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I paid to Edward Wooley $13.35 for my tithing, he being acting Bishop of the Assembly.


[The Legislative Assembly being over, the record continues with an account of the Convention called to draft a State Constitution.]

Monday, 20th

I met in Convention. We heard President Young and others speak. After appointing some committees, we adjourned until Wednesday. Tuesday, I worked some at Brother Whipple’s shop, Wednesday, met at appointed time. Heard the constitution of the [proposed] state of Deseret read, and adopted it. Adjourned till Thursday, 1:00 P. M. Met, and after hearing a spirited address by Judge Kinney on the loyalty of the people of this Territory and the justice of our demands for admission, we, each one of the delegates, signed our names to the constitution. This is a most important era in our history.

After some remarks from Presidents Wells and Young, I started home with Bishop Harrington and met my team at Philander Bells on Dry Creek. Changed my luggage and came home. Found all my family well. Sunday, I went to meeting and spoke thirty minutes concerning the doings of our convention and was appointed to go to Provo and attend a meeting for the appointment of members (officers) for the new State Government. Went to Provo and attended a dance in the evening.

Saturday, February 1

Met with the rest of the delegates of this county and we agreed to place upon the ticket for election:

Governor: Brigham young

Lt. Governor: H. C. Kimball

Delegate to Congress: J.M. Burnhisal

House Senators in Legislature: L.E. Harrington

J.W. Cummins

Representatives: A.H. Thurber

L. H. Hatch

Aaron Johnson

Sunday, February 2

G. A. Smith preached a first rate political discourse which was well accepted and Monday, the 3rd, was general election for the officers of the State of Deseret.

Monday, 3rd

During the week, worked in my shop and on Sunday at meeting called for teams to haul rock to the Temple (Salt Lake). I went to the City with some tithing hay and brought back a load of fruit. Went to Salt Lake City with my load of wood for the missionaries.

Monday, 10th

We commenced work on the school house. On Sunday spoke of the perfection of the Saints, and showed that

we all make the same professions, one as the other, and should live near to God. On Tuesday, I got some likenesses taken of some of my family. At Sunday meeting I called for a fitout for the boys who were called to go to the States and continued my call till most of the required articles were raised. There was a good spirit in our midst. Painted some in the Prayer Circle room (of our new Tabernacle). Plowed, painted, set out plum and apple trees, and went to meeting. G. A. Smith and some other brethren stayed all night with me. Saturday, April 5, I started on foot for the City and traveled thirty miles without sitting down or resting over five minutes and that was standing up against the door cheek at Bel1’s house. I arrived in the City very much fatigued.

Sunday, April 6

Went to conference and for three days I was much instructed. Attended eight meetings and one theater. Returned on Wednesday the 9th, with Canute Peterson. It snowed most all day. From this day, the 9th to December 7th, I was busily engaged in farming and in making preparations for the support of my family. During this time I had two sons born. One was named Willard and the other Thomas. The former was Alice’s and the latter Catherine’s.

(Again--at the Legislature)

Monday, December 8

I left Lehi for Great Salt Lake City. Arrived at noon and met at the court house. Found many of the members of the legislature assembled. Judge Kinney administered the oath. After organizing, the House we adjourned to meet at the State House. Wednesday, met in joint session. Governor Harding read his message which took him over an hour. It was one of the most abusive documents ever delivered to such a body of men. I shall not here attempt to describe the abuses of that message.

Suffice it to say that his one friend was ashamed of him. This body was grossly insulted and none returned to the Assemby this day. I spent the rest of the day in the Historian’s Office.

Tuesday, 23rd

I heard that my family was sick and made preparations to go home and see them. Found my folks some better, yet there were nine of my family down or afflicted with the whooping cough. I remained home during the Christmas and New Years doing the best I could for my family.

Monday, January 5, 1863

Started down to the City with Bishop Harrington. I, as foreman of the Library Committee, met with members of same and examined the state of the library. This is a fine day. (Was grand weather all week.) I attended three meetings on Sunday the 11th. First was addressed by John Taylor. In the afternoon by President Young. He read the vision given to Joseph and Sydney upon the


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