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Norey and Sisters Night and Webster. Got at that place about 11:00 P.M. Arrived home on Friday at 8:00 P.M. and found all well.

Sunday, March 16th

Attended Sunday School and meeting and on Saturday evening previous, I wrote a letter to the Historian’s Office to Elder Orson Pratt. Tuesday, went to the Farm. Brother Guldbranson, John and Thomas came with a load of lumber. Saturday on my way, met Jesse N. Smith who requested me to accompany him to Forest Dale. Returned to Brother Reidhead’s on Tuesday. Attended meeting and organized the place and set Brother Reidhead apart to preside as Presiding Priest.

Wednesday, 19th

Returned to the Ranch or Farm. The boys had lost the team but the next day Thomas Oldham found them and I went to work at laying the floor. Saturday, went back to Woodruff. Arrived late at night. Next day attended Sunday School and Meeting.

March 24

I loaded up my effect’s, took Alice and family and started to the Farm. Arrived there on Tuesday about dark. Wednesday, I fitted up the house and prepared to leave for St. Johns. Thursday, John and Jeremiah started for wheat with two yoke of oxen and two span of horses. I started for St. Johns with one span and the little wagon. Drove ten miles and arrived at Concho the next day. Found Brother Bate Wilhelm at this place. He had bought him a place. I got dinner with him and we drove to within ten miles of St. Johns. At Mr. Martin’s, on Saturday, we loaded up 6000 pounds of wheat and settled some school bills and traveled on nearly to Brother T. L. Greer’s ranch.

Sunday, 30th

Stopped with Brother Greer till 4:00 P.M. Then traveled on Monday, traveled to within eight miles of Woodruff. It rained all night. Roads quite muddy. Tuesday, we left part of our loads at the Little Colorado Crossing and went on to Woodruff. John unloaded and Jeremiah went to the Farm. I spent Wednesday at home and laid a fireplace in Catherine’s little room. Fast day on Thursday. Went to Farm in evening and found all well but the community had done some hard talking about me because I was not on the ground myself or not on the water ditch. Friday, worked on the dam. Got in seven or eight days with all hands and all teams. Worked on fence for Brother Liston’s grave, getting up pickets for it.

Sunday, April 6

Attended meeting at Bagley and spoke for one hour. All treated me with respect to my face although much underhanded work has been going on. All this feeling was because we are working in the United Order. How weak is man who fights against our God. Monday, I worked on the pickets and on the dam. Two more days

on dam   and went to Snowflake on Thursday, making arrangements with Mr. Martin to trade beef for wheat and attended a convention. Friday and Saturday on the dam.

Sunday, April 13

Went to Snowflake for meeting. I spoke a short time on the spirit of prejudice and misrepresentation, showing that we will be tried as Abraham and Job. All week on the dam and ditch. Thomas Oldham started back to Utah during this week, and on Sunday, the 20th, I went home to Woodruff. It was one of the windiest days of the year. Some roofs were blown off at Sunset. Found all well. Monday, I settled with Hyrum Liston as administrator for the late C.P. Liston and got his receipt. Got some orders from Cache Valley for 125 bushels of wheat through exchange from Bishop Hunter.

Wednesday, went for wood and returned to the Farm. Found all well and hard at work on the ditch which is carried forward by all our force. We have much prejudice to contend with in making our homes on this Farm.

Sunday, 27th

I went to Bagley and held meeting where we had the company of President Smith and Bishop Hunt. Worked on during the week to get the water forward. May 1st, was fast day. Friday, 2nd, we got a small stream of water through our place. Following week, got one load of cedar and pushed forward to get water work going. During this week a deep plan was laid to destroy me by lying and slander and to prevent us from having water for our farm here (near Bagley). But all these works disgrace the willful and malicious.

Sunday, May 11

Went to Snowflake, spoke to the people. Brother Deans came up from Woodruff this week with some breadstuff and also assisted with the labors on our Ditch, I went and saw President Smith, also Bishop Hunt and registered preparatory to the coming election for our new county (Apache). The following Sunday went with Brothers Deans and Joseph Millett to Beaver. Ranch and held a meeting there. Next day got a load of timber and brought home to the Ranch. Brother Deans returned to Woodruff to shear sheep and we continued work on the ditch. Next week commenced planting some garden stuff and received a parcel from Utah with two letters from Hezekiah. May 29, I went to Woodruff and on to Sunset for conference. Catherine went as far as Scotts and returned but Adeline went on with me. Good instruction on baptism for the dead. Brother John W. Young arrived from Moen-Kopy and I spoke in the afternoon. Voted to sustain the authorities of the Church. Monday, I gave seven blessings. Returned to Woodruff, Tuesday, June 3, and next day Brother Deans and myself went to the Farm and the following week held conference in Snowflake.

Wilford Woodruff in hiding because of polygamy


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