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except himself. Thursday and Friday worked and got the ribs on the house and after supper I returned home (San Lorenzo). Found some of the children quite poorly. Saturday, I made a small chair and got out some head boards for bed-steads.

Sunday, 21st

Wrote up my journal and prepared for meeting. Tuesday, left San Lorenzo for Savoia where I arrived at 9:00 A.M. and found Brothers Burnham and Titchen both well and hard at work. Worked at house all week, making work-bench, ladders, window sash, window frames, and door. Had a visit from four Navajos. Sunday, I rode home on Brother Burnham’s white mare. Arrived at 10:00 A.M. and found all well. During the past week found three of our horses which had strayed off and were found by some Spaniards miles away. Brother Maughn and McAllister hunted all week for a horse that was lost. I attended meeting and talked with Mr. Mason. Monday, I went to Savoia with my team and wagon. It stormed hard most of the day and I worked at the house (Brother Burnham’s) ti11 Saturday.

Saturday, February 3

Started to Zuni to meet my sister, Elizabeth Hatch Winn and my nephews. Found them camped five miles from Zuni and were all well and we had a joyful meeting. The Lord was merciful to these poor folks and prospered them on their journey, healing their sick and preserving their stock. Arrived home on Monday with my team, my sister and her two daughters. Went to Wingate on the 9th, and took a cheese and sold it for fifty cents a pound. Arrived home to San Lorenzo on Saturday and found Brother Ammon Tenney at my place.

Sunday, 1lth

Had a meeting and a good time. Used the lathe much of the week. A Zuni brought me a wagon to mend and some corn to pay for the job. Wednesday, the 14th, Brother Burnham started down to the camps, for supplies of flour and seed grain. I felt quite poorly all week but by Sunday the 18th, was better. We had our meeting at 1:00 P.M. We had several of our Spanish friends at the meeting. Monday, the 19th, I commenced working to get the boys fixed to go to Wingate for lumber. Fixed wagons, boys got off. Killed a beef and found one of Elizabeth’s cows dead in a mire hole. On Saturday I started to plow.

Sunday, February 24

I plotted the town and prepared to present it to Mr. Mason and held our meeting. Wednesday, I left home with Jeremiah Winn (Elizabeth’s son) for Wingate to get lumber. Stopped at Savoia and on our way home cut a large cedar for bed steads. Arrived at the camp where Brother Maughn and Lorenzo [Lorenzo Winn, Elizabeth’s son] were. Found the boys discouraged. They had lost their cattle and had not hauled logs but one day. But thanks to the Lord, we commenced on Friday, 2nd of March, and got our teams arranged and

hauled one log to the mill. Tipped one load over but did not break anything. Saturday, we got in two logs and the one that was tipped over. This log was the largest that was ever sawed at Wingate. Sunday, we rested in our tent. (Next two weeks hauled logs and sawed at Wingate with Elizabeth’s sons.) Found Jeremiah’s axe that was lost and felt very thankful.

Wednesday, March 14

I started home with a load of lumber and Jeremiah went with me. Lorenzo stayed to look after the sawing. Arrived at Savoia on Thursday and got home on Friday. Saturday, wrote letters and made a frame to raise an ox that got down. Worked at raising the sick ox and on a wagon wheel which needed fixing. This day the water started rising in our meadow and we are much elated. We held meeting on Sunday. Monday, worked on a wagon for a Zuni. Tuesday, I prepared and started back to Wingate, leaving home at dark and traveled as far as Savoia. Next day we traveled till we came to some good oak timber. We camped and I cut a log. Thomas and I loaded it by moonlight. Drove to Wingate on Thursday and returned to our camp four miles this side of Wingate.

Friday, 23rd

I loaded up 500 feet of lumber and hauled it to Mineral Springs to the Ranch of William Wallace, ten miles below Wingate. I got eleven cwt. of corn from him. Wrote Brother Lake. Mr. Wallace treated me very kindly.

Saturday, 24th

Started home and while at Wingate, I got some bacon and some beans and got trusted for it. On my way back, I piled up all the lumber that the boys had hauled up the hill and at dark started with my load. Traveled seventeen miles on my way home and camped at a little valley near Nutrus. Talked with the brethren at Savoia and arrived home on Monday. Worked till late Saturday night helping the boys (Elizabeth Winn’s sons) lay the foundation of their house and divided it into two rooms, l2 x 16 feet inside. It is made of huge logs.

Sunday, April 14

(During past two weeks: put floors in two cabins, went to Wingate and got some potatoes and bacon, put in a load of lumber, and sowed some lucern, barley and oats. Planted twenty-six pounds of potatoes.) I fixed some accounts, wrote in my journal and prepared for meeting. The water was awarded to us on this day and for the first time in New Mexico--we having made a ditch on Saturday--turned the water on our land. Elder L. Burnham came from Savoia and attended meeting with us. We had a good meeting. In the evening, I watered land. Got oak timber for wagon repair. Saturday, went to Savoia. My wife and sister Elizabeth Winn went with me. And on Sunday, 21 April, we held meeting and administered the Sacrament for the first time in this generation at this beautiful valley by the authority of the


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