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went on to make camp, a distance of eight miles, two miles up the Buckskin mountains. Brother Maughn stopped for me and helped me up the hills. It was 10:00 when we arrived where my other teams were camped.

Thursday, 10th

Found our teams and performed the hardest journey of my life. Hyrum driving one team, Nora one and I one. Up and down steep hills and rocky roads, shaking the wagons terribly and with great difficulty came to the bottom of the hill safe. Then traveled eleven miles after 5:00 P.M. and reached House Springs after 10:00 o’clock. Here we found Brother Ammon M. Tenney and William Thomas Stewart who had come over the trail from Kanab and thus shortened the distance by eighteen miles. These brethren traveled with us on Friday.

Met with Navajo Chiefs

Friday, 11th

Twenty Navajo Chiefs with Brothers J. S. Brown and Ira Hatch arrived here and we held a council with the Indians. They went on to visit President Brigham Young. Brother Brown went with them. I received a letter from Hezekiah and one from Celia Ann Woolf. A telegram came from my son and one from Brother Snow. I answered the letter to my daughter Celia and sent a telegram to my son Hezy. Brother Brown carried them. After this I wrote several pages in my journal.

Saturday, 12th

We left House Rock and traveled to Jacob’s Pools. Next day to Badger Creek. Got there late and very tired. On Monday traveled to Sister Lee’s and got some lucern for our teams and stayed all night. Tuesday went to the river (Colorado) with our teams and crossed in safety. At 12:00 noon started up the mountain and with great difficulty reached the summit. Started down about dark. But was first to turnout our teams after one of the worst hills or mountains that white men ever saw. The wagons, standing almost on end and with little water to quench our thirst, we spent the night on the mountain side.

In the morning, Brother J. Maughn went for the horses and found five head out of sixteen which Brother Tenney brought to him or met him. These animals had traveled six miles to water. Brother McAllister went to the river and with much difficulty got a little water. We met some returning missionaries. Brought our wagons down part way so that they could pass and I took the horses of Brother Maughn and started with the little wagons, women and children for Navajo Springs. I met Brother Maughn and Tenney with some more of the animals. They went and brought up Brother McAllister’s and Maughn’s wagons. After we got something to eat, late in the evening, I started back to the mountain, distance of six miles, for my big wagon and got there at dark. Hitched up and came to the bottom of the hill. I ran the brake against a rock and broke the coupling pole or split it and was first to get

back to camp. Thomas was with me. We had three span of mules. Found all abed and asleep.

Thursday, August 17

I got some toots. Brother Maughn and myself went back again in company of some of Bishop Lake’s camp who were going north. They helped us fix the coupling pole. Thomas brought the mules and we rolled on to camp. Hunted for two days and found all our animals. Next day we left this dry-camp for Limestone Tanks, watering at Bitter Creek. We arrived at the tanks at dark and found water and feed.

Saturday, 19th

Left for Willow Springs and made a dry-camp. On Sunday at 1:00 P.M., we held a council. Brother Tenney and Stewart left for Moen-Kopy with their pack animals. They took a letter from me to Brother Gibbons asking him to send a horse and a man to help me on to Brother Lake’s camp. After they were gone I wrote a letter to the head man of the Zuni Indians. And on Monday, we left this camp and traveled twenty-five miles down to Moen-Kopy wash to the Little Colorado where we arrived at dark. This was a hard days work for man and beast. Brother Tenney and Stewart camped with us again. Brother Joseph W. Taylor came and brought a horse and some corn, some beets and some cucumbers and we all had a good time eating corn.

Tuesday, 22nd

Brothers Tenney, Stewart, and McAllister left us and started on to the Zuni villages, taking one wagon and two span of mules. I have carried Brothers Tenney and Stewart’s loading all the way from Kanab. They drove the cows three days and helped drive teams three days and hunted up our horses several times. Brother Taylor came to help me and has been a help indeed. After the brethren left, we traveled sixteen miles and camped on the river. Next day traveled to Black Falls where we camped at 1:00 P.M. and rested on good feed.

Thursday, 24th

Traveled twenty miles and had food feed and water. Friday, we traveled through much water and muddy roads. Had a heavy rain. We camped at Boston Bend, having traveled nineteen mils. It rained all night and on Saturday we traveled across barren ground that was covered with water and it was truly a miracle to witness the weary teams draw our wagons through the deep mud. One of our animals would give out every night. One little grey mule that I borrowed of Jacob Hamlin would draw the load and never fail, but go right through. We camped on a summit about four miles from Brother Ballinger’s camp. Found water in a large rock. The water had fallen the day before and there was sufficient to water our animals and for cooking purposes.

Sunday, 27th


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