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During the summer, I have traveled and preached to the Saints in Cache Valley and Malad in company with the missionaries of the Valley, also with Brigham Young.

March 3, 1874

The account of my trip to Boise is written in a small book that I carried in my pocket. I kept a daily journal of all the particulars. I have been, since my return, very busy in looking after the affairs of my family and also in traveling from place to place laboring on the Utah Northern Railroad. Also on the Bear River Road where I expended $3500.00 in pay to those that labored on the road. Friday the 6th of February, I left Logan in company with a number of the brethren for a ride on the Utah Northern Railroad as the track had been laid (completed) to Ogden.

Brother William Hyde of Hyde-Park was with us and felt well. We spent a pleasant time together, returned to Logan the same day, and on the 7th, held a Bishop’s Council meeting. President B. Young, Jr. was with us. Brother Hyde added his testimony in favor of the great work. Little did I think that it was the last time I should see him in this world. On Monday, March 2, I received a telegram from Brother B. Young and Brother Preston that Brother Hyde died at 6:30 A.M. It seems hard to witness the passing away of the brethren who have borne a faithful testimony and worn themselves out in the great Latter-day Work. Morning of the 4th, in company with Bishop John Maughn, Brother Daines, and James Packer, went to Hyde-Park to the funeral. We had to break the road to Smithfield. I was called to open the services. Prayer by Brother E. M. Green. M. Thatcher, Bishop Preston, Brother B. Young, Jr. and J. Hatch addressed the people. There were eighty sleighs filled with friends at the funeral. The funeral of Brother Hyde was very important affair. I scarse ever saw a man more beloved than Brother Hyde. He has gained the victory and gone to rest.

June 27, 1873

I was ordained a Patriarch under the hands of Brigham Young and Brother G. A. Smith. G. A. Smith was mouth. I have since blessed several of my family and a few others. The first that I blessed was (my son) Lorenzo Lafayette on Christmas Day, 25 December, 1874. On this day I blessed five of my family and three of Brother Biggs.

On the night of the 24th, I had a son born to me, [Joseph Lorin] being the 7th son of Alice. She has one daughter. I have been greatly blessed in my family. I would that they would grow up to be great and good men. On 1 December, 1873, my son, Lorenzo Lafayette was married by Brother Daniel H. Wells to Annie Scarborrow. This winter, I have settled tithing. My son Hezekiah acting as clerk.

I have to date twenty living children, ten sons and ten daughters. I have labored hard from childhood

to this day. I look forward to a day of rest of mental and physical labors. Still I desire to live to finish my work. I do rejoice that I live in this great day when the Gospel has been revealed to earth and that I have been a partaker thereof.

[My grandfather’s activities at the Legislature in Boise is a matter of record and if we ever find his day to day journal of those months, it should find place here among his own writings. This account should be followed by his “Drowned Journal.” The latter record covers the period of his move from Cache Valley with one of his families, Catherine and six of her children, his release from position of Bishop of Franklin, travels to St. George, Utah where he located Catherine and the children temporarily and journeys himself with the Daniel H. Wells Company to visit the Mormon settlements of Arizona on the Little Colorado River. This party met disaster in their first attempt to cross the Colorado River. He narrowly escaped drowning. One of the party, Lorenzo Roundy, was drowned. On the return trip to Utah, at the Colorado Crossing, we again have his own account. We have searched in vain for the Drowned Journal as of date 1 July, 1957. If it does become available, we will attach it to this work.]

JOURNAL V 1876-1877

Continuation from my Drowned Journal

[I have in my possession a book about a half inch thick, eight and a half inches long and five and a half inches wide, buff in color and leather bound. Mostly written with ink. A few pages at the last are written with lead pencil, and the last sheet is crowded. All in Lorenzo Hill Hatch’s handwriting. There are empty pages at the front and three more with entries of gifts, loans, etc. to help him in preparation for his work in the Zuni-Apache Mission. This record begins with out heading of any sort with the following:]

June 14, 1876

Continuation from my drowned journal. We got our horses over after much difficulty. Some of them came out of the river three times before they would actually start to cross. We tried to entice them to cross by tying a horse behind the little boat, hoping to entice the others to swim. At last my horse took the lead and they crossed, after which we crossed our wagons. We had to make three trips to cross a wagon and outfit. At 6:00 P.M. we left the river bank and traveled to Badger Creek (on the north side), a distance of ten miles.

Arrived here at 11:00 P.M. and found no water and our animals had had nothing to eat for ten hours. Feed very poor at this place. We herded the teams and found water in the morning about one mile up the stream.

Thursday, 15th

Started for House Rock, stopping a while at Jacob’s pool. W e arrived at House Rock at 10:00 P.M. and took the animals two miles to feed. Friday, we left after


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