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Sunday, April 1

Went to meeting. The Bishop preached Monday the 2nd. Worked at making me a wagon bed also. Tuesday on the same. Wednesday, the 4th, my team went for wood and I painted two wagon beds. Thursday, opened my potato pit and took them to the cellar.

Went to the City to attend General Conference.” Sunday, P.M., we partook of the sacrament. O. Pratt preached and President Young blessed the congregation. Monday, left the City with my family for Lehi.

[From 6 April, 1860 to the end of the, year, 1862, we find many entries on the following:

1.Much time spent in plowing, planting, harvesting, and marketing. The latter was mostly concerned with corn, hay and wood hauled to and sold at Camp Floyd.

2.Many days spent in his shop fashioning furniture for his homes, doors, window sashes, and lintels for public buildings and for the farm, he made wagon beds, wheels, plows, and cradles to use with the scythe.

3.Member of City Council

4.Elected to Territorial Legislature

5.Church activity: Member of the Ward Bishopric. Speaks often at ward meetings. Direct quotes from the Journal follow:]

Friday, April 17

I loaded up Charles’ (my hired man) wagon, and he went with hay to Camp Floyd for himself. I cradled an acre of wheat and bound some of it. Saturday, I bound wheat, cut some hay and hoed some barley. Saturday the 25th, Charles started for Cache Valley. I hired a Spaniard to work for me. At candle-light a few of us met and did some business in the Agricultural Society.

Thursday, started with my team and a load of potatoes and arrived at Salt Lake City about sundown and unloaded the potatoes. And on Friday, started for Salt Lake to get a load of salt. Obtained it and returned to the City about 8:00 P.M. Saturday, arrived home about dark and unloaded my salt. I had twenty-three bushel.

I loaded up a load of corn to bring to the General Tithing Office; and December 9, started from my home for Great Salt Lake City (as a member of the Territorial Legislature.) Isaac Fox accompanied me. Found roads very bad. Monday, I prepared my team to go home to Lehi. I took my seat, at 10:00 A.M. in the Social Hall as a Representative and was sworn in by Secretary Worton. Tuesday, December 11, met at the court house of Great Salt Lake City and decided to hold our future sessions at this place. It was finely fitted up. Wrote letters to England and am still engaged at my post in the hall. On December 18, worked at Brother J. C. Little’s shop, making a light-stand until 1:00 P.M. Then went

to the hall. Thursday, December 20th finished my stand and met with the committee on library and at 2:00 P.M. went to the hall and passed some necessary bills.

Thirty-five years old

January 4, 1861

This is my birthday, I being thirty-five years old. After finishing the necessary business of the day at the hall, we adjourned until Saturday. I went to see Brother H. Kimball about getting Alice’s endowments. All was right. Saturday, the 5th, I arose before day and harnessed the mules and went after Alice and carried her to the Endowment Room. Then went to fetch Brother Fox and his women. Took my mules to the blacksmith shop and reported at the hall. At 11:00 A.M. went back to the Endowment Room and took my turn and then took the women home. Brother Benson and I took a ride in a sleigh around the City.

Thursday, 17th

Went and saw Alice in the 16th Ward, also saw some of my former friends.

Friday, 18th

Met at the hall at 9:00 A.M. and this being the last day, much discussion, and we continued all night or until 5:00 A.M.

Sylvia, Catherine, and Alice sealed to me

Saturday, 19th

1:00 P.M. I took Sylvia, Catherine and Alice to the Endowment House and they were sealed to me by President Brigham Young. Settled with the Secretary. Did some business at the store, attended meeting twice on Sunday at the Tabernacle. President Young preached on taxes and tithing. At night, I went to the 10th Ward and spoke to the inhabitants of that place. On Monday, I started for home [Lehi]

Brother LeGrande Young, Alice, and Sister Fox were with me. We had a sleigh. Sylvia and Catherine came with Brother John C. Nail. When we had gone twelve miles, the sleigh was so bad that we swapped our sleigh for a wagon. There was no cover on the wagon and it snowed continuously for the whole day. About 5:00 P.M., the wind changed and such another storm, I never witnessed. Could not see any distance. The road was filled up with snow from the point of the mountain till we reached home, a distance of six miles. It seemed that we must perish almost, but the providence of God was manifested for us that we did arrive in safety.

Brother John Young’s team was just behind us and tired out so that they had to stop and send the teamster to get help. Several of the brethren went out for them. It was some time before they could be located. At meeting on Sunday, I read from the prophecies of Joseph Smith. Made some remarks of their fulfillment.

Mayor of Lehi

Thursday, 24th


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