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bed room floors is laid. Also most of the glass and sash are in. In June 1871, I, with Lafayette and several of the Franklin Boys, went to Bear Lake and got lumber for my house and for the meeting house.

This year I was appointed Agent for Cache County to put up telegraph poles to the summit at Bear Lake. This work has been completed and a good commission obtained which has been a great blessing to the people of this county.

January 1, 1872

My brother Jeremiah came and assisted me in recording some of the marriages, births, and deaths [of our family. This brother was the pioneer in organizing the Hatch Family Genealogical Society. See “Hatch Family” by Ruth Hatch Hale.] I expect to attend a Priesthood Party tonight. The party was well attended and agreeable to all.

Sunday, January 7

I held a meeting in Logan. Had a full house and talked on family government. In the evening had a meeting in Hyde Park and enjoyed much of the spirit of the Lord. On the 13th, went to the School of the Prophets.

January 13

Attended a railroad meeting. The President J. W. Young was present. The company had been formed in the fall of 1871. I am one of the thirteen directors to conduct and take charge of the building of the Utah Northern Railroad. We did some business and adjourned.

Sunday. Went to meeting. J. W. Young, W. Hyde, and myself addressed a large concourse of saints. Returned home Sunday evening and during the week attended meeting every night on the different blocks acting as teacher in connection with several of the brethren. We had good meetings and also made arrangements that these meetings would be from the 8th to the 13th.

On January 9, at a party, I got several brethren to subscribe money to finish up the meeting house. Sunday, I spoke on the building up of Zion and the building of the meeting house. At 2:00 P.M. went to teachers meeting and reproved some persons for drunkenness and settled some business. At night four missionaries came and preached to us. They also held meetings on Monday. Much good was done. Wednesday, the 24th, Bishop James W. Shaw came and preached at night. This week was more than occupied with meetings. Saturday, I attended school at Logan and spoke to the school.

Sunday, January 28

I read a revelation given, to Bishop Partridge (Section 36) and spoke against drunkenness and the sale of liquor and of sending for doctors instead of the Elders. I felt that I had cleared my skirts of such wickedness. Monday, 29th, Brother Monson with other brethren from Richmond commenced work on the meeting house. Thursday, February 1, I went to Weston in

company with Brother Riggs and Kingsford. Spent the day with the brethren and settled a difficulty between Brother Clark and others. Had a good time. Friday, worked on meeting house. Saturday went to the school at Logan. Sunday went to meeting. Monday, worked on meeting house. During this week, my labors were looking after the work and making one door frame for my house.

Friday, February 16

Started with Bishop Merrill of Richmond for the convention. Went as far as Hyde Park. Arrived at the City and went to meeting in the Tabernacle. Stopped at J. W. Young’s in company of Brother Merrill and Lillinquist. We remained till Sunday, March 4. During this time, helped form a state Constitution and appointed delegates to Washington to ask for admission. Many important events transpired whilst we were in the Convention. We were made welcome at President Young’s by both himself and family. I visited President Young. He was in the custody of an officer but felt well.

Left Salt Lake City. Arrived home Monday, 5:00. Found Catherine with a fine (new) daughter, born at 8:00 P.M. She was doing well. Thursday was fast day. [Chloe Viola.]

[Page 84 of the original journal, there appears a back-flash from year 1869. It follows.]

April 13, 1869

This day I got the news of the death of Sister Loisey Hatch, wife of my brother Jeremiah. [Coming home from conference] Arrived at Smithfield, April 11 and found sister Loisey Hatch very sick. Went on home and found all well with my family. The boys have put in fifty acres of wheat up to this date. I sold thirteen bushel of wheat to Brother Carson from Cedar Valley and made some preparation to go to funeral of Sister Loisey. There are many items that should have been recorded which I have omitted. I organized the first Cooperative Store in Cache county. I organized a Female Relief Society, which has done well.

November l2, 1872

I have neglected to write for some time. Alice bore a son. It was born dead. On the 13th I made a coffin and got a lot in the burying ground on the West side of the plot, Lot No. _________ About 4:00 P.M. Brother Biggs went and helped bury the remains of my son. Alice is doing well as can be expected. During the past summer, Catherine has suffered much with her breast but has recovered now.

Elected to Idaho House of Representatives

I have raised a large crop of grain. (Some 2000 bushels.) My son Hezekiah has been to school most of the summer at Logan and has learned fast. I was placed on the ticket for Representative to the Idaho Legislature and received a large majority of the votes of this county. I am Busy fixing up my house and preparing to go to


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