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Worked on the school house. Charles went to the City with tithing and worked making washboards. Commenced working on my chamber and Saturday 17, nailed on the lath.

Sunday, 18th

Went to meeting and had some good teachings. I spoke of some influences that were going the rounds, reproving the same and those that were responsible. Those that were possessed with the devil manifested their spirit and were reproved by the Bishop and there was a plain manifestation of the powers.


Worked at the house. Made a brake for breaking flax, made window sash and frame, went for wood and when I came home there was Brother E. T. Benson at my house. Sunday, went to meeting twice and Brother Benson preached to us. [And the next week was entirely spent hauling straw to Camp Floyd.]

Saturday, December 31

At half past l2:00 A.M. Sylvia had a fine daughter. [Ruth A.]

Sunday, January 1, 1860

(New Year) I started to the City with Brother Henry Evans. Went to the office and saw Brother Calder, President Young’s clerk about having a sister sealed to me. He told me to come next day at 11:00 A.M. After supper I went to see Sister Alice Hanson, but not finding her, I went to the 16th ward meeting and had the privilege of speaking. The Lord blessed me. After meeting I learned where sister Alice was and went to the house and saw her. I made arrangements with her to go with me to the President’s the next day.

Monday, 2nd

I arose and fixed myself, settled for a wagon that I had purchased and at 11:00 A.M. got to the President’s office and had our names registered on the Church Book, and at 12:00 noon was called into the President’s Room and there the sacred ordinance of sealing was performed by President Young. He blessed me. At 12:30 P.M. I started home and arrived at fifteen minutes before 7:00 P.M. Found all well.

[There is a repeat of the above at top of the page. It reads:]

1860, January 2, I was married or sealed by Brigham Young.

[End of this little Journal called, No. 2 of L. H. Hatch Mission]

JOURNAL IV 1860-1873

Franklin, Idaho Period

January 3 1860

I now take my pen after an absence of four years to continue my journal in this book. The history of my

travels and labors for the above mentioned time is written in Volume I and II--purchased in England--wherein a full account is written of many transactions in foreign lands and of travels from and to my home. It is now the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and sixty. (A. D. 1860)

[Between the dates, 3 January, 1860 and 19 March, 1860, Lorenzo made entries of:]

Wednesday, 4th

This is my birthday. Arose at 4:00 A.M. Took load of straw to Camp Floyd. Three other loads followed. Worked on Lehi Tabernacle nineteen and a half days. One day went to the saw mill. Fixing shop one day; worked on preparing timber for plows one day. Spent seven days roofing house for Thomas Karren. Eight or nine days at shop making window sash for Whipple and plows for Downs. Laid one floor and made windlass for well.

Went to Provo to serve on Grand Jury. Served ten days. Drove my mule team home. Staked out my fence. Sent hired boy for rock to commence wall around same. Commenced digging well. Wrote to cousins in Vermont. Sent thirteen bushel of wheat to mill. Spent one day getting grist home. Five and a fourth days working around home.

Labored to keep John Cutler out of the hands of officers at Camp Floyd. Succeeded. Sunday, Attended meeting in forenoon and afternoon each week and Priesthood meeting each Sabbath evening, either High Priests or Seventies. One Seventy Conference. Addressed Saints three times. 1. “Temptations of Men--Being overcome and that We Should Overcome.” Addressed the people with much plainness for the Spirit was with me. Also answered questions relative to this being the “Work of God.” Enjoyed very much, the Bishop’s talk on honesty, or rather, dishonesty.

Elected to City Council; Attended Council Meeting.

[Spring time-1860]

Monday, March 19

Commenced plowing, same on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday arose early and commenced sowing wheat. On this day one of my cows died, leaving us without milk and twelve of us in family. The day before I learned that a two year old heifer got killed at the herd. Why these things are so I am not able to tell. But so it is and I feel that it is all right. Sowed wheat Friday and Saturday.

Sunday, 25th

Went to meeting. Brothers George Goodwin, George Barber and James Taylor preached. Monday, plowing and putting in wheat. Tuesday, commenced helping Brother C. Fox put in five acres of wheat, finished same on Friday. Saturday, fixed wagon wheel and sent my team with a toad of hay to Camp Floyd. Sold the load for $9.00.


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