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Sunday, July 1

All is well. I held a meeting at Brother Allen’s camp at 11:00 A.M. and one at Brother Lake’s camp, 2:00 P.M. Between meeting and after, I gave six blessings. On Monday, started with my load of flour, consisting of eighteen cwt. flour and five cwt. corn meal. Brother Brown came with me as he was going for salt. Brother Emanuel Cardon and wife accompanied us. This part of the road is a desert. July 5, camped with Lorenzo and Abram (nephews named Winn) They were on their way to Zuni for freight. Found their minds were dark having failed to comprehend that the Destroyer was at work seeking to over throw the work of God. We arrived at San Lorenzo on July 6 and rains commenced on this day. Brother Westover was much surprised when I told him that I expected to stop here and improve the place. The fine rain gave life to all things. Our wheat was suffering much but this rain saved it. Now we have good prospects of wheat and corn and vegetables. Saturday, I made a table and we prepared to eat together on Sunday. We called all hands to the table which was set in Jeremiah’s (Junior) room. Brother Westover joined us and I invited Brother Maughn to do likewise but he declined, making for an excuse that he lived too far away from us. I offered to help move his house closer but this did not take as I had hoped it would. [Hope of L. H. Hatch for United Order.] I was so well treated by Brother Lot Smith and all of the camps whilst absent and found that the Camps of Brother Lake’s and Lot Smith’s were living at the Big Table.

Monday, 9th

Went with Brother Cardon to Savoia and got several letters, Had a good visit. The rain today failed to reach this valley and the wheat is suffering. That which had been watered looked well. Returned home and found all well. Got three oxen from Mr. J. Makon and one yoke of Mr. T. Mason’s to help take our loads to Albuquerque. Wednesday, Jeremiah Jr. and Lorenzo with Brother Jarvis started for Albuquerque with 10,000 pounds of wool. Brother Westover with his family and my sister Elizabeth Winn started for St. George. This leaves us rather lonely.

Friday, 13th

Abram, Thomas and Hyrum commenced hoeing corn and I worked at Jeremiah’s house. Fixed furniture and cellar on Saturday. Next week, went to Savoia on to the Fort and stopped with Mr. Wallace at Mineral Springs, and on Sunday the 22nd, baptized some Navajos and some Zuni Indians. Went to Savoia with all the family to celebrate the 24th, Pioneer Day. Had a pleasant time. Baptized two Navajos and stayed all night.

Sunday, 24th

Jeremiah and Lorenzo returned from their trip to Albuquerque in good health. Monday, Brother Jarvis came and Brother Peterson with his family arrived. Fast day on Thursday, 2 August, and Sunday, I attended

meeting in Savoia, returning home, we visited a village that had been vacated for many years and we found a good amount of skill in mason work there. This work is far ahead of the present puebloes.

Friday, August 10

My sister Elizabeth returned, her son Jeremiah having been absent for fourteen days to get her. Went with Brother Peterson to Savoia and baptized nine Navajos, seven women, one man, and one boy, Held meeting with them. Next week: worked at bench, hauled hay, finished hay rack and on the 14th, the boys found that three oxen had been stolen and one of Brother Peterson’s horses. Hunted two days and found the oxen returning to the ranch. We commenced to build a corral in which to put our horses and cattle against thieves.

[The few remaining lines of this Journal are written with a lead pencil.]

Small-pox in the area

Sunday, August 19

Held meeting. Decided to move to Savoia. Left San Lorenzo on Monday because of the sickness of our neighbors who had the small-pox. Morning of 20th, a heavy frost came, killed most of our corn. Loaded up our wagon, put in our children, and started for Savoia. Very busy, spent week in moving and the following Sunday, visited Brother Peterson, Brothers Hunt and Burnham and held meeting with them.

Saturday, September 1

One of my eyes commenced to get sore. Suffered much. Put up a shanty and commenced building. Held meeting at our place on Sunday, where we made a temporary shade in the house which had just got up a few logs. Brothers Hunt and Peterson were with us. September 8th, Brother Beebe and company came to stop with us. Baptized Brother Hunt into the United Order.

[About 8 September 1877, when Lorenzo wrote the last entry in his journal called, “Continuation of the Drowned Journal,” he must have been planning a trip back to Cache Valley. At this point there is a gap of six months in his journals available to us, the next entry being 8 February, 1878. However he often gives glimpses of the past and this period is no exception.

Hence we know that about the time of this last entry, September 1877, he was using the odd minutes, every one of them, to fashion axe handles from good hard timber. When a double bedded wagon box was full of these useful articles, he and Thomas (son) went to the Zuni villages trading axe handles for good Indian corn. They then proceeded to the Mormon town of Sunset (near Winslow, Arizona) and traded the corn for wheat to supply his family with bread during the coming winter. And it did turn out to be a most difficult winter for Catherine and the children located at Savoia.

Returned to Cache Valley for Alice and family


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