

Took thirteen and a half bushels of wheat to mill. Friday went for wood and got a good load with my mules. Sunday Brother Lunt came and attended our meeting and spoke to us. In the afternoon I learned that A. Adams had tore away his fence and let many hundred head of cattle into our gardens because of his meanness. I had to get help and go and clear out my stuff to save it. [Continued gathering his garden stuff for two days.]

Wednesday, October 5

Started with a load of stuff for tithing. Bought a span of mules. Had a pleasant trip and on Thursday went to conference in the tabernacle. We were addressed by President Brigham Young. He spoke and then gave liberty for all. Every one of the brethren spoke and we had a splendid time.

Friday, 7th

President Young addressed us and a joyful day it was. Great light was manifested. On Saturday, President Young commanded in the name of Jesus for all to quit drinking liquors. Spoke against lying and theft and called upon the bishops to cut [such offender] them off the Church. When we got about half way home some matches got on fire and burned $30,00 worth of goods before we could get it put out. I forgot to write that I got me a wagon for which I paid $65,00. Arrived home. Made arrangements to work on the meeting house on Monday. Commenced hauling corn On Tuesday. Continued on Wednesday,

Thursday, 13th

Worked on the meeting house until noon. Found about 100 head of cattle in the fields in my beets. Went and held them up, then went and worked on the house again. Friday worked on a wagon. Saturday dug potatoes and Sunday it was stormy. I remained home.

Thursday, 20th

At early candle light, I married Willial Winn and Martha Evans also William Southwick and Martha Colman.

Wednesday, November 9

Started to the City with tithing potatoes. Went to see President John Young. We had a good party. [next two days very stormy] Came home on Friday.

Monday, December 12


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