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With the satisfaction that winter supplies were now in store, Lorenzo with Hyrum returned to Cache Valley (Utah and Idaho) and spent the mid-winter months with his families in that land. Early spring they returned bringing Alice, her children and Adeline (Catherine’s daughter) with them. He located Alice at what is now Woodruff, Arizona and proceeded to Savoia, New Mexico with Hyrum and Adeline and the important news that their mission to the Zuni people was over. He had been released and called to join the Saints on the Little Colorado River and assist in colonizing that section. They moved to Woodruff almost immediately.]

JOURNAL VI 1878-1882

This Journal has some accounts after my arrival in Arizona Territory, 1878 and 9. Book size is 8 by 10 inches and about a half inch thick. It should be carefully filed away.

February 8, 1878

I arrived from Johnson, Utah Territory to Woodruff, Arizona. Was received with marked kindness. On my way from crossing of the River (Colorado) to Roundies Point, I was met by President John W. Young and company returning from Sunset, Arizona to Utah. I was ordained as 2nd Counselor to Lot Smith who has been appointed President of this Stake.

Whilst waiting at Woodruff, President Lot Smith came and wished me to take the Presidency of Woodruff. I left Alice and family at this place and went to New Mexico and found my wife Catherine and family in very destitute circumstances, having spent five months alone in a lonely condition among Mexicans, Zunis, and Navajo Indians, being two miles from Elder Marcus Peterson’s and four miles from Elder John Hunt’s place who resided at Savoia.

At this places several died of small-pox. My family, through the kind providence of God was preserved from this most loathsome disease although many times exposed.

My nephews, Jeremiah, Lorenzo and Abram had left this place for San Juan country. I was accompanied by Elder Ammon Tenney and visited Fort Wingate, traveling through a large extent of deep snow. I suffered much from exposure. We traveled with a cart. Found my nephews and persuaded them to come back to make settlement of some difficulties into which they had fallen. Leaving their families at the fort, Elders Erastus Snow and Anthony Ivins were present and decided the case. These Elders tarried at Elder Marcus Peterson’s and studied the Spanish language. Brother Tenney returned with me and my family to Woodruff. My nephews went on their way, my sister Elizabeth going with them.

Whilst I was in New Mexico, I held several meetings and placed Elder L.C. Burnham to preside as Elder Hunt wished to resign. Elder Hunt had been in charge during

my absence to Utah. Brother Burnham was nominated by Brother Hunt and a good spirit prevailed.

Began building a dam

On my arrival at Woodruff, we held meeting and Elders N.C. Tenney, Samuel Tenney and families concluded to go with Ammon M. Tenney to New Mexico. We exchanged property and I located at this place. We worked with our little company that was organized into the United Order and began making a dam and did much labor until April 25, When the water rose till it ran over our works and cut around our dam.

We had made a garden and put in an acre of potatoes and some wheat. We had also put in some forty acres of grain at the lower camps. We abandoned our work at the dam and began to look after our bread. Took a contract to make some ox yokes for which we got forty-five dollars. This was the first money we made. We also bought a ranch, thirty-three miles above here, known as Woolf Ranch. After we had this place for a while, it was called Lone Pine and later Reidhead Ranch. In 1885 or 86 this ranch was jumped by a wicked man by the name of Vinal. Some eight families lived at one table most of this summer.

Elder C.P. Liston returned to St. George, Utah, before the dam went out. We, as a company, bought one hundred head of Spanish Mareno sheep and took on shares of 400 more. Also got a load of freight to Elsinore, Colorado Territory. Joseph Cardon and Clawson went with two trail wagons taking 12,000 pounds of freight. Was gone thirteen months. Did well on this trip and brought back a mowing machine and a hay rake with which we earned some $200. 00.

Thomas Hatch [son] took a load of government freight and went to Call’s Landing, distance of 600 miles. Was gone five weeks. He made $180.00. During this time I labored on a mill at Moses Cluff’s, fifty miles above here. We had been visited by President Erastus Snow during the fall and he set in order several of the places and gave much instruction on the United Order. A portion of our company wished to settle up and remove above this place to Walter’s Valley or Bagley. We were reduced to three families who still work in the Order up to this date, December 29, 1878.

This is a short sketch of my arduous labors in Woodruff of eleven months time, during which I have attended three conferences, one with President Snow and held many meetings in many places of this Stake of Zion, several times at Forest Dale and also at Snowflake. I was run for the Legislative Council and was defeated because I am a Mormon. Gave many Patriarchal Blessings.

I met Willard and Hyrum, December 7, at St. Joseph. [They had just arrived from Cache Valley enroute to Woodruff.] This makes the number of my family eighteen in this land including myself.


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