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glories and made many great marks. Said that if women wished to raise their children that die in infancy, they must live so as to be worthy of their [children’s] society or else they cannot enter where their children are. But they will be given to those that are worthy, even to mothers who bear no children.

(Worked at hall all week.) Things are moving off harmoniously in the house. Friday, I bought some lumber and sent it home with my team. This is the last day of this session. Adjourned to the second Monday of December 1863, at 1:00 P.M.

[Dated at Franklin]

After a lapse of six years, I take my pen to record some of my proceedings and some important movements.

Called from Lehi to be Bishop in Franklin, Idaho

I returned to Lehi and resumed my labors the last of March, 1863, and was appointed by President Young to remove to Cache Valley to act as Bishop of Franklin in the place of Preston Thomas. Accordingly I paid a visit to this valley and preached in a number of the settlements, being kindly received by President Benson and numerous friends.

Returned back to General Conference and on the 1st of May, in company with Brother Jeremiah Farmley, I started for Cache Valley. Alice accompanied me. Arrived safe and was ordained Bishop of Franklin in a few days after by President E. T. Benson. Held this position until his call to New Mexico, Arizona Mission in 1874.]

I have since that time labored faithfully for the benefit of the people and have visited Logan once each month, summer and winter, to attend council meetings. I traveled three winters as a missionary and preached to the people of this Valley.

September 3, 1867

This last year I have visited Logan once each week to attend the School of the Prophets. I have done much to erect a meeting house which is a fine building and is a credit to the country. How far my labors have been appreciated, I know not. Time will tell all things--who has labored, who has not, and who is justified.

Brother Benson dedicated a beautiful room for prayer circles. (1869) I was appointed to take charge of same. This is one of the best rooms in the Valley. The Sisters of Relief Society furnished the carpet.


In the fall of 1868 about the 1st of October, I went by the counsel of Brother E. T. Benson onto the railroad and did a job of one mile of the worst rocky grading for the Central Pacific Railroad. Up to this date, 3 September, 1869, have not received my pay, being a balance of $1200.00 or upwards due for services and for buying stock in the winter for the road, $250.00. Trust that I will be paid soon. The Lord knows best how

this will be. I have served the County of Cache as a selectman for five years.

September 3, 1869

President E. T, Benson died at Ogden. This was one of the heaviest strokes-that has happened to the people of this Valley and to me it was almost unbearable. I have traveled and preached to the people, in company with him, of this Valley, in England, Bear Lake, and other places. We were on the most intimate terms.

I again take my pen on the 1st of January, 1872, after a lapse of two years. There have been many important scenes transpire since the death of Brother Benson. I received on the amount due for work on the Central Pacific Railroad, sixty cents on the dollar.

In the year 1870, I built a barn, granary, and raised part of a crop, grasshoppers having done much damage. I attended to my office as Bishop and served as selectman for the county. During the past years, I have labored as missionary during the winter time and have been blessed with great liberty of speech and have been successful. In the year 1867, I completed, in company with J. Goslind, Alex Stalker, and James Howell, a gristmill. We started to build it in 1866. Rock work for lower story and a log building on the second floor with one run of stone and good bolt for gearing and all in good running order. Was dedicated by Brother Benson, one of the Twelve in the winter of 1867 and has been a great blessing to the people. I have owned a share in a good Threshing Machine for this place for the last nine years; which has in addition to threshing grain, enabled me to live and to do more to develop than many of my brethren.

Keeping the Mormon tavern for all Bear Lake and the house of Israel generally has been a heavy tax on me and my family. Although we have had five years of destruction by grasshoppers, I have raised some twelve to fifteen thousand bushels of grain. No man has received more manifest blessings in this respect than I have, for which I thank my God. I have had seven children born during this time. [From March 1863 to January 1872: Hyrum, Adeline, Ella, Ezra, Jeremiah, Heber Albert, Maria Antoinette were born.]

May 31, 1871

I commenced laying the foundation for a rock house--dimensions 44 1/2 x 26 feet. About this time President Maughn died at Logan. This affected the whole Valley very much. Great respect was shone to him by the Saints and Lamanites of this Stake of Zion. Bishop W.B. Preston has acted in his capacity during the last year.

January 1, 1872

I, at this date, can say that my house is a fine rock building, two and a half stories high with much cut stone; and when completed, will be one of the best buildings in the county. The roof is on and one of the


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