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Worked at some chairs for my family. At night put a coat of glue paint upon my furniture. February 1, painted my chairs and light-stand. At night, I looked over my book, the account of the Treasury of the City. Settled with assessor and collector. [Was Mayor of Lehi at this time.]

February 4

Attended meeting of City Council and passed an ordinance pertaining to the elections. I being a member of committee to get up a ticket for the election of city officers, presented my ticket. After some investigation the opposition ticket was withdrawn, and mine accepted. Peace and harmony was once more restored there having been much excitement for the last few days. John R. Murdock was nominated (and elected) Mayor. This week I had a talk with my brother Abram. He felt hard toward me because I did not sanction him for Mayor. I tried to satisfy his feelings.

February 14

Proceeded to the City, where we arrived at 3:00 P.M. That night we met at President Young’s new school house and received instructions upon raising teams to go back (East) for the Saints and Church property. Much good instructions were given by President Young.

Sunday, March 3

I attended meeting. Read the circular from the First Presidency on raising teams to go back for the emigrants [who came to Winter quarters without means of crossing the plains--the handcart movement was ended with the last company in 1860]. Raised fifteen yoke of cattle and several wagons and some articles for the fit-out.

Sunday, 17th

Went out [in evening] after my sheep which had run off to the mountains. Met my son Lafayette coming with them. The wolves had killed one and bit another. I was thankful to receive them thus as there was great danger of all of them being killed.

Sunday, 24th

Went to meeting, spoke of the outfit for our teamsters and called on five brethren to go as teamsters and then worked considerable in my shop this week as it was stormy most all week. Sunday, I called for funds to fit out the teamsters for the States.

[Attended General Conference in Salt Lake City, April 1861] Came home, found all well. I bargained for ten acres of land that I got off Brother McGuire and traded it to Monce Anderson for sheep and stock. Worked on my farm, plowing and preparing for sowing. Received articles for the brethren that are going back with our teams to assist the emigration. Broke up new land on Tuesday and Wednesday. Worked, preparing the boys to start the teams. I got the boys off at about 12:00 noon (Saturday, 20.April) [The next two weeks] I gave instructions about City Council and the enlarging of our

City. Put in some garden, put up some fence in front of my house, got out some trees, worked on some mud fence on my lot that I got of Downses, turned in a sheep and lamb on tithing, planted potatoes on the ten acres of land west of this City. On Sunday after High Priests meeting I was taken very sick and suffered much with chills and fever. Monday, the 13th, was better.

Monday, May 3

I got my sheep home from Monce Anderson’s. Marked some sheep. Sent my sheep off to Philander Bills on Drycreek. He took them on shares. There were thirty-six of them. He agreed to give me two thirds of the wool and two-thirds of the increase and keep the old stock good. Thursday, the 6th, I attended Fast Meeting. There were but few that could find time to fast.

Hunted for my mules, but did not find them. Tuesday, I killed Charles Fox’s pig. It weighed 160 pounds. I paid sixteen pounds of it for tithing. Wednesday, I went and hunted much. Hunted all over the range of mountains and went to Willow Creek and then home but found no mules. Felt very bad but when I got home a while, Joseph Smith told me that he had seen them on the bench. I got a horse of Brother Karren and went after them. Got them home and felt thankful. Monday the 10th, cut some grass for my mules. Got up my yearling steers, branded one and started to the herd with them. Went over to Cedar Valley to hunt for cattle. Found one of mine and one of Brother C. Peterson’s and with much difficulty we succeeded in driving them back to the herd.

July 4, 1861

Attended celebration and was the orator of the day. Day was pleasantly spent by all. On Monday the 23rd, I worked in my shop in the evening Worked at our motto for the 13th Block. Morning of the 24th, I arose and put together a grain cradle. Put up our Motto and the cradle in the tabernacle. There were many mottos beautifully decorated for the 24th of July. A large assembly of people came together. We had a good and profitable time and all appeared to rejoice. Speeches, songs and recitations were the order of the forenoon. Dancing commenced at 2:00 P.M. and continued until the evening.

My Brother Jeremiah came here from Sanpete. Met with the High Priests and spoke. Returning From the City, he spoke to us again. Brother Kimball and several of the brethren came with him. He spoke in reference to our becoming one in temporal things. Brother Taylor also spoke on the same. Brother Kimball stayed all night at my house. Sunday meeting at 10:00 A.M., Brother Kimball and President Young spoke about man being influenced by false brethren and spoke of sustaining the army [stationed at Camp. Floyd] and cursed such as had fostered them. We had an excellent meeting. Monday, I started to Camp Floyd, arriving there at 6:00 A.M. and helped load up several wagons with Church goods and


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