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On the morning of the 31 December 1873 at twelve minutes before 1:00 A.M., Catherine gave birth to a fine boy, weight ten pounds. [Named Lorenzo Wilford, only child born in Arizona.] This day finished up the old Year. Burt commenced taking the herd two weeks before Christmas on Friday.

January 1, 1879

Came in on Wednesday. I worked getting out timber for furniture as we have started our new lathe, which works well. Thursday, the 2nd, was fast day and we had our meeting. Friday, Willard, Jeremiah and Brother Deans went to Barbadoes for cottonwood to make into furniture. They returned on Saturday and this was my fifty third birthday. Sunday, we were addressed by Jacob Hamlin and Brother Skinner, the latter is from Brigham City.

Goes to St. Johns to find property

January 6

I arose and prepared to go to St. Johns to look for some property that I was desirous to purchase for the coming emigration. Arrived at St. Johns Wednesday and visited our Mexican brethren who were much pleased to see me. Looked at Philip O. Barnes place and on Thursday looked at more property. Brother Hamlin, Brother Asey and John Eagar started home and I stayed all night with Moses Bath and had further talk about purchasing land. I paid to Mr. Martin $175.00 for wheat and started on my way home with a Mr. Dubois, a Frenchman. Met my teams coming for the wheat, but as Dubois was drinking and I had to drive him home, Ezra, Jeremiah, and James Deans went on and got the wheat. Arrived at Woodruff 11:00 P.M. Sunday and on Monday resumed my labors at the furniture business and at 4:00 P.M. the boys arrived with the wheat.

On the 6th of January, Thomas Hatch [son] and Thomas Oldman packed saddles and prepared to go with the sheep and herd them traveling from place to place with them.

Counselor in Stake Presidency

January 14

Jesse N. Smith, President of this Stake [The Little Colorado Stake had been divided and “this Stake” is the Eastern Arizona with the reorganization, Lorenzo H. Hatch was sustained as 1st Counselor in the new Stake Presidency.] arrived at my house. We held a meeting in the evening. Next day did some business with Brother Smith in reference to the St. Johns property and President Smith went on to Snowflake.

January 16

Brothers Jacob Hamlin, Riggs and Joseph Cardon arrived and we held a business meeting. I disposed of the Ranch to Brother Cardon. Brother C.P. Liston arrived at Woodruff and went on his way Friday. He was in good health, returned having lost one span of mules. Brother Liston and Hyrum (son) left here about

dark with another team for St. Joseph.

Saturday, I worked at my furniture until late at night; next day went to Sunday School and on Monday worked at furniture. That Thursday Brother Liston returned from St. Joseph and was very sick. Sunday, he was worse. Continued very sick through out the week. We had watchers with him and on Sunday night, the 26th, at forty minutes past 1:00 A.M. he died, passed peacefully away. On Monday 27 January, I located a grave-yard and we buried Brother Liston on Tuesday.

January 29

Commenced plowing out the new ditch which we had located and at night was called to account or to a meeting where I learned of a conspiracy to dispose us. Still we retained a portion of the land where we had done the most difficult work without any aid from the aspirants save to cripple us. Thursday went to Showlow Creek, Thomas accompanying, where I got some corn of Moses Cluff and exchanged, also delivered, some furniture and sold some salt. On Thursday night I was taken very sick but was able to go home on Friday. Settled some accounts with Brothers Cluff and Mills concerning our labor on the Mill.

February, Saturday

I made a work bench and fitted up a bed stead. Sunday, went to Snowflake and visited with President Jesse N. Smith and attended meetings. Returned Monday. Worked about home next day on the water ditch and on Wednesday went for timber up Cottonwood, Wash. Thursday, went to Snowflake and attended fast meeting and at night met at Bagley and organized a Water Ditch Company, appointing a committee of three.

February 7

Came to Woodruff and found Brother Thomas L. Greer very sick. Saturday got some salt ground and repaired my wagon. Went to Sunday School next day and on Monday I worked on my ox wagon. Tuesday, I started with my son Ezra and went to the Branch Farm. Made two trips for timber, having moved the turning lathe and I have also taken Sister Westover and family to the Farm. Brother Guldbranson and Willard came and we put all our force onto fencing the field, making fords, etc. Sunday went to Snowflake and attended meeting, continuing our labors during the following week and Sunday again went to Snowflake. Tuesday, went to Woodruff in good health. Next day went to St. Joseph and on Thursday went on to Sunset where we attended conference on Friday and also Saturday. On this day, Ezra started for a load of lumber at the mill and I remained at conference. Had a good conference. Ezra returned at Wednesday noon and I repaired the little wagon.

Whilst here I gave quite a number of blessings, both at Sunset and at Brigham City. Gave some blessings at night on Wednesday. Thursday was fast day and after much toil we got started in the P.M. for St. Joseph with


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