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filling our barrels with water and made a dry camp on the Buckskin Mountains. Next day we drove to Navajo Wells and found but little water. The Indians were camped here. We got some dinner, or breakfast, for us and rolled on for Kanab and were received by the brethren cordially. We held meeting on Sunday the 18th. President Wells, Brother McArthur and myself spoke. We rested our teams and repaired wagons on Monday and also on Tuesday. The President (Brigham Young) and party arrived, Monday evening. Fixed a wheel on Tuesday and attended meeting. Wednesday, the President and party left for Orderville. I got my tire set and left Kanab.

Called to live among Zuni Indians

June 21

Whilt at Kanab at a meeting, President Young sent for me and said that he wanted me to go with a part of my family to the Zuni Indians and locate amongst them. This was June 20. I received my letter of instructions on the 21st, signed by President Young and D. H. Welts. Brother E. Snow and myself left Kanab for Windsor and found Brother C. Pulsifer waiting for us and on Thursday the 22nd, left Windsor. Brother P. V. Snow accompanied us to Cannon Ranch. Here I got some small oak to repair my wagon.

Friday, 23rd

Started for St. George. This day was one of peculiar interest. Brother Pulsifer put in one of his horses with one of mine. I was tired and lay down. The horse broke loose and fell behind about one and a half miles.

I went back over the parching sand and brought him up and got aboard, much fatigued. About this time one of my tires ran off. We missed it when we had traveled about three miles. I started back, without water. Brother Pulcifer following up, both in search of the lost article. Found it and returned very tired. Stopped at Fort Pearce and watered the stock and went on. But as night closed in on us, we missed our way and found ourselves by a water ditch in a field. Brother Snow recognized the place, We were in Washington and he new our whereabouts. We turned about and went to some stacks of hay, fed our horses and lay down on a stack of lucern for the night.

Sunday, June 25

We arose and found ourselves within five miles of St. George, where we arrived at 7:00 A.M. and found all well. This was Saturday and I had been absent five weeks and three days. On Sunday went to meeting and spoke to the Saints and was warmly received by my many friends of St. George. I worked from this time till the 25th of July in fitting up for my trip. [Mission to the Zuni Indians.]

July, 25th

Started at 5:00 P.M. and traveled as far as Fort Pearce. Camped at that place at 11:00 P.M. I settled with all

my debtors amongst whom was M. M. Sanders for four months of rent. He was very hard to settle with and charged me $12.00 per month. He wanted the remaining wood and use of my stove for nothing. In fact he was one of the hardest old hypocrite that I ever met, but he is an old man.

I settled as he wished and leave it with him and his God. I write this to show the spirit which tried to hedge up my way when I was struggling with poverty to go and establish myself amongst the Zuni Indians. Some did all that they could to help me in the spirit of the Gospel. God bless them.

I left St. George with my wife Catherine and six children. Daughter Lenora who is fifteen years, Thomas who is thirteen, Hyrum eleven, Ella six, Chloe four, and Ascha May, eleven months. Nora drove one team and helped about camp. Thomas drove the stock consisting of five cows and four calves. Hyrum drove a team and suffered much with sore eyes and I had to drive team, grease wagons, harness, repair wagons, and wake up camp.

Brother William McAllister left St. George with me with one team and wagon for the same mission. When I reached Kanab I got a wagon of Brother Jacob Hamlin and one mule. Got another mule of Brother Olefent and a horse of Brother Frost. Got another set of harness and put onto Brother McAllister’s wagon, the others on Brother Hamlin’s. I received here my flour which was furnished by President Young, amounting to about eighteen cwt. of which I let John Maughn have three and a half cwt. and two of bran. The wheat was to be sent from Orderville. And although Bishop H. C. Spencer was telegraphed a month before my starting to know whether he would furnish the wheat at the Kanab mill, he did not answer the telegram and I had to run all over Kanab to get teams to go for the wheat. All this was a great hindrance all for the want of interest in the work of God entrusted to him. Still he is a good man.

August 6

I left Kanab with only one of my wagons, five cows and four calves and found John Maughn with his wife and daughter at Johnson and plenty of feed. Sunday, I went to meeting and spoke to the people of Johnson. This place is fourteen mites from Kanab. After meeting I left for Kanab and found all the flour loaded up and the last animals found. On Monday the 7th, I took the rest of my teams and family to Johnson.

Tuesday, 8th

Left Johnson at 6:00 P.M. for Navajo Wells, but it rained so hard that we stopped when we had driven six miles. Brother Maughn’s horses ran back to Johnson and I went for them Wednesday morning. We moved on to the Wells and found water scarse. But after staying six hours, got enough to fill our barrels and water the stock and started on at 5:00 P.M. Here my team stalled and I was hindered for one hour and the other teams


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