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Dressed a beef. (Mason’s cow that caught under the shed.)

Sunday, 30th

We have got a load of timber for fencing; hunting animals most all week and finished putting up Brother Maughn’s house and did some work on my shop. Read two revelations in the Doctrine and Covenants, also some in the Book of Mormon. Have made frames for Brother Maughn’s house. William cleaned our gun. Mr. Potaseo Mason and William went for our horses and found all but two of Maughn’s. We felt grateful. Thomas, Hyrum and myself got one load of covering for our house and came home after dark and on Wednesday worked getting covering for our houses. Brother McAllister went to the Fort with our mail, one letter to President Young and eight others that I had written. Continued labor on our houses. Brother Maughn’s lost horse was found and this week we herded our horses. Saturday, the 25th, I chinked my little shop and Tom mudded it in good style. We shall use it for a house till I can build. On Sunday we had our meeting and I read a sermon of Brother F. D. Richards. Hyrum and Tom went for our horses and stayed to play and failed to come back until half past 6:00 P.M. We were much concerned, fearing that they were lost, but they came with the animals all right.

Tuesday, 28th

We moved our bed into the new shop and had our first dinner in the same. I felt grateful to the Lord for his mercies to us in permitting us to be sheltered once more in a place of our own make. [This week.] Went and got a load of covering for William’s house. Made window sash for Maughn’s house and hung his door; worked at William’s house on Saturday.

Sunday, December 3

I read the letter received from President Young which was written at St. George, November 16. We were much cheered by the counsel received and the approval of our labors in the movements made since we left Fish Springs. I also received one from my son Hezekiah, of November 15, and one from Governor Axal at Santa Fe, and one from my brother Jeremiah written from Lehi, November 10. These letters were of much interest to us and we were much cheered and comforted. [They contacted the US Post Office, both for sending and receiving mail at Fort Wingate, about fifty miles.] We had a good meeting--wrote letters and etc.

Monday, 4th  

I covered William’s house and on Tuesday Brother William McAllister moved his bed into the house. Brother Maughn started for salt with two span of horses and one wagon--a distance of forty miles. Was expected to come back in three days. But on the 10th, he had not come. We have been looking anxiously for him. I made a bed-stead for Brother Maughn and a table and got a load of oak timber for wagons and plowed some.

Thursday, I fasted and Brother William McAllister went with Mr. Mason to Rossiter Town or old Fort Wingate.

Sunday, 10th

I had the luck to find my team close by. We held meeting and administered the sacrament. Our meeting consisted of my family and Sister Maughn and daughter Jane. We were determined to perform our duties as best we could. Old father Mason was with us and said it was good although he cannot understand any of our language. Monday, went with the boys to the timbers and got some sleepers for Maughn’s house and some wagon timber. Thursday, Lamelona and four Navajo Indians came and saw us and were welcome guests in our midst. Stayed all night with us and we had a rehearsal of our people’s improvements in Utah. They were much pleased to hear us relate our business to them. We told them we had left good homes to help them advance in the scale of coming nearer our God and Father. Friday, these men left us and one of them took our mail for us to Wingate. We are looking for his return with good news from home. Saturday, the 16th, Mr. Martin, from the Little Colorado, stayed with us. We had a pleasant time. He was favorable to our people.

Sunday, 17th

Wrote in my journal and prepared for meeting. We met and had a good time with each other. At 6:00 o’clock, I got Mr. Martin to read several passages from the Book of Mormon and Bible to the Spanish people who filled the house. He read in their language. I spoke for two hours with much freedom, explaining our faith and doctrine. The results were good as some of our enemies repented and wished us success and offered to share their homes with us. [Possibly Mr. Martin acted as interpreter during the full service.] Following week, I went and examined some land. Made a small table or light stand, dug a well and stoned it up. Started for Wingate and stayed over night at Lamelona’s. Here we met Brother Luther Burnham and Brother Titchen who had come to locate amongst the Navajos. We had a good time in the house of our Zuni brethern. We left for Wingate and Brother Burnham and Titchin started for St. Lorenzo.

We arrived and received many letters. Wrote twelve letters. Sold some butter, cheese, and honey, and we got some flour, beans, rice, hominy and several other articles. Butter sold at fifty cents, cheese the same, honey: seventy-five cents. Started home and stopped at Fish Springs where we found a good fire and Indians who were glad to see us and these Indians went one mile to get hay for our animals. Arrived home on Sunday and held meeting with Brother Burnham and brethren. We had a good meeting.

Monday, December 25

We prepared dinner for all hands. We had Mr. Mason and his wife to eat with us also and had a pleasant time. One year ago today, I bade farewell to our friends at


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