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distance of fifteen miles. Next day, I mowed some grass for hay. A Spaniard came and stayed with us all night. On Monday, I went with Brother Tenney to a Spanish town eighteen miles east of here where we were kindly received. Showed us where we could build and presented us with a fine mutton ham. Returned home and made hayrack on Wednesday and loaded up two loads of hay. Went to Wingate, had a long toilsome day’s labor, camped in a beautiful valley on top of the mountains. Friday, I wrote to my son Hezy by the light of the camp-fire. Broke a coupling pole and mended it on Saturday. Got back to Fish-Springs at 8:00 P.M. Tuesday after hard day’s work for ourselves and teams.

Thursday, 28th

Plowed some for the Indians. Cut some hay and prepared for stacking. The Indians were quite excited. They had never seen anyone cut hay and they were afraid that we would get all their feed. Friday we made a pen for our hay, a small stack. We are proud of it because the Indians are determined that we get no more. Saturday, the 30th, started with two loads of our goods to the Spanish town.

Sunday, October l

We made arrangements with the Spaniard (Mr. Mason) for looking after our things. Got a sheep from him for mutton and left to return to Fish-Springs.

Monday, 2nd

Baptized a Navajo by the name of Francisco. Left for the Little Colorado, (100 miles) Arrived at noon, Wednesday the 4th. Found our families well and in the afternoon I gave Ammon M. Tenney [son of Nathan] and Thomas William Stewart their Patriarchal Blessings. Wrote a letter to President Young and one to E. Snow.

Thursday, 5th

Brothers Tenney and Stewart started back to Kanab. I went as far as Brother Allen’s Camp with them and bade them good-bye.

Friday, 6th

Being conference day in Salt Lake City, I felt very lonesome and went to work making sash for Brother Lake, also on Saturday. Sunday I went to Brother William Merrill’s and gave three blessings and then went to Brother Allen’s Camp and held meeting. Returned and had a meeting with Brother Lake’s Camp. In the evening, gave three more blessings. And at noon on Monday, October 9, I left Camp Obed with my family and Brother Maughn’s family for our new homes. Traveled Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Friday left camp--and my axe and two halter straps as well. Traveled on to Zuni, visiting the largest village in the country and traveled on six miles east of Zuni. Met Brother William McAllister who had left San Lorenzo this morning. We were glad to meet him. Camped late-- after dark. Saturday, the 14th, stopped to get some Red

Cedar for bed steads. Went on our way to the Spanish town of San Lorenzo. Made a dry camp, but the rain came about 8:00 P.M. Rained all night until 10:00 A.M. on Sunday, flooding the bedding so that the boys had to get up and came near freezing. It was very cold. With much difficulty got a fire and stood in the water to get breakfast. Sat the children on the spring seat and warmed them. We then started and got to San Lorenzo where we were received with much hospitality by Mr. Mason. Got to a house where we were made welcome by Mr. Jesus Mason. This is a Roman Catholic name and is very common among the Spanish. We were made welcome until we can build.

Monday, October 16

Fixed up bench. Fixed a wagon for Mason. Tuesday, worked at the bench and had to put up a wagon cover to keep the rain off. Wednesday, we got some poles for a corral, also on Thursday. Next day it rained. I worked in shop. Saturday, boys went for poles and I made a bed stead. We put it up and slept in the house. As the weather has been cold, we appreciated much to have a shelter from the storm and cold. During the week, we have had school and studied Spanish.

Sunday, 22nd

All’s well. We held meeting. Wrote a long letter to President Young, one to my son Hezekiah, and one to Thomas Karren. I sold some butter and cheese and some milk to some soldiers at good prices. During the week I worked at getting house logs, made the frame of a cupboard and put in some shelves so that we could have the use of it. Next day, Lameroy came and one of our Navajo Indians to see me and talk. He wished me to go and live in Savoia Valley. Said that all Zuni nation and the Navajos were in favor of this move. Said he was a chief and so was this Navajo and that I was father to them all.

Monday, 30th

It rained all day, very cold. I fitted up one of my wagon covers over my bench and worked, getting out table legs and filed our saws. Worked at Williams house and on Thursday, at Brother Maughn’s house. Friday, Maughn and myself commenced sawing with a whip saw and William went hunting our horses. Found a part of them.

Sunday, November 5

We were all well as common. We had meeting and partook of the sacrament. Encouraged each other and wrote many letters. Monday, Asoth Mason went with McAllister and found the horse and mule which had strayed a long way off. I was thankful. Tuesday I worked at fixing up the water tank. Pleased the people much. Continued on the tank next day and made some sash and a door. Friday, Brother McAllister started to Fort Wingate, Brother Maughn went hunting horses and I helped Mason shuck corn. The boys plowed. We commenced our fall plowing on Thursday. Hard rain on Saturday, our shed fell in and caught Mason’s cow.


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