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Street. It was two or three blocks east of the Temple, with a porch in front. He put up this house in February. In March he commenced fencing and farming on his prairie farm. He was taken sick about the first of June with the bilious fever and died 25 June 1843; and thus, we were left in the midst of the saints without father or mother whilst many sought the advantage of us and took it--not the saints, but those that professed to be. Let them have their reward.

Brother Jerry was married previous to the death of father. “I was eighteen years at the time, Abram fourteen, Adeline ten, Elizabeth seven. Abram lived with grandfather’s folks who came to Nauvoo the same time that we came. I lived with Jeremiah (my brother) and we were poor enough. We did fairly well though for it was hard times. The little girls lived from place to place as they could find places to stay.

Uncle Jeremiah Hatch never settles Father’s Estate

Jeremiah Hatch, my uncle [Father’s brother, the eldest of his father’s family] was the administrator of the estate. He sold the personal property, such as wagons; harnesses, stock, cloth, clothing and bedding which ought to have been kept for the heirs and trusted it out. The estate was never settled. How much he collected, I do not know. This much I do know. The heirs received nothing except a few articles, which they bought at the sale. Had Jerry and I known how things were going we would have bid on everything and let the administrator and scoundrels go to the devil, where they have gone.


LHH ordained Priest: Patriarchal blessings

Sometime in the winter of 1843, I was ordained a priest and traveled through the city as a teacher and was blessed. I will record a prophecy that Joseph Smith delivered concerning the coming of the Savior. He said in the name of Jesus Christ that, “He will not come within forty years from this date.” (Spoken 10 March 1044.)

[At this place in the original Journal, there are seven full pages of Patriarchal Blessings. That is: four blessings given to Lorenzo Hill Hatch, two to his wife Sylvia, one for his wife Catherine, one for his brother Jerry and one upon the head of his father, Hezekiah, by Hyrum Smith the Patriarch at Nauvoo, 6 March 1843. James Sloane was the scribe. One of Lorenzo’s blessings was given by the Patriarch, Hyrum, also. This last blessing was given 11 January 1844. After this blessing is recorded, Lorenzo records the words thus:] The word of Brother Hyrum concerning my father: He said that he had very singular feelings when he blessed father which were in consequence of the shortness of his life, and this was in fulfillment of a dream which my father had in Vermont concerning the Prophet.

LHH’s Mother’s family

Family of my mother, Aldura Hatch: Her maiden name was Sumner. She was born 4 May 1803, daughter of John and Abigail Plumney Sumner. Rebecca Hanley, the older sister of my mother, was born 5 February 1798. Cyrus Sumner, the oldest brother of my mother was born 8 March 1800. Hannah Sumner Farr, the youngest sister of my mother, was born 17 January 1804. [?]

This data was copied from a letter received from Vermont.

Death Dates:

Hezekiah Hatch (my father) died 25 June 1843 aged 45 years, 6 months, 23 days.

Aldura Hatch (my mother) died 10 April 1842 aged 34 years, 11 months, 6 days.

John Sumner Hatch died 7 September 1842, aged 21 years, 10 months, 17 days.

Hezekiah Moroni Hatch died 19 April 1841, aged 1 year, 5 months, 9 days. Hannah Elizabeth Fuller Hatch (The wife of L. H. Hatch) died 10 August 1847 aged 20 years, 5 months, 14 days.

Loisey Hatch (wife of my brother Jeremiah Hatch) died 14 April 1869.

Ezra T. Benson, one of the Twelve, died 3 September 1869 at Ogden, Utah, born 22 February 1811.

[Two more Patriarchal Blessings are written in the original Journal, one given to the writer, L. H. Hatch and the other to his wife, Alice. Both blessings were pronounced by Patriarch John Young. Among these blessings, we find one given as a father’s blessing, which I shall copy.]

A blessing given by my grandfather, Jeremiah Hatch, Sen., 7 March 1848 at Winter Quarters.

“Lorenzo, I lay my hands upon your head in the name of Jesus of Nazareth to bless you in all things that are agreeable to the Lord’s will or that will meet his approbation. I also bless you and pray your Heavenly Father to grant you long life. And I bless you to have a desire that you may be good to the aged and to all that it may be in your power to assist. I bless you that you may go forth to preach the Gospel according to the order of the Priesthood wherever you may be sent and that you may bring many things into the Church, that we haven’t known, and knowledge. And may you be an honor to it. May your Heavenly Father send his Holy Ghost upon you wherever you may go that you may bring many into the Church and continue to improve until the end of your day. These blessings I seal upon your head even so. Amen,

[Jeremiah Hatch, Sen., four, five and six times great-grandfather of present descendants was living at Bristol, Vermont when his son Hezekiah (father of Lorenzo Hill Hatch) taught him the gospel. Hezekiah had heard of the “restoration” through Elder Peletiah Brown. No sooner


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