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After prayer, on this most beautiful camp ground that I ever saw, we started for Brother Ballinger’s camp, making a new road to avoid washes which would have mired our teams. When we got within one mile of the camp, Brother Ballinger came to meet us. He conveyed us across sloughs and the worst road we had found as the flood had raised the river and overflowed the country all around his camp. I left my little wagon and family and doubled teams. Brother Ballinger sent two span of mules and brought in my little wagon. At 2:00 P.M. we held meeting with the little camp which consisted of twelve men and a few sisters. Most of the families had gone to Utah for supplies. Some never to return. Monday, we rested our teams, washed our clothes, and repaired our clothes and repaired our wagons. I made whippletrees. On this day a fearful storm came up the country and raised the river so that we had to stop another day. Brothers Lake and Lot Smith came and we had a friendly talk with the brethren here. They have some corn which is looking well for this unusual dry season. Many have become disheartened in all the camps on this river. The brethren here have started a stone fort twelve rods square. They have dug a well which has good soft water and their dam in the river has withstood the floods up to date. This has been a great labor for a few men. The other dams on this river have been swept away.

Wednesday, August 30

Having spliced an axletree for Brother McAllister’s wagon. I unloaded Brother Jacob’s wagon and prepared to leave for Bishop Lake’s Camp. Brother McAllister left his wagon and borrowed another from Brother Ballinger. I felt obliged to repair it. Brother Ballinger got me a span of mules to help me along and went as far as Brother Smith’s camp with us and saw us safe across the river.

Brother Smith furnished a team and hitched onto a wagon and took some of my load. He sent Brother Derick, a faithful young man, to help me to Bishop Lake’s camp. We rolled along till we reached a slough where the team on my little wagon got off the road. And they mired down over their backs. Brother Taylor went in and got the team out and carried the children to the shore. After much difficulty we were underway and camped within ten miles of Allen’s Camp.

Joseph City or St. Joseph

Thursday, 31st

We passed through Allen’s Camp (Joseph City or St. Joseph) a stockade Fort. It is twelve rods square. But few men are here as they have also left for supplies. This is a fine location for a city. Arrived at Bishop Lake’s Camp at 11:00 P.M. and were well received by all the camp. Brother Lyman Wilson gave me the use of a small log house and we moved part of our things into this house. Set up the stove and prepared for leaving my family and go on with one wagon.

Here I met Mr. Goodwin, U. S. Marshall of Arizona, who gave me the following recommend which I will here record:

Camp Obed, Little Colorado River

Yavapai County, Territory of Arizona

31 August 1876

To Whom it May Concern:

I am happy to state that while traveling through this place fell in company with the Honorable L. H. Hatch from Idaho. He has represented his county of Oneida in the Legislature for four years. Mr. Hatch is enroute for New Mexico where I learn he designs with several of his friends to make homes for themselves. We of this territory have found men of Mr. Hatch’s peculiar belief to make a valuable addition to our territory. I am sure you will find Mr. Hatch and his friends a valuable acquisition to your part of the country.

He is an enterprising, law abiding citizen of good reputation both in Utah and Idaho. Any aid rendered him by the influential citizens of New Mexico at Fort Wingate or other places where he may go assisting him to supplies or such things as he may need or his friends may want, will be duly appreciated by Mr. Hatch. I cheerfully recommend him to your kind consideration and good offices. I have the honor to subscribe myself.

Respectfully yours,

F.H. Goodwin

US Marshall, Arizona Territory

I have written the above to show how the Lord moves upon men in opening up the way for his servants to carry forth his purposes to the House of Israel.

September 3

We tarried here until Sunday the 3rd, having loaded up and prepared one wagon to leave for Zuni. Held a meeting with the brethren at 2:00 P.M.

Wrote a letter to my brother Jeremiah and one to Brother E. Snow. Sunday evening Bishop Lake came home from a search which he had been making for timber and a place to set a steam mill. Was glad to see us and rendered me all the aid he could. He got me a span of mules to help on the way to Zuni and on Monday we bade good-bye to our families.

September 4th

Bother John Maughn and myself started at 12:00 noon and traveled up the Little Colorado fourteen miles. Camped two miles up Dirty Water River. We watched our teams until 6:00 A.M. on Tuesday. We started traveling on through a fine grazing country, a distance of forty miles, driving some by moonlight. On Wednesday, we came to Navajo Springs on the New Mexico line where we found a house and a family, also a fine herd of cows.


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